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World of Warships is a naval action MMO, dipping into the world of large-scale sea battles of the first half of the twentieth century. Epic battles rage across the oceans of the world in order to claim victory among teams comprised of the greatest representatives from the era of multi-ton marine giants.


  1. Literally first yeeeeeeet

  2. POII?? POI! POI…….

  3. Do stream WoWship plz

  4. cv’s are so innocent in the first tiers but the tier 10’s are so deadly it is not even funny

  5. also play normal your playing vs AI

  6. Demon Lord Gaming

    ‘Sup Bricky, any opinion on Qiyana’s thighs?

  7. Bricky, you’re playing co-op, not pvp… Just saying lol

  8. Bricky I know you don’t play much and all but I’m sure you know what reticles are for

  9. Aircraft carrier is not the main DPS of the game, the damage out put is actually low compare to other ship. Their real worth lies in how long they remain in the match and continuously diss out damage to enemies thank to their ability to long strike at anytime and anywhere they want.With Semi-infinite plane due to capability to regen loss plane (since the match is time limited, you only have limited maximum planes.), you need to dodge flak and try to line up a good strike.

    The skill celling of this ship is not in how good you do attack, but in how you choose your target and plans ahead the way of your strikes to maximize damage while reducing the plane loss. The other aspect that make this class really good in teamplay is their ability to spot enemy ship faster and map control better than any ship, but they are not reliable way to let other ship shoot at enemies since they need to strike and do other stuff.

    Low tier CV, in this case tier 4, is not gonna meet with many AA while in higher tier the war machine change to adapt to the meta (as per history). Ships now carry more guns dedicated to anti air strike and USS ships are especially good in this field, or sea.

    Ps: CV sniping (CV striker other CV) is actually really hard to do due to the nature of mechanic. AA on a CV is really good, and they have auto fighter they shoot down any planes that dare to strike the CV making striking another CV = loss of plane and your ability to “play” the game.

    Hope bricky read this, and even if you are not good at the game yet don’t worry. This game need patient and plans adhead of time. The mistake you make 60s before will result in your death now is the perfect way to describe this game.

    • Can confirm, this is accurate. Also WoWS player.

    • Yeah sounds about right, just well before the AA change anyway

    • @Duncecap64 The AA change…Well, as a guy who play…pretty much nothing but CV since the change, in Hakuryu, i say it’s more of a nuisance than anything.

      The focus in only last plane was probably the right move (I personally did not think so, and it’s so unrealistic my immersion is ruined.) and increase the rate of plane kills by 200% more, or in not good player 400%.

      Now every strike, every thing you do, come with a cost. HUGE COST. Cost of planes, your own “ammo”, “guns” and “torpedoes”, making a CV captain must REALLLYY think about everything before willy nilly attack a ship.

      Rushing to kill that annoying ship occupying some importance place might wipe out your entire squadron, probably bringing the tide of victory back to your team. But will it work? Will the death of that ship important enough for you to make such decision?

      If anything, CV captain who are still successful is now like 200 IQ, pro gamer play , Pog. And it does not help with the CV hating peepo in reddit, also the sharp decline in CV population.

    • @Ceronia well yeah im one of those CV players as well, like i saw that change and went “Ok well RIP the average player” which considering what we saw here… yeah its only going to be a frustrating experience for the new guys they are trying to get to play the game, Tier 4 CVs required some level of understanding from the get go and well… they never got it cause they are new

    • @Duncecap64 Watching Bricky play this game is very…entertain…because it remind me of the time when i did not care about meta, patches, or how badly i perform in a match.

      Just pure plain fun and enjoyment from being able to control a FREAKING WARSHIPS.

      Good old time.

  10. This is only trivia, but WoWs is actually have a Dynamic Music System. It’s judge on the situation you are in and then adjust the music to fit the situation.

    The match start or you are hiding: music is quiet, only one instrument.

    Detected or detect an enemy: Music start to get louder and became more intense.

    Underfire or getting close to enemy: It get more intense and sometime change into a more battle-ish theme.

    1vs 2 or more: Shit hit the fan.

    Later in the match when everything is burning and shooting : DROP THE BASS.

  11. Holy anus i didnt know you could control planes like this, might return just for this thing, looks real fun

  12. well at least Brick is constanly bad in all Wargaming games

  13. Maybe now somebody will finally sink that stinking Yamato… god I hated those ads

    Almost as much as waiting for you to play Ori and the Blind Forest

  14. Blas Niño de Guzmán Alfaro

    Moar carrier bricky

  15. You know its genuine when brick forgets to check the things 😀

  16. “Oh no, the last stand”


  17. If you enjoy PLANE SIMULATOR, try War Thunder

  18. Watched a World of Warship Ad before watching a World of Warship Sponsored Video
    Life is good

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