Pin-up: World of Warships turns 3!

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Join the celebration of 3rd Anniversary of World of Warships!
Play the game!

Want more info? Check out the World of Warships website!


  1. Awesome, how long did it take to make this?

  2. You drank seawater again didn’t you?

  3. where do i throw my money?

  4. Is it weird that I know the ending after 45sec playing this video

  5. StArShIpEnTeRpRiSe

    1:01 This is why women are dangerous on warships! What if poor guy carry a 120 mm HE shell?!?!?! 😉 😀

  6. This guy got a
    “Ship harem”

  7. What kind of ptsd is this?

  8. Congratulations World of Warships!

  9. warships, beautiful women and the open seas = perfect!

  10. Is that a torpedo below your belt? OR are you just happy to see this?

  11. Is this why the US dominated the Pacific?

  12. so this is what happened if you’re on the sea for too long and navy are gay story

  13. Legend has it that Dasha lured nearby sailors with her enchanting beauty and caused hallucinations among sailors

  14. If they don’t have SJWs in Russia I might have to move there

  15. If that is Dasha holding those paddles, then the internet is going to have a catastrophic meltdown. Holy Hot Signal Batman! If Dasha waved me over like that I would not resist.

  16. In a world filled with Anita Sarkeesians and the like I somehow felt a little dirty watching this…I missed feeling dirty…bravo!

    • Isn’t the internet like… chock full of porn?

    • spartancanuck I don’t think anyone would call this porn. Besides, it’s obvious you didn’t understand what he meant and that’s okay.
      CarefulAtheist I know exactly what you mean. I missed it, too. You don’t see this much anymore and it’s a shame because these girls are good. I remember way back in the day we used to watch…

    • All those crying baby’s can blow me a fat one

    • Indeed, I did not call it porn. I just thought that in the context of an internet full of it that it was kind of… snivelling to be all OMG TEH SJWS ARENT LETTING ME LOOK AT WOMEN! But obviously you didn’t understand what I meant and that’s okay. ?

  17. You guys must of had a hell of a lot of fun making this video. Great ballroom dance moves, too!

  18. Kristian Aleksandrov

    WoWs seems to know their player base.

  19. When you scroll down comment section for crazy feminist comments but you dont find any…

  20. World of Warships Official Channel

    You left Dasha and Alena to watch the cake? Bad idea!
    Did you find the the code? Where could it be?
    Don’t worry, we are sure that someone will find it soon! Sooooo…KEEPANCHORSREADY…literally or figuratively!

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