Premium Ship Review – The USS Texas In World Of Warships

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The USS Texas is a Class that served in the US Navy from 1912 to 1948. She is the only type of her ship still alive today to be toured by all to come and WG has gone out of their way to make donations to the foundation in charge of the ship! Until 1 December 2017 WG will donate 100% of all USS Texas sales, Texas Camo Sales and Project Valor flag sales to the Texas Foundation.

If you’d like to donate directly to the Battleship Texas Foundation, here is the link:

The ship can use your support as she is in pretty sad shape! 🙁


  1. Texas wasnt the ship the country deserved, but she was the ship the country needed.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      She did a fantastic job and punched above her weight. Sure, her glory wasn’t as great as some of the Pearl Harbor resurectees but she still did extremely well! 🙂

  2. Me too i gave my part and got that camo, i visited the battleship twice. It is really impressive in my opinion, the ship feel a lot bigger than it actually is, possibly because of the superstructure and the mast. I also confirm what you said about the current state of the ship, having seen it for myself.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      There is a lot to be said about how large these ships are. I thought the Iowa’s were pretty big ships… once you see one at a dock you are mislead, entirely, by how small it appears until you actually start moving around on them! They are HUGE. They were floating cities!

    • I know what you mean, having seen uss New Jersey, at distance, the ship look average in size compare to the surrounding ships and cityscape but once you get up close…

  3. Bought the Save Texas bundle on the 2nd. Got a kraken in her on the 3rd game. Great ship, beautiful special edition camouflage. Great cause.

  4. I dont like playing bb but i have bought the camo cant get the ship but need to do somthing.
    Wg is doing this right.

  5. @Whiskey: have you played Call of Duty WWII? I thought you’d be stoked to know that the USS Texas is a playable level, and the ship looks amazing in next-generation HD graphics.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      +Joan Romba I have but did you notice she is missing a turret and has guns out of place and out buildings that didn’t exist? It’s a cool map though with the ships near her moving past etc.

    • Nah. If you look into the reddit or forum, they all went riot mode when they see the Texas in CoD WW2. ( Tbh though, CoD were never have anything “realistic” or “historical accuracy” in it anyway.)

  6. Manual AA doesn’t do anything since all AA is below 85 mm so no point in taking it. This is full AA-build as far as I can tell.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      +Hans Hedén Indeed. Noticed this after I posted the video. I don’t run MFCAA on my captain so for me it is a non issue. Thanks!

  7. Shame on the state of Texas for letting things get this bad.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      I would agree, it really is sad how far gone she is! The video from the Battleship Texas Foundation is gut wrenching! 🙁 She should have been dry berthed three decades ago after they redid her hull.

  8. I’ve had the Texas for a while now. I do seem to do better in it than I do the New York, and I’m not talking about the premium xp and such. If that’s a permanent camo, I’d definitely be interested. Definitely going to get the flag, though.

  9. Special Agent of the Patriarchy

    Save the Battleship Texas, it is the same as the New York, ironic if you know history. both states couldn’t be more different. Texas also needs a dry Berth too. 🙂

  10. the Texas has better fireing angles for is middle turret. it’s 2 to 6 degrees better than the new York facing forward, but is worse when facing to the stern of the of the ship compared to the new york. Also Go Texas.

    • Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

      Yeah, slight differences, hardly a massive change worthy of buying the ship itself. The AA difference however IS worth it! 🙂

  11. I wish you’d show your Capt skills.
    Love my Texas! I use a 16 pt Capt, (the grind is real), and am wondering what to go for after concealment, and aft.

  12. Lack of funds atm but I have the flag 🙂 and will get the camo next week 🙂 got the USS Texas a long time ago and She Is Awesome . would also like the stars and strips camo too … but … I am on the EU server and we don’t get good stuff like that 🙁
    Thank you for the Review 🙂 I had her set up wrong lol that will be fixed as soon as I get in game 🙂

  13. Peacekeeper, you do realize that manual AA does nothing for Texas. Its 85mm and above it works on. Texas number 3 gun has the better firing arc, because they shifted the retrieval cranes. STILL love this ship.

  14. Texas is my favourite tier 5. I have the stars and stripes camo and just bought The lone star camo and flag. I run the extended range artillery plotting room mod I may be wrong but i think the extended range seems to improve gun performance at closer range (most likely in my imagination) I have went full AA and you do get a 0.9km increase with the AA module but a CV wont come near a Texas unless you have been up tiered.
    If anyone wants to try an BB you cant go far wrong with the Texas as introduction

  15. UPK how are you speccing the AA to 80 on this? I’m maxxed AA(AA upgrades 1 and 2 as well) with 19pt Captain and BFT and AFT and only get to 77? Is it in your flags?

  16. One of my less played ships in my port. This will be a good refresher on her.

  17. Now. 1 serious question. Am I the only one loving Peacekeaper/ Whiskey’s to death when he’s playing a US BB? (from a gaming POV, absolutely not sexist meant!!!) I mean. Seriously: him playing the US BB’s is giving me the feeling about a creature in his/ her perfect habitat?! I sincerely must admit: the only thing after to Dutch ships ever are USN BB’s….
    I’ve had the privilege to visit USN BB Texas myself. It took me 1 microsecond to buy the cammo and flag to keep her afloat. I urge everyone to buy the relevant stuff to keep this beauty afloat!

  18. how you do that at 17:09 it looks like a movie

  19. Texas has the better gun layout you don’t need to expose as much as you do with New York

  20. Bought the full USS Texas Project VALOR bundle, so once again a very welcome video – particularly the upgrades advice. I sometimes struggle to compare commander skills and how they can replace an upgrade, so allowing that upgrade slot to be used for something else. I wonder if that might be a subject for a future video – commander skills and how they can enhance or replace upgrades

    Battle video was good – liked the way the Bogue, having lost his air group, absorbed the attentions of three of you while his team mates kept the CAPs.

    Good stuff, keep them coming ! 🙂

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