Preparing for tier 5 Ranked Battles! World of Warships Legends

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Help me build ships to destroy the Enemy fleets!


  1. Great stream Spartan! That last match I was in the Atago. I wasn’t turning to torp you, the Alabama had broken my steering and I was basically out of control! ?

    • Lol nice! I just assumed being radar and the sudden change toward me that you were trying to torp me and that was not gonna happen.

  2. I play German battleships at close range it’s more effective

  3. Where is the rest of the stream? Only showing 10 min.

  4. Seems like everyone and their mother was in destroyers today. Like 5 destroyers on each team

  5. Pronounce it A-TAGO

  6. Great match Spartan put the time stamp is wong.

  7. I think Warspite will be the number one battleship on ranked

  8. I am glad that glassoneier used armor piercing if I do say so

  9. What about the La Gal or Warspite?

  10. Love it when you get salty, wish I could have heard you speaking at the time, first game in your giraffe I wasn’t using HE lol

  11. Ranked battles is just going to be 95% distroyers so im not even going to bother BUT like the vids as always

  12. Arizona will be my #1 Teir 5 battleship

  13. Love the Gretzky quote lol “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”

  14. Telling the cruiser to switch from AP to HE but doesn’t do that himself on the 2 destroyers he was engaging lol

    • In a BB the ap is more consistent against DDs but as a cruiser over pens do next to no damage

    • Just wondering as you were in the graf spee a cruiser and only used ap against the two dds that’s why I asked, no worries thanks for the reply

    • @roger schnstdt Yeah the Graf actually has the largest guns of any Cruiser in the game so I treat it as a BB most of the time. Long reload the HE out of High Caliber tends to be too inconsistent when impacting DDs I have one shotted DDs and then I have hit them for practically nothing. AP I usually two shot DDs with my Battleships so I usually stick to AP unless I am in a DD or a Cruiser with normal cruiser guns such as 150-210mm guns because those small caliber guns over pens with AP don’t do as much damage as you’d get outta HE so HE is the better choice for them against DDs

  15. Damn near fell out of my chair laughing when you rammed that poor Bismarck… gonna be an interesting couple of weeks starting Monday when those ranked matches start…

  16. What’s happening

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