Prinz Eugen FIGHTING || World of Warships

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  1. The Prinz Eugen is a beautiful ship, but that is one fugly camo.

    Makes her look like some gaudy naval tuk tuk.

    Enjoyed the fight though. Good shooting and ammo selection. Well played!

  2. детский сад – одно везение, ни секторов пво ни ручки пмк ни переключений цели, нубас на фоксе и неплохо выходит

  3. Great battle, nothing else to say

  4. 7:51 See? catapult fighter consumables became just a junk graphic.
    it touches their planes and gone somewhere.

  5. Good game play.

  6. very impressive, he butchered the whole red team by himself

  7. very nice game, sehr offensiv und gut gespielt! hut ab und gz

  8. Great gameplay. We don’t get to see PE too often. Definitely doesn’t get enough credit.

  9. 16:46 what song bro???

  10. Big game, like a pro.

  11. Jacob Battiscombe

    *HMS Hood has left the chat.*

  12. One of the worst gameplay i watched. Too far back, nearly hugging cv. He left his team’s right wing so it collepsed. Eat a torpedo while his sonar active. Wrong ammo type when cl showing full broadside…

  13. Military History Visualized

    I think I know that guy 😉

  14. Military Aviation History

    Oh look, there is him carrying that match so that my planes were out of a job…

  15. History Gaming Verified

    Tsar is pretty much completely responsible for my excellent winrate on the NA server…only problem is I never get to kill anything with him in my team…

  16. Aweosome ship and captain

  17. Gute Arbeit!Schönes Teamplay!

  18. Champain Quentin

    Hey that’s pretty gooood., ??

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