Premium Ship Review – USS Alabama In World Of Warships

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The USS Alabama is a nostalgic throwback to how the USS was during Closed Beta and hopefully a look into the future of USN BB’s in the game! For the first T8 USN Premium and a T8 USN Premium BB, she is a fantastic ship with all the things you love about the but merged with a much more maneuverable armor scheme!

She’s fantastic, and if you enjoy high tier USN BB play at all you’d be silly not to purchase her before she goes off sale on April 14th! 🙂


  1. That is definitely my favourite Us Battleship. The compact size and manoeuvrability is definitely what i enjoy the most. Also, her sister ship Massachusetts, being my first battleship i visited made me biased toward her.

  2. Joeseph Hunnicutt

    I love the US High tier BBs so this is a Buy

  3. **sigh**

    I’d gladly buy her, but…I already have the North Carolina (which I could enhance to near-premium status, by purchasing and equipping its 3,000DB spcial paint) and ~44 Euros remains quite a hefty commitment…and I think I’ll need that money for other stuff this month (bills).

    How often does WG bring back past premiums, btw? Which frequency?

  4. I am loving this ship, got a kraken in it on my first game.  Great vid! her turning radius is great and the aa does work on planes.  the only real compliant I have for it is the dispersion on shots is horrible sometimes.  that’s why you need to go concealment and get in close for the devastating strikes.

  5. Whiskey's Gaming Lounge

    Hey Guys, if you are interested in winning one of these ships for free and you are on the NA server (sorry other servers! 🙁 ), between now and the 13th of April, Sun Tzu Warriors is hosting a competition to see who can get the most citadels in a T8 and below ship. The winner will be able to chose either the Alabama or the Dubloon equivalent! You don’t have to be a STW member to get in on the fun!

    More info can be found here:

  6. Good review. I bought it the second it became available. Love how this can turn around after a battleship shoots where Missouri can’t – smoke or island or Missouri can NEVER turn around without dying! Missouri does have much more accurate guns tho!
    High tier USN battleship play – love firing at broadside ships, everyone forgetting you are there, rinse and repeat and rack up the citadel hits…
    Plan to take a trip to see Massachusetts and Salem soon – combine my hobbies of History and photography :).

  7. Just started playing Wows the other week. Really loving it and all of these reviews you are doing. I doubt I’ll buy this but I visited the ship a couple years ago on vacation and loved it!

  8. I’m going with a full AA setup with mine. With the souped up AA, I should be able to swat quite a few enemy TBs and DBs from the sky, and any torps that do get dropped, I’ll dodge them pretty easy with this ship’s cruiser like turning abilities. If a lucky torp or two manage to hit, my torpedo bulges will soak up most of the damage.

  9. That camo looks like you just blend into the ocean lol

  10. Thanks for the video, very nice and informative 🙂 Any changes for the captainbuilds in 0.6.3 compared to earlyer?

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