Premium German Sniper BB – Anhalt | Tier 8, 12800 doubloons

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The Anhalt is a tier 8 Premium German Battleship with a focus on Main guns rather than secondaries.

Review by OverlordBou World of Warships NA CC.

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  1. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Seems interesting but I feel I would have preferred the original base design of 5×2 380mm

  2. it looks very weird lol

  3. It’s one long boi for sure

  4. I love the horn that she gives out very angelic ❤️❤️

  5. Looks like between the 5th and 4th turret can be added with one more of it. That would look sick!

  6. D.G.K. Gaming and comics

    15 shots per savol than 8 i wonder if it dosent have the same problem as muashi has i noticed that all battleships have it. What yuro called it the informs cheek.

  7. Looks like the ship is sailing backwards.

  8. They could have put a barbette between 4/5 turret to fit another triple.

  9. Can u adjust you voice louder ?.
    It ‘s surprisingly low volume in recently vids😅

  10. Alright. Which one of you let mister evil moustache man into the design room agin?

  11. give us the same ship but with 4 guns per turret

  12. “When WG plays ultimate admiral”

  13. I would get it for coal but not for dubs

  14. Why does slow shell ballistics have to be the new nerf now

  15. thank you i had to watch it again. fun vids like always.

  16. Never saw this ship being test!

  17. Crying everytime this man uses a heal

  18. Can we just talk about the ship horn at the start of the video sounds like a full on organ

  19. Whats with wg slapping curvy torps on everyship? Whats so special about it theyre so proud of?

  20. Love the Auuugh at the end Bou it caught me off guard lol

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