Preview! // Stalingrad / “Kite Kite Revolutsiya”

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With the next patch – and the Stalingrad itself – nearly upon us, there are definitely still questions over whether it’s balanced or not, both in terms of random games and Clan Wars.


World of Warships is a multiplayer warship battle game – you can sign up through:


  1. As a BB main who probably uses largely AP, I can understand you being a little confused about the ability to farm so much and yet feel ineffective. I’m a bit more of a cruiser main (first tier 10 Des Memes!) and can say that in my experience that using as much HE as you were lets most enemies heal most of that damage. I am far happier taking HE shells and fires in my DM because as a tier 10 I can heal most of that.

    Also, I really wish I could get this thing. It looks like a cruiser version of the Scharnhorst and I love my Scharn a lot.

  2. Tier 10 battles are mostly who can out-spam the other team, all the cruisers are pretty rapid fire, the BB’s have all tended to fire HE more and more, i dislike top tier battles :/ Also, it doesn’t seem a true premium in that it didn’t print out a stupid amount of credits for a near 200k win

  3. Hi Jedi, good video. Did you use range or reload module here?

    • I can’t actually recall, it’s possible I wasn’t using either? I don’t have it in port any more to check how I set it up.

  4. There is always something in the pudding 😛

  5. Right there with you on the tier 10 games. I did play more Clan Battles these past two seasons and they can be fun (or frustrating) but yeah… Random tier 10s… uggg.

  6. You also had some real brain trust teammates in chat there. Doh…

  7. I say make the DefAA an option in lieu of Radar….Player has to choose the risk they want.

    • almost cruiser reload, battleship level-resistant armor, battleship hp and torpedo protection, long range radar, both HE and AP (laser accurate and heavily hitting even T10 BB) – and you want defAA as a choice on top of that. This Soviet fantasy boat is already a joke, don’t make it worse.

  8. I just played Warships for the first time since before Christmas 2017, and won a Supercontainer full of… 15,000 lumps of coal… What the hell use is 15,000 lumps of coal? What’s it for?

    • On the left of the port screen you’ll see a side tab for Arsenal, you can spend coal in there on ships, flags etc.

    • Thanks. Some one-use flags are about the best buy. Oh, well, something for nothing I guess. Doesn’t sound so ‘super’ to me though…

    • +WulfCorbett your missing a trick. You can but the super upgrades in the Arsenal instead of relying on RNG super containers. Like the extended radar mod, etc etc.

    • Yes, if I combine the coal with the coupons that have appeared from… somewhere… I can get something more permanent. Thanks.

  9. Isn’t that a problem of Tier X cruisers overall? The lacking ability to significant influence the match, apart from providing damage?

    • well there is the option to hide behind islands and use consumables, but the point still stands. The stalingrad has armor and health that let it outlast other tier 10 cruisers while still providing the same utility. The guns are less reliable but that hasn’t stopped battleships from dominating.

  10. Great Vid, got to love the muppets in chat 🙂

  11. The AP is disgusting I bet the Alaska will be bad

    • Worried about that too. They already chose to not make Alaska a tier 10 in direct competition to this and Moskava and instead only a tier IX. The Alaska was only built because of how awesome her guns were for their size, the Navy had no requirement for a ship like this and the 12in gun program had been started based on bad intelligence to begin with. The cannons were just too good to go to waste. So nerfing their accuracy or penetration to make them fit is just wrong.

  12. Is Alaska going to be this good? Somehow with the Soviet bias I doubt it.

  13. looks like another underwhelming Russian cruiser, fast shells but weak armor, turns like a brick…. bleh! There are much better CA’s out there.

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