Pin-up Adventures of Dasha and Alena: Part 1 | World of Warships

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“Dasha and Alena, Watch over a birthday cake!”
A simple task, isn’t it? Or not?

P.S. It is subtly hidden!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    The first part is here! More to come! What will happen with cake?
    Don’t forget to watch Pin-up again, and again! Find the Bonus code before it expires!:)
    If you found the code – don’t spoil the game for others! Just make a comment under this post “I found it!”.

  2. you bans me Unreasonably

  3. Should have let the girls talk in Russian and subtitle it

  4. I’ve got to move to Russia, too many SJW over here, Women need to be Women and Men need to be Men. But treat each other with honor and respect.

    • John Parrish if you think being socially and medically forced to subscribe to traditional gender roles, even when I don’t want to, is respect… you don’t know what respect is.

    • Russian men tend to treat their women like crap, hence an endless supply of mail order brides.

    • I have always believed that Chivalry is not dead and in a public setting Men should be Gentlemen and Women be Ladies, what they do at work (hard labor), in combat, or in the bed is none of my concern.

  5. Utterly charming girls. Dasha and Alena are so charismatic.

  6. I want subtitles instead dubbing! They must sound so sweet =)

  7. Sorry sound actor girls, but i want hear their voices.

  8. Cake is a lie

  9. I found it!

  10. where the heck do you redeem that code?!

  11. Dash and Alena strapon adventures, that’s what i read

  12. Just give us some new maps, please!!! Boredom with the same old maps is driving players away.

  13. Pls. For the love of god. Let us listen to Dasha’s and Alena’s voice. Pls do subtitles

  14. hmmm lecker womens

  15. Difference between Russia and America: Russians are promoting a video game played mostly by men (and boys) with beautiful Russian models. In the US the NFL is rolling out male cheerleaders because everyone knows men who watch football are dying to see male cheerleaders. In the news the media panics that Russia is meddling in our elections. I say lets just hand the country over to them. I am sick of being ruled by SJWs! If being ruled by Russia means men actually being allowed to act like men then what are waiting for?

    • There are very few countries where you can move to and have security and benefits like you would have in the states, especially if you don’t know the language.
      In the USA as you know there are plenty of states with lots of cheap land still available where you can live in peace and have your security, guns and smoke up a storm if you want. Unless you want to learn Russian you will be considered an outsider and not have much fun i would imagine. Most of Europe is being overrun as well and many places much more expensive. Doesn’t sound like you would be a fan of any Spanish speaking country. I live in Utah you might want to come here, we are a red state and there is still lots of cheap land and no crime and would fit your political and conservative views.

    • Byron Bailey: you seem to have changed your argument mid stream, “There are very few countries where you can move to and have security and benefits like you would have in the states,” So there are few countries that welcome anyone and pay them benefits even if they contribute nothing in return. Bingo! There are rapidly growing American settlements in Costa Rica, Ecuador and many other places. They are building full towns from scratch where all services are internal to the community and everyone speaks English. More and more people are realizing that there is a coming culture war in America and the Leftest side will have the government behind them. Look at Britain and what they did to Tommy Robinson. I believe the right side will win the war in the end because you can only oppress people for so long till they rebel. That said, I don’t want my kids mixed up in any violence. Я буду в безопасности в России. Come visit if you like.

    • Culture war- wtf does than mean? If you don’t like whatever turn the TV off and take a walk or move to a red state. You don’t like Kayne fine, although he seems to think your man Trump is a stud. You are making a mountain out of practically nothing. Oppress? I don’t think you have any idea what that word means. You may not “like” something that does not mean you are oppressed. It means you disagree. Disagreeing does not get you in jail, like it would in MANY other countries. If you don’t like your schools put your kids in a private or charter school. You don’t like your neighborhood -move. You have lots of options. There is NO ONE forcing you to do anything in the USA other than pay your taxes. The same things you seem to have a problem with are the same things people had a problem with in the 60’s and 70’s with culture change and those kids/parents for the most part turned out OK as well as the country. And i am very surprised with Trumps election that you are complaining at all. Obama you can let go, he hasn’t been Prez for 2 years, and the way the Demo’s are screwing things up and have old geezers still in power, Trump unless he totally turns brain dead and has a few more “side jobs” coming out has a very good chance at getting reelected. These South American settlements sound great until you realize how expensive they will be once the locals gouge the gringos’ all the way to the bank. The same thing was in Mexico 10-15 years ago and look what a hell hole that turned out to be. You also seem to be hung up on Benefits. I am talking Benefits for people paying taxes. I agree if you don’t pay taxes or contribute in some way (Military/Investing in property in a country) you should receive zero benefits.

    • You are right we are pretty far off the subject of hot girls dancing.

    • Agreed- have a good weekend!

  16. Zoltán-Imre Horváth

    i found it!

  17. Alena face is so funny,it’s like the i dont want to go to gulag face

  18. Chmielinski Mariusz


  19. Please i need the Captain Alena for my ships too, thanks…

  20. battleship four torches

    I Found it!

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