Premium Ship Review Of The USS Indianapolis In World Of Warships

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The Indianapolis is a storied US Heavy Cruiser of the Portland class. Her in game persona definitely leaves stories to be told as she is as unique as her real life history is! Not always the strongest T7 cruiser, but definitely a solid contender as one of the better ones. She boasts 9.9km radar, good AA, good concealment, good maneuverability, and the typically strong US AP. Her downsides mirror that of Pensacola, albeit with less chance of instant death! 🙂 Overall a fantastic ship and a must have for any hard core US Cruiser Captain!


  1. First

    This is my Favorite Tier 7 Cruiser, am five played them all

  2. 25:37 gonna need a repair for that level of historical savagery

  3. Imperial-Shock-Trooper

    Such an underrated cruiser, it needs more love

  4. Remco van den Heuvel

    Hi there sorry about youre friend passing away. are there any tips for new comers to the game and to use the Orion ship. im also 6000 points way from getting the Iron duke. and how do you get that red dot and other information when you zoom in. thank you in advance

  5. One thing you didn’t mention is Indy is the bow tank artist against 8″ or smaller shells. You will lose turret #2 (B) but you will bounce almost any AP shell that hits the bow. It has to be the shape of the armor because it sure isn’t the thickness. I have a replay somewhere that demonstrates it well with focused from an Orleans and a Belfast at the same time. This is the reason I use propulsion mod over steering gears, you want to reverse out of a fight (provided you aren’t showing broadside to someone else) not turn around. Your bow will usually take it your stern cannot. Of course it’s all situational. Very nice video though (I was waiting for it because I love this ship). Thanks Urpeacekeeper!!

  6. Cued with my Zao while watching this video… got into the same map

  7. You have two days left of premium time.

  8. Honorable mention to last stand skill (i have it in every one of my ships becauce i cant stand loosing the stearing or propulcion at all) (also, pleace start saing the precerable comander skills)

  9. SuicidalTendencies

    That ship realy cant angle against anyone, That big ass hole in the middle is a nice flat place to pen, and that elevated pice of hull below the secund (front) turret. Its a premium pepsi so not my favorite not even close xD but good game and comentary

  10. Good review. This ship is really fun to play.. it’s like Pensacola but with better consumable options. Just a shame that all tier 7 radar ships are premium ships tho.

  11. Oh yeah, my fav american cruiser <3

  12. The first premium I ever bought, also the only premium I regret spending money on.

  13. I really like this ship. The range is great, it set a good deal of fires and its better than pency because of range and rof. Pency could be op if it had 13 sec reload instead of almost 17.
    I find usa ships to have more impact on the game tnan german or british cruisers. I am working on tne french and find i get damage easer with french but i dont feel lime i have an impact.
    Has anyone else found this?

  14. 4:55 A sixth grader can influence Congress by that much? Woah.

  15. I realize this is silly but what is a battle star? why is it given? and how prestigious is such an award?

  16. Hello i’m doing a Guadalcanal event this Sunday if anyone wants to join us ! 🙂

  17. Blaze_The_Timberwolf : Tanki Online

    USS Indianapolis is practically useless, isn’t it?

  18. I was quite shocked when Paul Allen found her and her measure 22 paint was extremely visible still. You could easily make out the two tones of paint on her aft 8 in turret barrels, and also shocked the turret was even still there. Typical of treaty cruisers that were torpedoed forward, her bow is missing. They could even see the hatch way leading to McVay’s at sea cabin and the officer’s wardroom was still open. Wish she wore the measure 22 in game.

  19. Even though she is much more fragile, I’d rather play the Atlanta. She’s much more fun.

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