Pick your fights carefully – World of Warships

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In today’s video you’ll see what happens when you pick a ship that doesn’t do too well on a certain map or a certain position or both and there’s not much you can do without getting yourself killed.

Trying to find a position and right time to act can mean difference between winning or losing.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Should have left the explanation for “Pipi” in – 3 times is the charm 😀
    Hillarious 🙂
    (Stream, Compilation, this vid)

  2. For my fellow in hospital, get better soon, 369. Hope the judge takes that menace of the road forever so nobody else gets harmed.

    • ToughAncientSpark

      They won’t. Alcohol rehab and group sessions along with a fine and loss of license for only six months, he’ll be back on the road.
      The vast majority of people involved in these types of car crashes have multiple violations on their record.

  3. Flambass doesn’t have pipi XD

  4. WG has a fix incommin for the USS Autism : They are changing its flag to a Russian flag…..solved

  5. ToughAncientSpark

    I remember a video done before the CV rework where one team had all carriers and the other team had all destroyers.
    Was that you?

  6. Take it from me: You do not want to see the accident coming. You’re body tenses up and results in all kinds of muscle/connective tissue tears. It increases the damage you receive, not reduces.

    • Thanks, this safes me from typing the same thing.

    • Yeah, it was observed in plane crashes that ppl who were unconscious suffered less traumas and in general survived more often than ppl who were conscious and aware of the situation. Same thing was observed in car accidents and that lead to further investigating the topic and now we have conclusive data that proves it. That’s one point that proves that information and information input is not always beneficial to the outcome when we are talking about humans haha ^^

    • That’s why I always drive with my eyes closed.

  7. Bahaha. The end was great even though I saw it before.

  8. Saw this game reminds me sailing in Flint at T9 battle surrounded with radar cruisers… hold still and love your island… lol

  9. Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    That Minotaur on Flambass’s team did a great job.

  10. Normal ships: I take 40K DMG from that Austin.

    CVs: Best I can do is 3.

  11. 4:15 I literally chocked at “Dada first”

  12. Flambass, i want to hear more of that rhytm in the begining pls! Can you show us how you did it?

  13. Having been rear ended myself being prepared in any way is bad since you reflexively tense up. Being totally surprised you would hopefully be relaxed & the damage would be much less.

  14. Droid Motorola 388

    btw the points counter mod tells you which team is gonna win. : the little diamond beside the counter is highlighted on the side that wins, whether is you win on points or time.

    and Flambass doesn’t have pipi 🙁

  15. Flambass, it was a different game where you had to choose your positioning. It was very useful to those of us that think about strategy. #Thumbs_up

  16. 18:55 – We will never know where that Shima went. Maybe it just existed in our imagination …

  17. Nice Vid Flambass, you killed it

  18. Tek nakon par mjeseci skuzih da si iz Hrv, podrska i od domacih

  19. Θανος ,Κριεζα

    GJ Flamb ,you return the battle,bravo!!!

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