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Discover how our video team made the “Pin-up” video with this behind the scenes video!

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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    In case you’ve missed our Pin-up video, you can watch it here!

    • I love that you guys (an girls) always go the extra mile to do something different! 🙂 Nice work!

    • It is an original song would be my guess as most 40s music is copyright protected.

    • I really liked the video and the dancers are amazing. Yes, they did more acting as it was very evident in some scenes. I liked the Signal Girl and the Captain. I hope they both do try to play the game. I urge WG to invite some of the dancers to be at a gaming convention to promote the game and the video. If Dasha does a video showing some of them how to play, then that would be just as good. I do not think with their busy schedules any of the dancers would play as much, but then again, depends on their popularity among players.

    • Guillaume Brière

      +Ashley Coward yup there’s some good PR. People just love Dasha

  2. Egor Druzhinin is an Egor Druzhinin.


  3. 0:37 is what its about and you know it
    Wargaming, make a pinup calendar?

  4. And you guys did a magnificent work. The video catches the 40es style perfectly 🙂

  5. Vulgarr the Viking

    2:23 the side bewb

  6. I truly enjoyed the video please keep it up. The only thing that makes it look weird to me is that the ship and Navy style is clearly US Navy but the actors all have a heavy Eastern European look.

  7. So… this is where our money goes… lel

  8. perfect for the period. TY
    next – get dasha doing the update videos in period costume like rosie the riveter

  9. When russians look more american than americans

    • Za Sensha Chi-Ha Tan No Ēsu

      +Evil Black Cat And before i leave. It doesnt matter if you are white, asian, black or middle eastern livin in US, you are not American . Ya’ll came somewhere else before you ended up in America. I would call the latino Americans though, why? Because im “racist” with my own facts.

    • +Za Sensha Chi-Ha Tan No Ēsu “I’m not a racist towards all white people, just American white people”. Really, bro? Again, you’re making generalizations about one specific group of people based upon where they live and the color of their skin. That’s the very definition of racism. Therefore, you are a racist. I’m really curious as to where you are getting your propaganda from to make you believe such nonsense. Also, equivocating one’s inability to exactly discern someone’s country of origin at a glance is 1)not a problem unique to the US, and 2)not exclusive to white people. To imply such is not only racist, but completely idiotic.

      On the matter if international relations: the US people do NOT want continued war in the Middle East and do NOT want a continued presence overseas. That’s some bullshit our government keeps getting us involved in in a vain effort to ensure individual liberties in countries that reject individual freedom. Complete waste of time, money, and lives, IMO. As for Islamic extremists? Dunno if you’re just uneducated or what, but their religion dictates conquest and murder of non-believers (aka; ‘infidels’). Also, Islamic terrorism existed long before the US got heavily involved in the region and would still exist anyway just not maybe in its current form. You don’t get to ignore history just to satisfy your own biases, sunshine.

    • +Za Sensha Chi-Ha Tan No Ēsu “…with my own facts”: the telltale sign of an ideologue. Facts are not exclusive to your singular viewpoint.

    • 10,000 YEAR OLD IMMIGRANTS are still immigrants.

    • Robert Mills im·mi·grant
      noun: immigrant; plural noun: immigrants
      a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.

      Second generations born in said country are then native to said country by US law. Pretty sure that’s also international law but can’t say for sure. You are factually incorrect.

  10. Thank you for a fascinating look behind the scenes.

  11. Le Chevalier Errant

    ‘Games are better than war” — best stuff I’ve heard lately

  12. Thank god for the Russians. Not afraid to go against the rabid crazy puritans in the west. Keep doing stuff that sells Comrades!
    And remember: Get woke, get broke.

  13. We want wallpapers, I want one of that signal woman, god damm I’d marry her

  14. Join the WG army 😉 very good video

  15. 01:44 Egor Druzhinin, who is the Egor Druzhinin of the project…

  16. Congratulations to everyone who participated in the production, it was really well done.

  17. Congratulations !!!
    Only 2 months of preparation ?
    And we can see so much work from everyone for this little movie ; a complete story board, so much peoples building the background…
    Thank you everyone for all of these efforts !

  18. TwistedSister/Haratiofales

    I think that the men of WW2 would have been highly honored by this art and work. I wish I had a time machine so I could go back to the Pacific and show it on all those Carriers as they were coming back home at the end of the war.

  19. Incredibly realistic scenes, impressive performances, great job achieving such a result in so limited time. And the CGI was basically ready to take from WoWS team 😉
    Also, refreshing break from all this “political correctness” done in a funny & entertaining way.

  20. Considering this was a Russian production, with a American 40’s theme, it was a amazing recreation of the past. You guys nailed it.. the amount of research and construction that went into this project must have ben tremendous. thanks for the backstage look

  21. HooterBrotherWinn

    I loved the music video made with this. It was outstanding!

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