Petropavlovsk (WiP) / “Brain in Progress, or, The Reverend Spooner Strikes Again”

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In which the title is almost longer than the video itself; but then, if youR;re surprised by that at all you’re probably new here…


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. great video dude

  2. Well despite your brain’s best efforts it looks like the video is still monetised. So you will still be able to buy that one half of a cheese sandwich from Tescos you’ve been eyeing up.

  3. Hurret Titpoints
    Caption Guy would like to know your location.

  4. *WG:* Pumps out round after round of new ships
    CCs: Produce content about all these test ships
    *WG:* >:(

  5. Love your content, I’m glad the changes don’t affect you that much 🙂

  6. Fredrick Nietzsche

    I dont see why 20 sec radar would be a big deal. Christ, 10 luckyvto get one shot off.

  7. Judging by reviews from other CCs it seems that its actually fairly balanced…which is shocking for an RU ship.

  8. I will be happy if the amount of drama goes down a bit. It’s hard to sustain continuous outrage

  9. Semprini?

  10. British Knight aka MiniNinja1

    The bigger problem, and one Wargaming have not considered yet, is that people are more interested in upcoming content than current state of the game stuff because the current state of the game, particularly in regard to the massive imbalance of Carriers, but also to the equally massive Russian Bias, is somewhat depressing.

    Many of us love playing with warships… but not a single player who isn’t a carrier ever enjoys a game with 2 CVs per team, let alone what sometimes happens where you get 3. None of us like the fact that even with just one CV per team, if one of those CV players is markedly better than the other, that has way more effect than player skill disparity anywhere else. Given Wargaming’s pathetic lack of respect for the loudly and frequently voiced opinions of their customer base, and their outright statements that they have no intention of ‘fixing’ that system again (a) because fixing stuff is less profitable than spending the same time on developing new premium stuff, crates, etc. and (b) because in all honesty, they already tried their best ideas of how to fix it and absolutely made it worse, so have no clue at all how to make the game more enjoyable… Well, all we can do is either give up entirely on the enjoyment of Warships, or try to be positive, and look forward to new ships and hope they will bring more fun to offset the crapfest of CV imbalance, etc.

    Tell you what, How about you run a series on how worthwhile the majority of premium ships have been to buy in the long-term? Cover ships dating back to the beginning, so including the Fujin/Kamikaze and the Gremy, but also the Atago, the Warspite, the Murmansk, the Marblehead, the Blyska, the Molotov, the Texas, the Yubari, the Anshan, the Campbelltown, the Okhotnik, the Saipan, etc. Do the majority of such ships hold their value, or do they too get affected by power-creep and thus represent an investment of declining value? i.e. what percentage of all Premium ships actually represented a good long-term investment, and what percentage of them are now regarded as frankly terrible ships?

    Somehow, I think if CCs actually start being truly honest about the state of the game, in all of their content. About the big view overall direction of the game, whether it is continually becoming a richer, more enjoyable experience, or an increasingly frustrating money-grab, they’ll soon be begging for CCs to stop it and talk about new ships.

  11. Nice to see, thanks, stay safe guys!

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