Podvoisky Comeback: Blueprint to Success – World of Warships

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Standard battle that requires a lot of effort to bring our team back from the brink of failure. Hope you enjoy the comeback and have a wonderful day!

Tier V Soviet Podvoisky Replay

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  1. They should just remove the Standard game mode… it’s useless and a waste of time thanks to campers… no action and no good xp gain can come from it.

    • Александр Ванюков

      Nope. I play on CIS server, it is ok. If you don’t capture points you lose.

    • Александр Ванюков

      Oh… I’ve thought that your comment was about Random battles (Standard game mode). Now I understand that it was about the game mode in which you have to capture enemy base. I think that this game mode should stay cause it can be a very pleasant experience because you don’t have to rely on your DDs so much. It can be very annoying when your DDs are sailing somewhere instead of capturing points )) Especially now, Royal Navy event is good but its DD part is horrible cause people (who don’t normally play them) play DDs just for rewards.

    • I know what you mean, and I understand your frustration as I have been frustrated for the exact same reason before, but still, the time invested and the rewards are way worse than how it is in the other ones. It might be the case that I am just too aggressive and I can’t stand the static gameplay, hiding behind islands and plinking away with BBs from near to max range…

      I am burnt out at the moment with WoWs, so the current event is not causing any issue to me.;)))

    • Александр Ванюков

      +Ferenc Fajkusz Ok, I understand your position. I don’t mind rewards cause although I play a lot I mainly play for fun so I don’t even notice XP amount I earn and so on (I usually open 3 loot boxes per day awarded for earned XP so I earn enough). Of course I want to have multiple 19 points captains but I simply know that I will have them eventually so I don’t rush.
      About aggressive play. I don’t think that being too passive is rewarded in World of Warships. But also sometimes I see that people can’t draw the line between effective aggression and reckless behaviour. I know nothing about NA server but on CIS server you need to be strategic and not passive to win a standard game.

    • They should give the players an option of what game modes you want to play, something like they do in WOT. They could trial it in one patch and if it doesn’t screw up que times then make it a permanent fixture, every game mode should be an option especially epicentre….

  2. Nine times out of ten the team that pushes aggressively in standard battle loses. It is an awful game mode that actively rewards the team that is the most defensive. An attacking team will trickle into a tight, defensive death ball of the camping team and get focus fired one after the other. This is particularly bad on maps that have a dividing set of islands a team has to push around, like Northern Lights. The winning play is playing defensive until the enemy team gets impatient and tries to push, picking off the overextended ships, and then counterattacking whatever is left with overwhelming force for the win. Rinse and repeat. The game mode is terrible. It is made worse by the “aggressive at all costs” idiots that throw standard battle after standard battle by yolo-ing into the enemy death ball and then complaining about how the rest of the team wasn’t as moronic as they were. Domination is far more dynamic because teams need to push the caps to win and multiple caps typically disperses the teams so that smart aggression is rewarded instead of heavily punished.

    • That’s odd. I have seen plenty of games where the pushing team slaughtered the defensive team.

    • The problem with Standard isn’t the mode itself, but the fact it punishes players for _using_ ships which must play aggressively. A German BB for example is next to useless unless their up the front and taking hits so their teams doesn’t need to. Such ships _can’t_ sit back and be patient while remaining effective.
      Standard encourages camping because the majority of the ships in the game are built for it. If there were more aggressive and fewer defensive ships in the game, Standard would be less problematic.

  3. I agree Notser:
    Remove the standar battle, along side with Epiccenter, as it cater to an slow pace “Camping fest” style of play. People are way to defencive in the game and with this gamemode, it’s turned up to 11.

  4. do more low tiers and play the really old premium ships that we havent seen in a while like the Warspite , Kutuzov, Atago or the Tirpitz

  5. Notser
    You alluded to one of the most distressing elements of World of Warships and that is that players don’t know how to create opportunities and then exploit success. That or they just don’t care. People can’t seem to grasp the idea of team.

    • The reward system is basically damage-centric and personal. All points to “let others die while I reap damage”. Of course you’ll lose battles you might otherwise win, but too many don’t see it that way and the game does little to change their minds.

    • Steeltrap
      I think you are absolutely correct. It takes so much away from the game.

  6. You said of that fleeing Fubuki that he was “terrified”. Yeah. Too many players hide and play the far-game out of.. black cowardice. Even some experienced players act like getting shot will hurt them real-world. I often die because I like to take on opponents, cap, and support the pro-active players. I’m not likely to get all the medals and top place, but I am likely to make a difference, and go down fighting.

    One basic rule? Keep firing. Another? Use the F3 button to help direct focus-fire. One more? Don’t spread your fire around too widely, lest you end up with a bunch of half-damaged enemy still able to fight.

  7. it’s Khaba of tier 5, nobody knows how to deal with you unless experienced player

  8. Please just remove Standard Battle, it’s annoying and not motivating to play aswell. It’s a real shit show, noone wants to move, the team that moves looses. A real shit gamemode.

  9. I love being agressive and brawling, but the NM is just too slow…

  10. Dude ..For the Sake of Christ.Do You think Recording only Matches where you are top XP are ANY way interesting? I have played matches with you where you were second from last on the Team..Didn’t Record that..weird..Show a Vid were you failed,and Discuss your mistakes..MUCH more interesting..Damn dude,Try not to break your arm patting yourself on the back..lol.

  11. I loved the Podvoisky. The first (and only) ship I got back to back krakens in.

    Knowing now that it has been buffed I might have to re-buy it. 🙂

  12. The gun velocity is the same as the ship speed ~40 kts in a straight line.

    Muzzle velocity is the speed of the projectile leaving the barrel, ~900 m/s for Soviet DD giving nice flat trajectories.

    They are two different things.

  13. delux chickenwing

    great vid matey touched on some very good tactical point meng thx

  14. Friend I like your videos. For a simple reason? That you put all the configuration of the boat and the captain something that helps the community to be able to make their configurations correctly greetings continues thus I support your channel

  15. Well played as usual. That Scharnhorst probably cost them the match being so passive, although they might be a terrible player and lost their ship without doing much had they been more aggressive. Either way, bloody frustrating if you were giving your all and a top BB that’s a great cruiser/DD killer is sitting on its arse miles from anywhere useful. Doubly so given its speed.

  16. I really love the Soviet DDs, they are my line. Was once in a game with my Minsk and thinking, I will never use my torpedoes. I killed a Nagato and an Atlanta with torpedoes in that game, lol

  17. The collective wisdom is that Ognevoi should be played as a T-VIII Minekaze with its quick reloading 10km torpedoes. I say bugger that! Ognevoi’s guns, while she only has a count of four, are fitted in excellent turrets which when paired with the agility advantages enjoyed with B-Hull turn Ognevoi into a truly dangerous gunboat between 10-12km. Normally a Russian DD might struggle to openly go gunboating at 10km because they lack the turret and hull traverse, but Ognevoi breaks this general rule.

    As Notser said, Russian DDs enjoy being _active_ scouts by drawing fire and weaving between salvoes at mid to long range. Each tier introduces small but significant improvements to this strategy, first becoming apparent with Podvoisky and culminating in Grozovoi and Khabarovsk.
    Russian DDs are certainly a unique experience because they have the agility to dodge incoming fire the way cruisers cannot, yet they also have enough cumulative firepower to whittle away at the enemy in relative safety. While a Russian DD should _not_ be primarily used to capture a zone, they are still able to _contest_ a capture with some ease. But their real strength lies in their excellent long-range shell ballistics that remain punchy and precise well beyond the effective range of their counterpart DDs.

  18. Ah yes, I have to rebuy that ship and give it a go. It was difficult before the traverse speed change, had to do a lot of manouvering to get guns on target effectively …. Pity the Leningrad was not included in this buff …

  19. I would have lol’d if that NM blind fire hit you. That said Fubuki did a good job moving out of smoke once Bretange was no longer spotted.

  20. Great content, really enjoy your ability to explain why you should do things rather than just a simple “do this” Perhaps sometime you could give us some pointers on map tactics with a special emphasis on what the individual ship classes should be doing to help their team win. Such as positioning and direction of attacks.

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