Petropavlovsk easy 1v6 Flank =) World of Warships

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Danke !


  1. Ahh the old petro

  2. I’ve been playing this game for only 3 months now and Petro is the only T10 cruiser I have. It’s been amazing to play in random battles. I do have some games where I get blapped out of existence at the start when I go in to support my DD and then run into half the enemy team. Then I have games where I hold down a flank with citadel hits after hits and ending the game with almost 3 million potential. It’s so satisfying to punish broadsiding ships. Regardless of the class.

    • yep
      similar experience
      feels like a mini battleship but smaller size but bb ap
      pocket stalingrad i think

    • Who thinks this ship is a pocket Stalingrad is completely mistaken. It has nothing to do, AP much weaker, HE no comparison between those 2.
      Even the Moskva, if would have been in a kiting postion could easily melt Petro due to it’s good HE alpha.
      The ship is strong in the right hands no doubt about it but from my pov it’s weak compared to its RU T10 CA’s.

  3. Petropavlovsk vs 6 ships. Thats not even fair…….for those six ships

  4. When this ship will be balanced? Oh I forgot it russian so it is balanced

    • Keep shitting m8👍 or even better get one yourself🤣🤣 just dont cry when they nerf it eventually🤣

    • I think this ship is only scary when the enemy is broadsiding. HE is shit AF. DPM is not that great. Des Moines is still better than Petro overall with terrific HE and good AP, high DPM. Stalingrad on the other hand is OP AF

    • @Vipin Nair Playing Mino have hit her 174 times for 20,5 k 🙁

  5. Also unter 1v6 versteh ich was anderes 😅. Das war doch nen ganz normales Gefecht oO

  6. 4 enemy full broadside dumb player

  7. Kakav deda takav unuk

    Everybody wants to play against such an enemy team.

  8. Ich sehe nur ein ganz normales Spiel in World of Botships.

  9. Wow, quality gameplay by him, thumbs up! It was so nice play as he dealt with the dd at the start. Then got all the lemings one by one. With everyone “assisting” him(killsteal) from a safe 8km distance behind him. What a pity they fcked up hard as he took all the cake for himself

  10. sooo 1 vs 6 is 1 video and 6 ads? gotta stop watching youjr vids

  11. Welcome back to another episode of “World of Broadsides”…. lol

  12. Mate
    I got the petro a month ago and its been boringly overpowered to play.
    Got 77% winrate and its just dumb to play, angle a bit and you are tankier than bbs
    destroy cruisers left and right and citadel bbs at 16km
    its just too much

  13. This ship is so op because I cited a gk at 14km range and it was angled with this thing also with the tier 8 Russian heavy cruiser Tallinn I cited a Montana through the bow wg just does not care anymore

  14. Hey Panzerknacker stop please makin Videos from the Smolensk ok this Ship get only use by no skill player and is totally OP ok

  15. i watch flamu, people always broadside , I watch flambass , people always broadside , i watch panzer people always broadside … Is this an European thing ?

    • No, you have to have a team full of potatoes. People never broadside me when I play Petro. They would rather give broadside to my 2 yamatos and 3 thunderers than give broadside to me

  16. She is literally a BB and at this point we should be thanking WG for not giving her torps and claiming she was ‘supposed to have’ in one of their ‘sekret’ documents.The russian bias is stronk with this one komrade

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