Prinz Eitel Friedrich / “Toccata in D Minor”

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That is to say, the PEF is pretty decent for a tier 6 premium battleship, especially one you can grind out for free, but it’s probably not going to knock anybody’s socks off.

(Now the Toccata in G Minor, on the other hand…)


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  1. “It’s decent.”

    Endorsement of the year. 🙂

  2. I am away at work so will probably end up buying it as I cannot play very well on the ships wifi. I admit I am a collector so it doesn’t bother me if it’s not so great.

  3. 20% range AA you used to have – yeah not so much.. 4pts on a captain… yeah doubloons please – lots of love Wargaming xxx

  4. I think the big draw for this ship is supposed to be the campaigns and collection?

  5. Dreading the CV reworking!

  6. Most of the people don’t play cvs so aa is useless for the most of time

  7. Lemons taste like oranges. Apparently.

    It looks like a Japanese hull with German guns mounted on it and a British superstructure.

    • Sir Raint, Knight of Silverwing

      Most of the Japanese large warships in WW1 were built in the UK with Hiei being the first built in Japan. The Germans were also influenced by the British designs since HMS Dreadnaught sailed the seas. Which explained why Konig looked like Iron Duke, and Bayern looked like Queen Elizabeth. The only notable differences were their masts and shape of the guns.

  8. so much for the CV rework that is supposed to less ruin your day.

  9. Yorck got buffed a patch or so ago so it falls in line with the other German cruisers. Sounds like Neptune is going to suffer from the changes to Carriers as well 🙁

  10. Jacques Braga Szmelcynger Jr

    In the last interation of CVs I found the long range AA the most effective, some ships that have bad AA now are much better, but nothing can fully stop a drop.

  11. “May your enemies always sail broadside and their torpedo drops be wide.”

  12. hitting it right in the AAs, ouch!

  13. Dakkata in Flak Major?

    But how will the Manual AA skill work after the CV rework? Or will it be removed?

  14. BCs….. Kongo, S&G, Amagi, Hood, Kronstadt, Stalingrad, Alaska incoming. Not many really ?

  15. So german battlecruisers will be counted as Battleships, while soviet Battlecruisers are Cruisers in Wargamings eyes? *russian bias intensifies*

  16. Personally, I find it very dishonest and a bit disgusting of wargaming to sell a ship largely on the basis of its long-range AA in full notice that they are going to permanently cripple its ability shortly after launch

  17. Secondary build, 7.6k with flag.Brawl and have fun.

  18. Isnt the friedrich supposed to have better accuracy than other german bbs although its nerfed

  19. A secondary spec build PEF is simply beastly in this iteration of Ranked Sprint.

  20. 5 kills and no kraken?????

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