Point of Plumb – Live Commentary – World Of Warships

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World of Warships! I have some great news!


  1. Hi WG_Preview_223, nice video, as always!

  2. plumb sinks island in pacific 

  3. Intro music should be In The Navy by The Village People. You know it make

  4. Oh…forgot below….hold shift for extra waypoints in autopilot
    mode….and try pressing Z after you fire….go on….try it!

  5. You bugger! I managed to get in through a clan mate who is a CC with some
    codes, but normal closed beta accts have zero piastas….do you KNOW the
    bloody juggling needed with 5 garage slots!!
    As for the game…..bloody fantastic! WG have a winner here…..

  6. U lucky bugger!!
    Me wantz, me need shipz!

    Anyway, looking forward to try this whenever I get a beta code :D

  7. Added you on my list – Hope to see you ingame sometime. We’ll see if we can
    attract some destroyers to go in orbit around our landships ;)

  8. Awesome plumb, enjoy!

  9. JoeAverageGaming

    You didn’t tell me that you got in…Why aren’t we playing it together
    yet?! 😀
    Added you to contact list in there too now. 😉

    For the intro….how about a Yamato firing at a Essex class Aircraft

  10. I can just imagine 《British Youtuber》 throwing his toys out of the pram
    that another youtuber got a press account and he didnt! QQ for QB !

  11. It’s obvious that they are AI – For one they don’t ram friendlies. They
    also don’t tunnel vision in binoculars mode, sailing right up beside
    friendly ships and broadsiding them with entire salvos at point blank :P

  12. Welcome to the fun, Plumb. I’ll be looking forward to dumping my airplane
    torpedoes on your fragile little hull :D

  13. Looking forward to seeing the Royal Navy represented in this.

  14. So you just asked them & they gave you a press account ?? Alright really
    who did you have to kill to get a key like that ???? lol, well done Plumb
    kool drawing at the start
    1st time i have seen the waypoint map,very nice

  15. So plumb are you going to change your WoT and channel name to
    WG_Preview_223? Lol best of luck in WoWS, I’m excited about the American
    destroyers 😀 

  16. You lucky bath plug. Sweeeeeeeeeet! 

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