Pilot Episode – Sherman talks History – German Cruisers (World of Warships Chatham Event)

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Just a thing I wanted to do for a long time and I finally got around to doing it focussing on World of Warships in this particular episode.. but I plan on doing more stuff in the near future! 🙂

Tier 1: 6:13
Tier 2: 9:46
Tier 3: 15:04
Tier 4: 18:09
Tier 5: 22:15
Tier 6: 24:26
Tier 7: 28:44
Tier 8: 31:20
Tier 9: 38:20
Tier 10: 39:20

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  1. British army uniforms and equipment I. E webbing ect 1939 – 1945 also
    including the paras and commandos I say this because there is such a big
    development in british infantry kit during the war like in their
    helmets,small arms, webbing ect it would be a perfect topic for the series
    and maybe base another episode off german kit

  2. Now you know the lineup that not many will be grinding. And why is Tier 4-7
    look the same?

  3. To send you to the salt mines…or to laugh at my gnomish overlord…tough
    decision… ~_~

  4. As soon as I saw Mighty Jingles on the video, I said to myself ‘oh yeah,
    Jingles and Sherman on the same video? This is for me, 😀
    If there was Sidestrafe too it would’ve been heaven for WWII nerds. ;)

  5. That event at Chatham was literally next to where I worked up until
    recently :P

  6. Federation of the World

    Bismarck is not a cruiser, its a battleship…Admiral hipper is the tier 8

  7. Federation of the World

    Emden did nothing?! It rekt the pacific.

  8. Just wondering Sherman what books u have on ww2? I am reading a very good
    book on the battle of the Korsun pocket called Hell’s Gate I’d recommend it
    too you as its really epic read.

  9. Death to nazi germany!

  10. That looks funny now that I know they were face swapped, I thought jingles
    was a bit thin in that shirt. XD

  11. Sherman, you made a mistake in your video saying that “Germany now has
    three tier 8 cruisers” at 35:55 wich is not true since the Tirpitz and
    Bismarck aren’t cruisers but battleships of wich one is a premium! ^^
    you’re welcome…

  12. Nice video Sherman, thanks alot! 😀 (ps. horrible music though…felt like
    I was standing in an elevator the whole time!) xD

  13. I wanted to do this to with my channel but I don’t think anybody would

  14. I laughed 3 minutes straight from the thumbnail XD

  15. I think you might have mixed up the tier 4 because the German Navy kept
    reusing the same name for ships.
    The tier 4 is of this class, its another WWI cruiser.

  16. Sherman I’m with you on that WW2 passion, and also theres a really cool
    channel called The Great War and they go week to week what happened in WW1,
    and once they’re done with WW1. Theyre gonna go week by week for WW2…..
    Its awesome because they talk about stuff in detail like how gas shells
    worked, the insane calibers in artillery (like 430mm and such). Hugely
    suggest checking it out because i too am a ww1 and especially ww2 nerd :P

  17. I would love an episode on guns, that wil be fun :)

  18. lol face swap i love it and i love that your with one of my favorite
    youtubers also when i saw the title picture i could’nt tell wether the
    video was yours or jingles

  19. Great vid, do one for RU DDs pls

  20. TheOldStock_ Canadian

    jingles hasn’t posted he doesn’t post on sundays

  21. andieeidnaandieeidna

    Talk about battleships we don’t hear about often? Such as the Scharnhorst,
    Jean Bart, Littorio, etc. etc. etc?

  22. Love the idea, I am a big ww2 nerd myself.

  23. The Yorck (ingame) was a early design study for a pocket-battleship named
    “Entwurf I/10” in the 1920s but Germany decided to go with the
    Deutschland-class design.

  24. yes sherman this is a wonderful idea but its ok Im the same way lol. NERDS

  25. Nice format sherman!! I would like to see more of that. My suggestion is,
    that you present ous two different themes and we have to choose one. Can
    you link (next time) your sources, if its a book like the u-boat one? Keep
    one going!! I would recommend important companies like BMW, Krupp and
    Henschel for the next time!!!!
    Sir Henry Knox

  26. “Emden did barely anything”? Just read the article about it on Wikipedia.
    The ship was world famous around that time. The Kaiser honored it with the
    Iron Cross and all the other Emden named Ships wear it since then as a
    reminder. And the survirving Members of the Ship got the right to add the
    word Emden to her own Names. Please read it up. It`s a nice Story. The
    Dresden has nice Story behind herself too.


  27. I would like to see some on the great aces of the Second World War
    Like simo “the white death” and tank aces
    That would be nice

  28. Facts! The First World War Emden started her war cruise at Tsingtao in
    China with Von Spee. He went off to Coronel and The Falklands, but Emden
    went the other way into the Indian Ocean and wreaked havoc, causing £3
    Million worth of damage before being run to ground on the Cocos/Keeling
    Islands by HMAS Sydney. The picture of Dresden shows her in the Kiel canal.
    It’s near the German/Danish Border, and was widened to allow large
    battleships to communicate between the North Sea and the Baltic, without
    going round the Kattegat.Note the Konigsberg/Nuremburg class vessels have
    slightly offset to port and starboard stern turrets. This was owing to the
    gunnery control and shell handling room positions.When measuring ships,
    check the displacement and armament, you should get a good idea of its
    class.Bismark had the better gunnery of the two, but Tirpitz had more AA
    guns (and terrible gunnery).The Hipper class Cruisers were a mixed bag,
    Hipper herself had dodgy engines throughout her life, Seydliz, while
    incomplete, was nearly converted to and Aircraft Carrier, and Prinz Eugen
    had a varied career, including running with Bismarck, the Channel Dash,
    rammed the Liepzieg in half and finally being expended in Bikini Atoll
    Nuclear tests (Mostly getting through the tests!)The light and heavy
    Cruisers seen here were part of Plan Z, the plan to achieve a parity of
    quality with the Royal Navy. The war’s commencement upset the plan.Hope
    this helps!

  29. Blu Gunderson™ (Bluie)

    ok nvm on my comment sherman (someone already said it was in chatham) but
    cool that ya went to chatham even tho i lived near it

    but what you think of it 🙂 ?

  30. you should play Android games

  31. Blu Gunderson™ (Bluie)

    chatham event?

  32. Yeah, go on expeditions in museums.
    You are pretty close to Germany and France.

  33. Whoa Whoa Whoa… There is a Bismarck, at least in the code, for the game

  34. Sherman, you silly! The Karlsruhe pic you dug up is from a Königsberg class
    and it was laid down in 1929. The Karlsruhe as a class in-game is a WWI
    design, laid down in 1911.

  35. Maybe an episode about the uniforms of all the ww2 nations… I find it is
    an interesting topic since the first camos were used widely during ww2

  36. l enjoyed this episode and all the history, also the music in the

  37. Thanks for using my picture xD

  38. HAHA, you’re amazing. that intro was the best yet. with the its ya boiii
    and the week ago, i giggled. that was good, GOOD JOB! :)

  39. Yeah.I love WW2 also.Best war.Come Sherman.Lets thank Hitler for giving us
    something amazing.Yavol.

  40. that.. that pic. stared at it for good 30 minutes and my mind goes haywire
    to make up what I’m seeing. almost emotionally breakdown and check in to
    nearest mental institution

  41. Dat thumbnail XD *rekt*

  42. http://world-war-2.wikia.com/ i like this Wiki about ww2

  43. hey man, thats very strange that you went to Chatham Dockyard….i live in
    Chatham, I’ve been there so many times, exhibited some artwork there before
    too! But to the point…I went to there this week, and to The Royal
    Engineers Museum in Gillingham (1 mile away) with my girlfriend for a
    research trip for my uni project…took some photos with tanks such as the
    Churchill and was going to send them to you…so strange that it happened
    to be around the same time! anyway, is there anywhere i can send you
    photos/videos? also today I saw the final flight of the last Vulcan bomber,
    have an awesome video…such a cool experience.

  44. Aww gawd that photoshop

  45. man I wish I could play:(((

  46. cool series will enjoy that while eating dinner….alone 🙁 ……with you
    where are you from samuel btw?

  47. Dat Pic thoe
    Keep up the good work!

  48. cool ship

  49. And yes… thats Jingles and Myself but someone faceswapped us and I
    couldn’t resist using it XD

  50. I first to watch!

  51. good video sherman! keep it up man!

  52. you da bomb!!!wwwwooooo!;D

  53. I tried something that I NEVER did before.. I hope you guys like it! 🙂 –
    Constructive criticism is always 1000% welcome! :)

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