Pin-up Adventures of Dasha and Alena: Part 3 | World of Warships

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The final part of girls’ adventures! Would they manage to save the Birthday celebration?

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  1. 2nd! Damn it!

  2. Firster!! XD

  3. Finding stuff again

    Not again D:

  4. 😍, pin-up Dasha and Alena….hmm, could we have them as captai’ns??😁

  5. World of Warships Official Channel

    So, what do you think about the “Cooking Navy Style”? series? Should we make it?:)
    And now go grab your pin-up patch!

  6. Waiting for Dasha and Alona to reenact Micky Rouke and Kim Basinger scene from 9 1/2 Weeks with the cake.

  7. They replacing Dasha Already…

  8. Dasha and Alena Strapon Adventures is back, today is kitchen fetishes! Cheeki breeki

  9. They would have put the patches on missions, as they have always done.

  10. Resizing is hard, most of these patches are to big to fit in the backgrounds you can select ingame #fail

  11. Is there a code in this one? Or is it just “pick the one you want” today? I have watched the video every day and have YET to see the codes. :/

  12. Stop beeing so hot Dasha ! ^^

  13. 10/10 Would collude

  14. and now where is the Code?

  15. “Choose the most beautiful pin-up girl to receive her patch” So, why Scarlett Johansson and Chloe Bennet aren’t here??

  16. select the server you are playing from the 3 links and then choose the one pin up you like

  17. need to make a pin-up calender

  18. Give us new maps Wargaming!

  19. Thanks for the Video.Da yes it is a pin-up video, I ask sometimes very naughty .. then there is the next year, a pin-up calendar of Dasha and Alena? Would certainly be over here a few über.Lg Dax(write with Google Translater…sorry 😉

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