POCKET BATTLESHIPS | Huge Cannons | Deutschland-class(War Thunder User Made Mission)

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POCKET BATTLESHIPS | Huge Cannons | Deutschland-class(War Thunder User Made Mission)


  1. Oh damn I thought it was announced, you sly person, phly, but great vid

  2. Last time I was this early Hong Kong was still part of the UK

  3. BLOCK SHOTS FROM HMS YORK OR HMS NELSON. Does anyone have these horrible nightmares?

  4. That scream gets me every time XD

  5. I ain’t ever been this early, whack

  6. Navy Field, now there’s a name I’ve not heard in a long, long time. A long time.

  7. wondering if aircraft cariers are going to be a thing in war thunder XD


  9. When war thunder adds aircraft carriers


    • I hate when I play navel fighters in naval but there no carrier to land and i have to fly all the way to the island airfield

    • I mean I suppose player controlled carriers would function as player aircraft spawn points that are available right from the beginning of the match and circumvent the spawn cost planes normally get.

    • Just putting em there would helo for navel fighters

    • It could be like that player using an aircraft carrier can select targets for aircrafts controlled by real people and if those people attack those targets then they will get bonuses like in orders. So itwould be fun for cv as well as planes.

  10. There needs to be another Battlestations: Pacific-esque, singleplayer game in my opinion.

  11. Who wished Battlestation Pacific has a remaster? Someone should buy the company and definitely remastered it

  12. They need a reworked engine so that the ships actually render in that are shooting you.

  13. Community: we need BBs for balance game play…

    War thunder HQ: we will give them new Russian tanks…

    Community: ????

  14. Original_Usernam_Here

    I wish they would add larger ships but also larger maps. Imagine this: you have two 15-25 ship teams that start 15 km apart from each other on the open ocean with no islands or obstructions. You each bring max 2 pt boats, 5-6 destroyers, 6-8 light and heavy cruisers and 5 battleships. You all have to cooperate together and stay in formation, the destoyers to defend larger ships against torpedo attacks and aircraft (which could be an added component) and the larger ships to engage enemy ships at range (maybe 9km). Also take away fire assists and make players use a range finder and fire control systems to make it harder to hit enemies. They also need more detailed internal compartments and more detailed crew placement and more detailed armor placements. If they did this it would be epic.

  15. God: “Let there be light”
    Warthunder Community: 1:18


      @CptJohnB Hewler
      Probably in War Thunder, the WATER is the GRAVITY itself in naval combat.

    • WorldOfWarships depicts the actual speed of the ship cutting through the water correctly, I live on Vancouver Island so I actually know these things. Our ferry boat goes 25knts and is faster than the ships going 40knts in this, Warthunder Naval is absolutely pathetic and joke to ACTUAL SHIP MOVEMENTS IN WATER

  16. The realistic “fog” at a distance kills it for me. I don’t want to be hunched over my screen squinting trying to see the target and shells.

    • @Goosegg 46 go play wot you child

    • @Asif Talpur yeah, because adding one little feature that doesn’t fundamentally change the way the game is played is totally equivalent to world of tanks. Riiiight…

      I play all gamemodes. I play mostly Realistic battles and I play sim for fun sometimes. Using “go play WOT” as an insult is something I thought we got past a few years ago in War Thunder. You’re hating on my opinion about adding the shell indicator to RB when there are literal distance indicators in Air RB, and tank RB has the position of all your teammates down to the exact point they are at. Is that really “realistic”? Tell me, does reloading rate decrease if you’re moving over uneven terrain or falling from a bridge? Gaijin simply makes compromises for realism and playability, and that’s fine.

      The sooner you realize War Thunder “realistic battles” is not all that realistic, the happier you’ll be.

    • @Goosegg 46 oh the fucking irony in your comment. Plays “all game modes” yet wants realistic mode to turn into arcade mode with spotting, doesn’t think realistic is real enough while forgetting simulator mode exists.

      Again, go back to wot you fucking child. We’re fine without your handholding features in RB.

    • @Asif Talpur

      1. Never said that I wanted RB to have spotting like arcade

      2. Realistic is fine and it’s not like the feature will ever be added to naval RB so calm yourself. If this is how you act when it’s some random person suggesting a minor feature would be helpful then I feel really bad for you. It is, and I apologize of I didn’t spell it out for you, a *Few lines* on the screen that are used to show you where your shells landed which would be completely visible in real life at these distances. You’re all for “realism”, right?

      3. Get out of here with your “muh realistic has no handholding” mentality. It does have tons of hand holding. Get over it. Even Sim has the same hand holding that Realistic has. Imagine how sucky the game would be if dead crew took over a minute to replace, o
      You couldn’t look out of broken optics, a thrown track was the only thing *ever* repairable outside of a cap zone, reload times depended on the movement of the tank, and half your crew died when your light tank crashed into a telephone pole at 60KPH. Your precious realistic is arcade-y as any other mode. But have fun squinting at your screen to see your shells land because what my opinion is doesn’t change anything about the game. I hope you one day learn a better comeback than “Go play a different game that is also fun in its own way that I hate because I have a superiority complex” and you grow up.

  17. I live in the city where the Admiral Graf Spee was made also the Admiral Scheer, Tirpitz and alot of other ships were build here.
    The city is Wilhelmshaven and the biggest naval base from germany.^^

  18. When war thunder add Bismarck

    Me : yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  19. Poor phly at the end, legit feeling bad for him 🙁

  20. “Map design” wdym phly, they’ve never heard of that

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