Phase 2 PTS 0.8.0 AA Testing – World of Warships

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Testing the improved AA systems in Phase 2 of testing, WG improved Long and Medium range damage as well as Defensive Fire ability. Hope this was interest, leave your thoughts, and I hope you have a wonderful day!

Tier X American Worcester Replay – Warships Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. Looks like WG really wants CVs to be OP. Gonna be it for me. Stopped WOT because of arty cancer and now they bring similar “experience” here…

    • +Leon No ship is supposed to be a NO FLY ZONE, as if 1 ship can be immune to a whole class of ships then other class of ships he is weak should isnta delete it to compensate = Worcesters in that case should auto die to 1st hit of a BB to compensate for negating whole class of CV’s as No Fly Zone. Its one of this retarded and illogical thinking that ppl that makes this game more and more imbalanced. And hopefully some hired high skill players from CC’s lately to WG will teach these idiots devs some basics of the game.
      its enough that maps are made so that dd’s and cruisers are impossible to shoot in stategical area’s, whole DD class was made immune to BB’s and part of the class with AA build is immune to CV’s also. Worcester is and always was supposed to NEVER BE A NO FLY ZONE, only idiots and retards ever though that it should be one.

    • +Jerry Glaze The CV rework is about increasing gameplay compatibility with consoles. Computers are consoles and consoles are computers, the only divide is a false one. Keyboard and mouse support does exist on consoles, but developers are doing anything than can to maintain that distinction and thus maintain the profitability afforded by two markets.

    • +pR1mal I take it your not buying the idea WG said it has nothing to do with console
      I am not buying it either. The rts was not possible on consoles.
      I like the rts and will miss it.

    • +Galen Gamotin its the crynabies that got us here to begin with.
      I want cv to be op to shut them all up

    • +T0ffik1 finally a post that makes sents. My Worchester is a no fly zone because I am spec fir AA and anything that flys within 7 km is gone with out df.
      It should not be this way as you say. The DD getting the ap over pen buff was just plain stupid.
      Ships like bit t10 BB is just a brain dead ship. Stailgrad that can’t miss a shot.
      Now they want plane kill numbers that cant be reached because the cv does not have that many planes!

  2. Okay… so a full AA cruiser build is good enough to protect yourself just not enough range to protect anyone else.
    And anything not full on AA is still kinda weak…

    I still don’t see much point in choosing a sector. The switch takes too long and subverts the exact power of one side to the other.
    I assume cruising about in 100/100 will yield about the same plane kills as 50/150 most of the time.
    Reason being planes flying over the target spending as much time in weak sector as in a strong one.
    I hope someone will test this.

    • I’m glad they finally clarified that losing planes increases the cool down. They just need to balance the AA and in my opinion remove flooding from air dropped torpedoes.

    • +War of Titus I think the chance of flood on air drop torpedoes is actually manageable now and has a really low chance to occur. I’ve seen several you-tubers using their torpedo bombers like fiends and getting very few floods so it might not be as DOT cancerous as everyone is fearing. I guess we will know for sure when it comes out though but hopefully Wargaming addresses this, especially if as a BB you manage to take the torp on your torpedo bulge.

    • If the cv split the squadron and attack from both side you still screw or just fly over to bait your strong side and drop the weak side anyway the new AA suck

    • +DysphoricSmile As a DD main, I look forward to the nerfed detection for CAs, too many of them were very close to DD detection range IMO. However with the increase in CVs, everyone likely will be perma spotted all the time anyway.

    • If you’re hugging an island (which Wooster in particular likes to do) then you can set the sector because you know which way the attack is coming from. Other than that it’s a cat and mouse game with the CV

  3. I hope they plan on letting us re-spec our captains for free since they are forcing such a drastic change in skills.

    • They will. They announced free respec for all commanders once patch goes live.

    • So I eill need a day off to figure everything out and respec. I hope we will have more than just one respec per ship….

    • Ag0rak Unless I misread it, the articles only mentioned a free respec for CV captains, not an overall one. However, clan battles is also ending at the same time and WG always does a free respec for a certain amount of time at the end of every season, so you will still be able to respec non-cv captains

  4. The problem is: Long Range, Mid Raneg and short Range AA do not stack. let them stack on top of each other and thats it.

    • Medium and Long range should have a shared minimum range of ~1 km, and all ships should have their aa range buffed by 10-30% to compensate for the loss of the old range buffs.

    • Yeah but it’s not as if planes could really stop and stay in your weakest AA range. Except if it’s long range that is weak. If you look at the pkane gameplay, if a squad decides to attack a ship, it will probably go through all 3 flak areas.
      That being said this makes AA much more difficult to balance as if you only stack AA and make it so directly over thr ship is the most dangerous area. Even if it’s less realistic…

    • They have to address this, the TX Hindenburgs Long and Medium AA only has a difference of 0.5 KM!!

  5. I’m wondering if this is going to ruin the game somewhat

  6. Holy crap. I’ve only been playing for 4 months. Do other devs have as much ADHD as WG in attempt to “balance” (HEAVY QUOTES)?

    • My youngest brother has ADHD we joke all the time about it, he is old enough and isn’t sensitive. Or do you mean WG is sensitive? I don’t think they would care, IMO

    • +SCI don’t be such a puss

    • Dice are pretty bad at balancing issues as well lol.

    • Let’s not forget Blizzard, and their never-ending quest to keep ignoring shamans and shadow priests. (Also, Mal-ganis is still pretty broken on HotS)

    • Well, Worcester still broken, zao fire chance far too high, English bbs no citadel and too high fire chance, dds firerate too high, German BB accuracy is crap, secondaries spec totally useless aaaaand… Yep Wg doesn’t know what balance is

  7. Only good CV is dead CV

  8. While there is debate on how best to fix AA with the CV rework, one thing is for sure: flak burst animations look great now!

    • Jonathan Romero The rework nailed making aa look good from day 1.

    • Yes, but regarding the gameplay changes the rework sucks hard right now

    • Yeah, the animation is 10/10

    • +Tiago Casquinho That’s entirely opinion related, go away.

    • +asaeampan well that may be opinion related, but what’s not opinion related, is that the new gameplay is not interactive since you aren’t even allowed to do multitasking and that its PvE in a “MULTI-PLAYER” you don’t have any opponents nor real teammates. Since there are no directly controlled opponent fighters or something like that. And worst is even to come: the new gameplay brings more problems with it than it erases some of the older RTS system! So, no, it’s not totally opinion related.
      But you hey, you can also go away.

  9. Soo … full AA build works against potatoes (that fly in straight lines :-)) and is still not enough against good CV players. You still cannot protect allies.

    We moved 0.5 step towards a reasonable state.

    • Progress!

    • Progress in a rework that is shit, do not forget that.. I hope wg will give me loads of credits and free XP for my carriers as refund or I’ll quit this game

    • +Tiago Casquinho I felt the same. But give it a try first. I will try it for many games before I decided to sell my carriers.

    • While WG will be giving a form of refunds, anyway… please get over yourself. WG did not FORCE you to play CV, and with a whine like ‘give me free xp and creds or I quit’ is pathetic at best. Why did you go up the CV line? Because you enjoyed it? Well it sounds like you have already received entertainment value for your investment. For Premium carriers I could understand, but Silvers? My god, what would you do if they decided to shut down World of Warships completely? Threaten them to give you back the hours you played or you’ll quit life?

    • ​+Tiago Casquinho I honestly hope you quit you worthless cunt, we don’t need you pessimistic subhumans in our game.

  10. with unlimited air craft DD anti aircraft needs to be buffed so the have a fighting chance to defend themselves from being perma spotted by carriers.

    • DD needs something to protect themselves, but its not like they will get perma spotted unless u are the only valuable target alive becuz the CV only has 1 squad, if he sits there to perma spot u, he is doing absolutely nothing, and it is very boring for him
      Its more like he’ll rocket u back and forth, run away, come back to rocket u again or bomb something else bigger to get more juicy hits instead just killing u
      At least thats my experience on PTS, i dont really want to focus down all DDs and leave my TB and DB at home

    • +SithLordmatthew if you want to play the realism card, then give DDs limited torpedoes in exchange for a performance that is more historically accurate, oxygen torpedoes are actually extremely hard to detect on top of very long range. Or how about shrinking down the size of DDs since they are TRIPLE THE SIZE in game compared to real life. We can go on all day but in the end its an arcade game, deal with it.

    • +Alex Lee realistic would have torps that are duds torps that go their own way torps that come back at the guy that launched them. DDs would be spotted form 10km plus radar is full time and American secondary guys didn’t shoot 5-6 km their real range is 16.7 km and there is a reason no DD sank a BB in ww2 you simply couldn’t get near one. Then take into effect DD 5 inch guns wouldn’t do any damage at all to BBs it’s just not something it can do and then take as guns into effect if a DD came near a BB those quad 40 mms would fuck her up

    • +SithLordmatthew There are DDs with torps that can go beyond 10km heck even 20km. 10km detection range and radar does nothing even if it runs full time but they sure as hell cant detect through landmasses. The only reason why DDs are so close into the field is how wargaming designed the objectives forcing DDs to get close in which they really dont have to but then the teammates will flame the DDs enough to get arsonist achievement. Also if realistic they should be a hell lot more DDs and CL&CA in a single match compared to BBs. Also the BBs post battle service credits should sky rocket several times compared to DDs.

    • +Alex Lee If you want realism card then how about we take away romulan cloacking devices from DD’s as the moment a DD can see a ship the ship can see it!, to it how about we make 2nderies real life ones – yamato scored a 2ndery hit from 19km! enjoy in your DD :D. Btw the DD size is 3x but also the ships size is 3x… so how about we shrink them all! Stupid arguments are stupid
      I would love torps to have real life stealth – the hit rate in real life of torps was so minimal that it would make them non existant in game (as from air they were spotted miles away!) Enjoy how easy torps are spotted by planes (except IJN long lances :D)

      At OP – no it doesnt need, DD will be fine as they are now top WR on high tiers

  11. Planes infinite… Def Fire Infinite…
    Problem much ?

  12. So basically if the CV it a unicorn nothing has changed. except you can not cover your team . So now it worst wow

  13. Wargaming have a problem – they are THICK!
    Not many organisations have the “ability” to take something stupid and make it even more pathetic.
    PLEASE can a decent game developer take over Wargaming before they ruin the game.

    • They will ruin it already in 0.8.0. The refund for my CVs will probably be even more pathetic, so I’ll leave this game… It’s sad but then it has to be warthunder naval combat… I heard that at least the secondaries are supposed to be sick looking in terms of graphic and lighting effects.

    • Oh and also for the record, many aren’t realising this, but this “rework” is actually a total JOKE since it’s PvE gameplay in a MULTI-PLAYER game

  14. So why can’t we just use the compass to select sectors?

    • stefanos perivolaris

      Why select a sector in the 1st place if the sector is already wrecked

    • I agree, I think the whole sector thing is retarded; I like being able to prioritize what squad gets focused, which will still be an issue with multiple CVs in a match. If we are stuck with this then have a separate control seems even more retarded when the compass is right freaking there lol…Duh weegee

    • stefanos perivolaris

      +Rick B yeah

  15. The AA is still purely defensive…on one of the most potent AA ships in the gamme. This is still an issue. You MIGHT be able to stop an attack run. On the most potent ship and setup possible. What? The worcester should be impenatrable, and it should be able to defend it’s less capable teammates, otherwise this well become world of aicraft carriers. They’re still OP.

    • Yes it should be able to protect its teammates better.
      No it should not be impenetrable. This is all or nothing thinking and should just be left dead on the road with RTS carriers, where you had ships with practically 0 AA influence, and ships that instagibbed anything but an all out „sacrifice all squadrons in order to kilm the AA ship“ offense.
      No ship in the game should be totally defenseless, and no ship should be totally immune to carriers. This has never worked, was never fun and should just be abandoned as a thought process!

    • Qrow Branwen they cant make the AA so OP to where CV’s can’t do anything otherwise what’s the whole point in this rework!!! And yes I know a lot of you want cv’s removed from the game but you and I both know that is never going to happen

    • The Worcester didn’t fire a single AAA shot at an enemy aircraft so how is it a 100% no fly zone lethality?
      No single ship of that era was.
      It fired 3 volleys at a British flying boat and 2 volleys at geese that were wrongly ID’d on radar. It missed the flying boat and there is no record of effect on the geese. It was never put to the test like the brave crews in WW2.

      The USN was imo in the Pacific the best at air defence especially late war but Worcester was not part of it. Even with hundreds of ships shooting aircraft still got through off Okinawa. On odd occasions single aircraft penetrated the zone to then hit their target despite all those guns.

      The whole AA zone mechanic is bollocks, each gun had arcs and min/max elevation, some couldn’t be manned if main guns were in use, etc. My pet hate is main guns shooting at both ships AND planes at the same time. Lazy game design doing a circle where AA even shoots through the damn ship.

      My idea is one control to switch main guns to AA thus only main batteries that cannot shoot at ships and the rest if it can see it shoot at air. No planes about then switch back.
      However to add realism AA guns can then if in range shoot at ships just like they did in RL.

    • no ship should be impenetrable, as if worcester would have such AA and be immune to CV’s then for compensation it should automaticly die to 1st hit from a BB. There shouldnt exist a ship that is immune to any other ship or whole class. We see it currently on WR’s of DD’s in high tier and how their stats went bonkers in last few weeks post the BB AP nerf and how the game was World of DD’s and now is changing to World of Cruisers just because CV’s and BB’s togheter cant manage high tier dd’s via AA build grozovois and US dd’s).

  16. Notser, you really need to stop… ah… being so reserved with your criticisim of WG, it needs to be heard, it needs to be blunt, and it needs to be loud

  17. I looked at the minimap at the start of the video, and if there weren’t any CVs I would have no idea which side Notser started on

  18. CVs the Wot Artys of wows…

  19. it takes about 2 minutes if you lose all your aircrafts in short amount of time. For example, 5:23, if that midway was still alive after his dive bombers all got shredded, he’d have to wait about 2 minutes until he can launch his planes again (assuming he doesn’t have any squadrons left in his deck to launch). For full 2 minutes, you are nothing but piece of junk floating around that can’t do anything.

    it’d be great if you play from CV perspective and show people how the changes are affecting CVs as well instead of just playing anti-CV. So far most of your vids regarding cv rework have been from anti-cv. Can you look at CV rework from….both sides instead of one side?

    • If you want to see a pro go and see Farazelleth, he is the true master of the CV’s and knows what CV gameplay needs.(In my opinion) but of course many people hate him because of CV unicum.

    • +AstreaHTT1 The only different between you and Farazelleth is that he spent time on PTS and you didn’t. Come on the CV system is completely new to every single player in this game, we all start from the same level of knowledge to the reworked system. If the former surface ship player aren’t going to try on the new CV system, the rework just FAILED. People are going to hate CV, CV population still going to be less than 5% as if nothing have been changed.

  20. From what i can see here, some people expect some ships to be total no fly zones.
    I can’t agree with this at all.
    In the past there was this all or nothing philosophy that lead to the huge problems with CV. You had ships that could not at all defend against CVs, and UNLIKE now, these ships could just get ONESHOT by a competent CV. Now, the damage from CVs trickles in much more slowly (except maybe AP bombs but that’s another discussion) and is not so much a 100% delete, even from very good CV players.
    Before, you could instagib any ship in the game, even Worcester if you were willing to sacrifice a lot of your planes, but if you threw 6 squads of strike craft and 2 distraction fighters in, with a little skill you had a dead Worcester, DM or any other ship. Now, it’s much harder and takes a huge lot more time to kill these targets for carriers. Right there is the tradeoff for infinite fighters. Time in a match is finite and reloading planes takes away this time.
    It should be hard for carriers to strike these targets, and they should pay in squad reload time too (which it looks like now…), but if you go back to the all or nothing no fly zone philosophy, nothing is won yet again.
    Where i agree with notser is, that specialized AA ships should be able to protect their teammates better, so the range nerf is something i can not agree with.
    The cruiser should be able to make it harder and costlier, but not impossible for an allied ship that an AA specced cruiser protects to get struck by a carrier.
    I see that some people clearly don’t want CVs to be part of the game at all, and therefore are crying rivers now, but imho this kind of behavior should be ignored. It is counterproductive. Carriers should be part of the game and have a strong influence on games, but still allow counterplay and not be OP. Which WG is trying and balancing right now, as you can see in this video.
    So stop the darn impatience, the sky has not yet fallen and they are working on the correct balance, which obviously takes time!

    • ForceM1782 yeah i really cannot agree that dying slowly to fire and flood damage would be any better than dying in one strike. people dont like cvs cause they really dont belong in this game. they are fundamentally so different that they really shouldnt exist if balanced game is what we want. the thing with cvs is for me that they ruin every other classes play and fun in the game. And one class having possibility to easily ruin your fun just doesnt make sense. any other class against other i can have fun with and even have a change but cvs…hell there ain anything fun in them. Being blunt: most selfish class for most selfish players not having to worry if they hold till end of the game. its easy mode at worst surviving in cv the whole game and thats where the issue is. one class getting all while compromising nothing. they have spottin, survivability, huge potential strike power, and most influence in games. what is their weakness? well built aa…thats something you can hardly compare against those pros.(btw my english aint best sorry bout that)

    • I have to disagree with them not being able to outright delete any ship they want to in a single strike. While sure it was not *immediately* on one drop, but I was able to remove a Yamato from 100% health (No one else was engaging him) with a single wing of torp bombers. First group set a flood, then the second group chipped away at him, then he used DC to stop the flooding. By the time my last strike group lined up and released, that DC had burned out and he flooded again… and with no further damage done to him besides the new flood… he went keel up. Over 100k damage with just 1 flight of torpedo bombers (due to his repair). That is ridiculous potential (Note I said potential), and like I’ve commented elsewhere, CVs do this with virtually no risk. The argument ‘well surface ships have infinite ammo so CVs should have infinite planes’ is completely invalid. Surface ships have to put themselves *at risk* of being spotted and destroyed in order to do damage to other ships, and very few of them comparatively can outright completely destroy a ship outside of battleships, and one must keep in mind dispersion, flight time, etc. And of these… many themselves will be open to the same fate by doing so, especially destroyers. While I dislike some things about how destroyers are now (namely the dumb large caliber AP change), I relent simply due to the fact they have to put themselves at least somewhat in harms way to do their thing. Sure they can stealth torp… but they can just as easily be stealth ambushed by certain trigger disciplined cruisers. CVs… do not have this risk. And you can say all you want about their ‘increased timer’ to redeploy planes. 1) They’ll almost always have a different squad to change to, lest their planes are dying on take off, and 2) the only thing that does is reduce the ‘potential’ damage that they could potentially throw out. It’s like saying Woosters aren’t dangerous because they can miss. CVs either need plane caps restored, or some other balancing mechanism beyond ‘oh we’re just not going to let you ‘shoot’ for a minute because your planed got shot down’. There needs to be some risk just like every other class of the game. Otherwise I agree with other people, cruisers need to be no fly zones. Either one or the other, definitely not both or neither.

    • CVs do belong in this game as much as any other class. (And i am pretty convinced we will see submarines one day too).
      From what we can see here, between all the defensive fires, summoned and catapult fighters, the average CV player lose plane waves pretty frequently. And with the reload timers and the fact that you deal chip damage rather than obliterating ships now, the damage potential is, or can be balanced to be that of all other classes. I think then we are on a fair footing pretty much.
      I was sceptical about the removal of plane reserves first too, but then there is no other ship you can disarm in the same way. I saw a deplaned carrier in the current system. He got strafed and AAed early and was done after only a few minutes. Still had to finish the game. That’s surely anything but fun.
      If carriers still are too strong, just increase reload timers to a rate where they matter and where potato CVs have real downtimes if they throw planes away. But the fundamental idea is the right one, even if balancing is maybe not yet finished. But that’s why this is WiP
      Regarding the „no risk“ argument, inherently they are the back line ships. But hell there are also DDs that can remain in stealth for a whole match and still torp the heck out of other ships, while spotting and capping possibly too. It’s not actually difficult with the right ship and build to do.
      I have to say that they should give carriers higher detection ranges. Because they are the largest ships, this would make sense. Currently you have CVs with lower detection than same tier cruisers. THAT makes no sense given they are four times the suze. If they were detected more easily, actively hunting them or just detecting it by pushing the enemy team back would become real options.
      All in all, balance is not perfect yet, but that can be achieved, and it’s not even particularly difficult. The main mistake WG could make would be to release 0.8 too early and not explore all the bancing options, however.

    • As I pointed out in my above comment, they are fully capable of deleting (yes DELETING) a full health Yamato, one of the highest HP ships with the BEST damage reduction from torpedoes in the game, with a single strike wing. That is not chip damage. Don’t get me wrong. I want to see CVs in the game as much as anyone. I was average at best under the current iteration, and I like the *concept* they’re working on. It’s fun. But I should **NOT** be getting over 160k damage being a mediocre CV player at best on my first game under this new system on **BAD** games. Games where I was still trying to learn how to get the planes to do what I wanted them to do. I even had completely wasted strikes, either 100% misses, or I turned them away for one reason or another, and I still pulled 160k. Sure, that’s nowhere near the current surface ship record, and nowhere close to current CV records… But 160k damage on a **BAD** match is **BAD**.

      I am not unreasonable enough to say that carriers need nerfed into the ground AND cruisers need to be untouchable… but something needs to give, anything. There need to be CONSEQUENCES to carriers making bad decisions just as there is to every other ship in the game.

      And like I pointed out with DDs, they’re still at risk, even stealth torp firing, not as much risk as say a cruiser firing, or BB… especially when your team refuses to deal with them (But that’s player choice, not poor design), but there’s still considerable risk. I can’t count how many times I outright ambushed DDs (in open water at times no less) with a particularly stealthy cruiser (Not just wooster, either. Old Nolands, and even Takao (Atago’s sibling)) and outright slaughtered them. While I would love to see more team play regarding dealing with DDs, there is that risk, especially with radar.

      Furthermore, you are patently incorrect in regards to ‘no other ship can be disarmed in this way’ EVERY ship can and inevitably HAS been disarmed in that way. I’ve seen all 3 turrets ripped off a North Carolina, I’ve seen Torpedo DDs have all of their tubes destroyed… So what about them? Is it fair that CVs should never be disarmed, but they can be, with ease? And on top of that, there’s another risk that every other class besides CVs face… Detonations.

      As it sits, right now… this new system is an interesting concept, but is poorly balanced. CVs either need to have their planes capped again, cruisers need to be dedicated no-fly zones… or as you suggested these loss penalties need to actually be meaningful to the point where it’s not simply a case of the CV just sending a different type of plane out to go do damage that way. Because that system has no punishment for poor play other than a smaller overall potential damage output, where as any other class in the game is threatened with not just loss of POTENTIAL damage, but their entire ship.

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