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A short teaser for an upcoming WoWs Birthday video! Don’t miss it!

Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website!


  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    What do you think about our teaser?:)
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  2. UI update when?

  3. ??? why?

  4. next time do porn

  5. I already see the feminists and SJWs cringing all the way 😀
    Continue the good work, WG 😀

    • @Sarkadd: It’s a topic that get’s heated very quickly and hateful comments are far from unusual – it’s nice to see I was wrong in expecting them this time. Either way, almost every piece of media carries some sort of political or societal message, whether it wants to or not. By depicting old-school sexism without any sort of commentary or any effort to be better than that, WG is pushing that very form of sexism. As I said, it’s only one silly little film, but unfortunately, there’s a giant amount of “silly little sexist things”, and put together, those carry some force in shaping everyone’s view on women, men, and gender roles in general.

    • @UglytruthG: You’re talking about things that I haven’t even touched there. I never said typical sexual fantasies should be taboo (in fact I think they entire topic of sex is much too taboo), and I’m well aware that it’s normal for men to enjoy looking at attractive women (I do, too). It’s also fine to be looking at them. But context matters a lot, and in this case, the context is supposed to be some kind of “everyday life”, making it look like women are there only to look attractive all day long.
      And the entire “left vs right” thing you’re talking about… completely unrelated.

    • @Richard Sanders: Won’t say unrelated, the left right thing is how this thing gets its energy. I think it’s time we realize that politicizing this whole thing makes it a bigger mess than it would have been. Context does matter, but so far, there’s this agenda and it’s ripping countries apart. I have a serious problem with that. If we get offended about every single thing that could be racist, sexist or anything with an -ist behind it, we’ll never find peace in ourselves.

      We should take things more humorous. Offense is taken not given, a concept I can see you clearly understand yourself.

    • naw. the feminist liberal cancer isnt in russia.

  6. Finally we’ll learn what the girls get payed for

  7. 0:10 Big Hips ???

  8. 10/10 Would collude.

  9. You Got The Guys With Women
    But You Miss Me
    *_Wheh Mah Free Ship?_*

  10. I say Wargaming does their work for their games *REALLY* well!

  11. nice … but ……. where’s the Gorgeous Hunky Men ???? come on WG Don’t forget us Lady Captains …… To Be Continued …………….

  12. Tomás Silva Costa

    Looks like this channel has finnaly turned into a porn channel

  13. Female captains?

    Edit:wg if I guess it right and want to give me a ship or something,you have my permission 🙂

  14. “Big Ships”

    you mean t h i c c ?

  15. Awesome! But, after this, can we get some new maps?

  16. 0:12 that looks real af, your cgi scenes are getting better and better.

  17. HELL YEAH!! I’m going to love it!! ?

  18. Big hips sink ships.

  19. Nowhere near as exciting as a cruiser flashing its flat broadside at less than 10km. Why yes I do identify myself as a Hindenburg, why do you ask?

  20. To quote Jon Oliver. “Cool.”

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