Pensacola – World of Warships – 7 kill Kraken replay

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Player: willTell
Map: Trident


7 , 119k , 13 citas, called a cheater * No rocks involved only 200mm awesomeness! This match was performed by a 17 pts captain.

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  1. This MM was every Pepsicolas wet dream

  2. I wonder why the Fuso played at the back of the map, did he low on health
    or he was just a puss….., he could kill every cruiser in game with AA
    cover of Pepsi if he play near Pepsi ,
    rrrrrrrr I’m very angry with battleships players who stay at the back, nice
    game well played and if you use AP on Pepsi you could devastate anything

  3. Best Pensacola game I’ve ever seen! Panzerknacker Will we get another
    commentary video soon? First one wasn’t so bad :p

  4. and the friendly Fuso is in the corner chillin with the CVs …

  5. about 3 minutes in, willtell annihilates a cruiser from 13K. Notice the
    enemy starts using WASD hax lol

  6. Really nice!

    You know you’re good when people call you hacker :D

  7. Insane!

  8. willtell altes Scheisshaus – schöne Grüße an McMus den alten Kinderschreck

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