Preview! // Paolo Emilio / “LittleBigDestroyer”

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World of Warships is a warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. 2 views – Guess I am the first one after PHJ. LOL

  2. No no.
    It’s a PIZZA Destroyer.
    With EXTRA Mozzarella cheese.

  3. No more of a fantasy than most of the Russian Battleships Old Chap ?

  4. Of course the torpedos are slow. Salami floats.

  5. Thanks for the video, very appreciated! Also, your italian is very good!

  6. Yeah. Cool. D.

  7. Italians calling any military tech by a designation different from any other nation? Color me shocked!— I cannot imagine having so many torpedo hits with so few kills and so little damage in any other DD. But wow that SAP can blap dds

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