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I can’t say I’m a fan of this ship tbh but it was his turn so we did it.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Yippee!!! First view n like!

  2. im more like a beer person myself(i play german bb’s)

  3. Ayy new video just when I’m ready to eat! Awesome.

  4. Hmmm never paid this ship any attention, with the abysmal standard of the average player though in 2023. I can see this being a mini Slava at T8! I never found it a threat to play against as it’s fragile and I don’t broadside like most players.

    • As someone who started “main-ing” this ship, its fairly underrated and can be a serious pain in the ass if you keep to mid to long range and focus cruisers (i perform twice as well in this bb than almost any other)

  5. Five battleships and a cruiser against him and all Flamby can say is, “It’s a target-rich environment.”

  6. you dont like the game anymore? we like to watch and learn from you but if you dont feel good about the game you should stop it

    • He hasn’t liked it for years. But as he has said himself before, its not easy to start playing other games, when most viewers watch for this particular game. He doesn’t earn half the money playing other games than wows.

    • Constantin Müller

      kinda have to admit I only watch for WoW even though I haven’t played myself in years I come back here from time to time to get some easy entertainment.

  7. Is this ship any better than Richelieu? I loved that one at tier 8

  8. As a professional Champagne player with almost universally “unicum” stats in it, people never respect this ship. Even the people playing it. It has the second highest penetration in the game barely behind Slava but trades worse Dispersion for better Sigma. You also get better firechance than Conqueror which is very helpful in uptiers against uncooperative targets.

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