Petropavlovsk – JUST PUSH THROUGH THE MIDDLE – World of Warships

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  1. [^/] 343 Guilty Spark

    In conclusion, absolute unit

  2. Don’t You fear WG will introduce a ship that won’t fit the narrow passage?!

  3. more petropavlovsk pls 😀 i view all you video!

  4. Hastur, the King in Yellow

    Ah. I thought based on the title this was going to be a SPESHUL rush.

  5. That was the right push, too. Created a couple of juicy cross-fire opportunities while keeping yourself safe. Title made me think it was just a bonobo moment, throw caution to the wind…. Not at all what that was.

  6. “I killed the super ship didnt i?”
    No , you’re IN the super ship. Bonus poins for causing a fire with AP?!?!??!

  7. Not sure what your teammate is saying. Very hard to hear and not very good english. Use subtitles?

  8. The Petro REALLY needs torpedoes. And a pony.

  9. @trenlass driving streams have begun! Well, sailing sim stream at the end 😀 great game and content as always!

  10. Has anyone actually encountered a decent super ship player? Every time I’ve seen them they’re being used by 40% win rate herp a derp players and die very quickly. I’ve got no interest playing them as it’s not rewarding to me in terms of credits, experience etc. Yes you get to play an over powered ship for a bit but so what? I’m in it for the grind and rewards, not to be playing an OP ship. The exception to this was ranked, where using a super ship gave me a 90% win rate in ranked. So was very nice.

  11. Nice, two streamers in one game @CharedeGaming

  12. What a heartbreak at the end 🙁

  13. Every time I watch anyone play one of the few T10s I still need to get like Petro or Nevsky, I get home from work with that very intention and 99% of the time have a complete train wreck of a game and just log out. This is one of those games where you can get a front row seat to team ineptitude. Most FPS shooters you’re too busy running around to notice but this game you really get to sit back and even communicate with these “great brainiacs”. It’s always unbelievable and disheartening. Too many other better games to go play.

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