Preussen German Battleships World of Warships Wows BB Preview Guide

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How to play German Battleship Preussen Tier 10 World of Warships Wows Guide Kriegsmarine BB upgrades captain skills Preview.

0:00 Tier 10 German Battleship Preussen
2:00 Preussen Consumables Upgrades + Build
3:22 Preussen Armor Layout & Survivability
5:57 Main Armament & Secondary Gun Stats
8:26 Anti Sub Airstrike & Anti Aircraft Stats
9:32 Maneuverability and Concealment
10:15 Preussen in spectacular Hamburg Skyline

Hello and welcome everyone, today’s video features a preview of the recently announced tier 10 tech tree german battleship Preussen. Preussen is a variant of the H-class battleship project with primary main armament comprising of eight 457 mm guns placed in four turret mounts. Preussen’s impressive main battery gun caliber comes with a very fast reload time while remaining similar to the Grosser Kurfürst and other German battleships in her other features including solid armor, powerful secondary armament and the Hydroacoustic Search consumable. When Preussen is added to the Tech Tree Grosser Kurfürst will become a special ship meaning that the base cost of the post-battle service of these ships will be reduced, and you will be able to assign Commanders from other ships of the same nation to them without any penalties and retraining requirements. If you already own the GK, you will not lose it— the GK will stay on your account. If you have already researched the GK but haven’t yet purchased her, or if you sold her, or if you reset the branch, then the ship will be added to your account. The ships will keep their unique upgrades, as well as any purchased permanent camouflages. The Preussen is scheduled for release in 2022 with no exact date yet confirmed. So lets take a closer look at the Preussen starting with the consumables and build im using for the purpose of this preview.

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  1. Hello and welcome everyone, today’s video features a preview of the recently announced tier 10 tech tree german battleship Preussen. The Preussen is still a work in progress and in testing on the test server. Let me know what you think in the comments and until the next time keep sailing it like you stole it o7

  2. It feels like german Ohio with better secondaries and since i wanted to get ohio next to my Georgia, this beautiful can be a good starting point for me 😂 btw i hope it doesn’t have that german “accuracy” :/

  3. Beautiful ship, I hope and assume the firing angles of Preußen will be superior to GKs. But just the crazy reload on these big guns allone will be a treat for every german BB fan 🙂
    Although I still wish they would have given the ship 450mm as the gun caliber. 457mm are 18″ guns and we never had that unit in germany. It wouldn’t make a difference in terms of overmatch capability either. It just annoys me a bit, but I’m still very much looking forward to this ship 😀

    • Well, the 450s have been suggested to WG, so I think they’re going to look into them.

    • @Terminator X would be historically accurate 😉 I hope they’ll do that, either way the ship is going to be very nice 😉

    • It may be thats 450mm’s never even existed in the first place either. But I’d agree with you that 450’s would feel more KM. The KM designs went from 420’s straight to 480’s if I can recall correctly so 450’s may not even exist actually. Depends what they can dig up.

      It would be unique to see 450s in the game as they’d be the only set in the game.

    • @DaManBearPig honestly they should’ve just went with the 480s

  4. german thunderer

  5. can preussen beat the OHIO

  6. Waverley Journalise

    The main reason I enjoy GK over FDG is the amount of shells you can sling. Is giving up 4 guns for a calibre upgrade that still can’t overmatch 32mm really worth it?

    Also, that reload is going to get nerfed.

    • 12 shells dont mean anything in today’s WoWs if the dispersion is terrible and the caliber is anything less than 430mm.
      I’ll take less barrels for higher DPM and overmatch any day of the week.

  7. Can u do a gameplaywith fullmain gun accuracy build plz and range upgrade in 6th slot plz plz

  8. Can someone help me, I researched GK, do I need to buy her to keep it in port when change occurs?

    • No when the update goes live you will get GK as a special ship if you have researched her

    • No need to buy, for players who reset
      or researched the GK , GK will be given to your account as a special coal ship when Preussen added into the game. If you want to get Preussen after update, you need to use FDG to grind for it.

  9. I always hated how you became an inferior Montana after FDG and always wondered what a FDG would feel like at T10 with its monstrous BC reload on BB guns. Glad they’re finally side lining the GK and putting her into the category of the Pom as an alternative type of KM BB, because that’s what GK always felt like. It didn’t feel authentic to the line and KM concept of lower barrel count but with higher dpm. FDG is a lot of fun when you utilize that insane reload.

    Also, note that the newer 128mm’s that she got from Hanover have a superior reload than the GKs older style 128mm’s. She’ll be getting better AA, faster reloading secondaries, and vastly superior main battery.

    • does it work to break the thunderer’s legs?

    • the secondaries have the same reload. In fact, all the characteristics are identical to GK 128mm. Its just that the turrets are different, and secondary layout is different.
      That aside, the differences are
      GK gets a shit ton of alpha
      Prussen gets, overmatch, better turret angles and reload, slightly better AA

    • I would like to see some changes to Prussen and GK
      I would like them to reclassify the caliber as 450mm on Prussen
      I’d like GK to get Pommern torpedoes. That would make a nice difference
      Also, one more 150mm turret on GK (per side), would be kind of nice

  10. The new early release German BB’s are indicated with Gold leaves around a white outline…does this mean they are specialty ships that can transfer captains like Lutjens in and out without training? If so will they maintain that status when they become tech tree ships?

    • They only have this special status for the duration of the early access event, when they are fully released and researchable in the tech tree they will lose this status and be like all other tech tree ships

  11. Kyriakos Stefanakos

    Dispersion is off for 8 guns. I am sure they are going to be tweaking it as it seems like a copy paste of the GK guns except for fire rate and caliber. They need to make them way more accurate (say 240 m, in line with the Ohio?) and fix the rear gun angles. They should also probably be 450mm, 457 is a conversion from inches. Secondary’s should be as accurate as the Schlieffen, otherwise they should increase the main gun range. Schlieffen will still hold the crown with way more secondary’s, fast cool down DC, and torps. If the Preussen has the same inaccurate secondary’s as the GK and that gun range, it is still no real choice.

    • Tahir ibn Mohammad

      you cant giive this ship better dispersion with reload of the Repub

    • The sigma and dispersion of main gun and secondary are the same as GK.
      The only changes are the caliber and reload.

    • Kyriakos Stefanakos

      ​@Tahir ibn Mohammad I am not saying change the sigma. Repub has sigma of 2.0 Preussen has 1.8, that’s fine… but giving the same dispersion as the 12 gun build is garbage. If they keep the dispersion as bad as the GK with 12 guns I will just play the Schlieffen. You can ooohhh and aaahhh about the caliber all day long but if you can’t hit worth crap your not going to do much damage lol. And rate of fire… congratulations, you can enjoy missing more with your big guns. Honestly, they can boost the fire rate to 26 if they make them more accurate, otherwise why play it at all? Guns? nope, play Thunderer, Ohio, Repub or any I forgot. Brawl? Nope, no torps, no accurate secondary’s, play Schlieffen. It should be a choice between the two lines, one should have more tank and scary guns (wasn’t one of the gimmicks for the German line supposed to be great AP? Not with the other choices… German pen is pretty bad) and other should have close up fear factor (Schlieffen with torps and fast damage control). Both should have good secondary’s (accuracy-wise). If you want to see the shotgun spread the GK has, look up this video, GK – Monster Secondary Push! 10.7 Comeback, and notice that whether it is 8km (when he shoots at the Moskva) or 16km (when he shoots at the Ohio) the shells are all over the place. And you think that is ok with 2 fewer shells? Your nuts, or don’t play the ship…

  12. Will we need to grind the Preussen it if we have the GK or researched it? Or will it be added for free ?

    • If you have 260-270k ship experience on the Friederich der Grosse you can instantly unlock it when it’s added to the tech tree for free. Free XP will work also

  13. i find that secondaries arnt that good so i just use full dpm build with close quarters expert and secondary range (not accuracy) skills and upgrades

  14. 20 long range AA guns….6 flaks. Cuz reasons

  15. D5'9H2BhxQVUCNW5!k#.4Q%DIAuIWSpmRotEL"XeMo#Wl*mcg5

    Thank you for showing us the ship this fast but I think this video would’ve been better if you compared it with the GK… Hopefully its rear gun’s firing angle is better

    • I understand this but its still too early for this the ship is covered by NDA as is ingame performance and gameplay. This is simply a preview of a work in progress with the current stats so we know the direction WG are going with the Preussen. When I can share more I will

  16. I like it
    However, one small text can be changed. They can reclassify the caliber of the guns at 450mm, and keep the stats the same. And since there is literally no difference between a 457 and 431mm shell, game mechanics wise, 450 is going to be a decent caliber to put on this ship. Like keep the stats the same, but reclassify the caliber as 450mm. That would make a ton of sense as Germany had a ton of those gun designs around intended for the H class.

  17. Christopher Jonasson

    Looks pretty damn strong, nice that we get it free

  18. wait so if I researched it without even buying it first I mean actually never bought it
    I will get it for free?? if so this is a win win dam

  19. Jesus Joaquin Vargas Avalos

    It seems to me a great boat that fits the German line, however it has nothing special beyond its greater caliber.
    A bigger difference would be that PREUSSEN had more hit points.

  20. Tem que fazer um demostração em batalha

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