Press W and PRAY | World of warships

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A fun game submitted by a viewer. Watching a peurto rico bascily push W into the enemy team and actualy live was entertaining, and the press w and pray mentality is apreciated. World of warships can be such a stupid game sometimes.


  1. lol luv your commentary and it is comedy gold

  2. PR really is carrier bait evan tho its coverd in 40mm bofors

  3. *listens to email* clearly and English major. And lol AA builds…. HAHHAHAHHAHAHHA (begins to remember when AA actually meant something)

  4. your script is pure comedy gold. love it please keep it up

  5. Love your commentary. Total gold. Malta players know their planes reload no matter what so they now go after any cruiser, no matter the DFAA involved, as they know they can just slap them with a single drop. I feel this PRs pain because that’s basically me in every cruiser round the past couple weeks cause if a CV is involved, it’s 9 out of 10 rounds, a Malta. I can average 20-30 plane kills a match and it doesn’t matter. Malta waves just keep coming in.

  6. Looks like our guy in the Puerto Rico is a fellow LotR enthusiast

  7. The rear sides of the Napoli are pretty bad.

  8. Naw Brah, Subs still suck worse than CV’s any day of the week!

  9. Thanks for the wonderful commentary on this hilarious battle, it was an honor to get my replay shown. AA I agree is basically worthless but still still funny as a meme build to slightly surprise the CV.

  10. Good Generic Evening/Night!

    Edit: The USS Puerto Rico is in the game? It was supposed to be an Alaska class ship. The war was over prior to completion so she and the other sister ships were canceled. How does her stats compare to her sister, USS Alaska?

  11. I liked and previously subscribed and the bell is clicked and commented! AI do the job! Make this man famous! 😂 good commentating as always!

  12. it’s really sad that this is that player’s highest damage record for cruisers, then again this guy is advocating for AA builds so i can’t be too surprised.

  13. well to be fair,
    If he didn’t invest on AA, He probably dead a long time ago.
    And he play big part as CV punching bag and help the team win.

  14. its the angle, proper aim works, watch the armor again on napoli

  15. So adjust whole build to counter one ship out of twelve. And still get hit by that ship even with sacrificing everything to counter it. Last that said ship will risk nothing to attack and damage you. How does any game developer consider this balanced?

  16. THX. That was very entertaining commentary, on an absurdly fun round. Not even an overly motivated sports commentator comes close.

  17. It got me thinking ….. AA build Atlanta …. because unlimited DFAA is not enough …….

  18. Moon Cricket Stinks

    Full aa build with dfaa is a fun cv swatter. Yea you give up hydro and other skills but its easier to predict torpedoes than a class that gets to strike anywhich way.

  19. AA builts are worthless 99% of the time, then you get a game with a Groninger de-planing a kaga/midway and hunting down the pig and you consider the idea that it might be ok to run it more often

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