Prinz Eugen – Global Dmg Record || World of Warships

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  1. I’ll be honest for the most part this is a very good replay, the only criticism I have is that I feel like he could have used the back turrets a bit more in between B.B. salvos. Other than that, well done and G

  2. Excellent play.
    Liked how he took on the BBs.

  3. Nice to see a replay where the success was due to the PoV player’s good play, and not the opponents terribleness (mostly)

  4. Gregggory Tallles

    I have a nice replay, how do I send it?

  5. My Waifu is Prinz Eugen

  6. Great individual play… horrible team player

    • CaptainRednose How’s that?

    • Zero Zocker, just a few missed opportunities. Hindsight is 20/20 and I had the luxury of time to analyze the match. Not trying to insult the guy, just some observations I noticed during the replay. Additionally, his team would have helped him out a bit more if they didn’t all die by the 10 min mark.

      Around 9:30 he could have capped “C,” because his div-mate was already committed to sinking the BB at mid. Turn towards the south end of the island in “C” and he should still be able to cover his div-mate, while avoiding the enemy Tirpitz long enough to cap (if memory serves me, the Tirpitz looked to be heading towards “C” on the mini-map before becoming undetected).

      Around 10:20, it seemed like he (the Prinz Eugen) figured that the battle was already a loss, due to having only two players on his team. Which would explain his extremely aggressive play in the later half of the match. I think after sinking the enemy CV, he started to play a bit more cautiously.

      However, due to his aggressiveness, it seemed that he was more worried about having all 4 of his turrets firing at the enemy CV, than the torpedo bombers lining up for a strike. If he were able to “torpedo-beat” the CV’s attack, his chances of winning the match would have been better…

      Although there is always RNG to consider, when it comes to his AAA or the enemy torpedoes, leaving a gap wide enough for him to dodge.

      Since he didn’t dodged those torpedos. He could have stopped the enemy’s point gain by going to “D” (after sinking the 2nd to last enemy ship). Which would possibly give the friendly CV time to sink the last DD player. As long as he stayed behind the eastern side of the island in “D” … if he had capped “C” earlier, there may have been a bit more time for the CV to finish off the lone enemy DD. Don’t know, it would be impossible to accurately predict that outcome. You would have to consider the skill level of the friendly CV, as well as the RNG the CVs have to deal with.

      Other than that, there were times that I would have used AP instead of HE. But, that’s my preference. It probably wouldn’t matter much and the end result, in terms of overall damage, would be about the same.

    • Well, well, well. First of all “his team would have helped him out a bit more if they didn’t all die by the 10 min mark.” has nothing to do with me being a HORRIBLE team player.

      At 10:Something I sank the Bismarck and saw the Richelieu pushing. I didnt know if he would shoot me or not, so I angled in towards him. Then I realised he isnt interested in me so I tried to cap C. But a Tirpitz was about to show up. I am not afraid of 380mm BBs, since they cant do shit as long as I’m angled, so I rushed him as soon as his secondaries were about to reset the cap.

      “due to his aggressiveness, it seemed that he was more worried about having all 4 of his turrets firing at the enemy CV, than the torpedo bombers lining up for a strike.” Have you even watched the replay? Literally 2 seconds after I sank the Tirpitz I focused my AA on the torp bombers and turned immediatly away. That’s why I ate a torp on my ASS. And even the drop was strange. If the torps were spread equally they would have all missed, but two were dropped to close to each other so I ate one. Again, what does this have to do with team play? “Torpedo-beat = Team play”. Ofc.

      And another wrong point. IF I capped, the enemy would still have gained a lot of points. Guess what gave my CV multiple minutes to try to sink the DD? The fact that I sank a CV and multiple BBs. Even if C and D were capped by me, they’d still have had the points lead.

      The one and only truth you wrote is that I should have stayed on the eastern side of the island in the end. I wanted to sink the BB to gain some points. Didnt expect the DD to smoke up and sink me due to planes spotting (and even dropping) me.

      But where is my horrible teamplay? There was not much teamplay, since there were just a few opportunities for that since I spawned on our weaker side. I was the spearhead of this flank, but the spear itself broke.

      I use AP when its more usefull than HE. That’s how I landed a 13k salvo on the Edinburgh with just 2 turrets. Shooting HE on BBs was necessary, because I wanted to destroy their secondaries and force their DCP, since I was about to rush them anyways. Imagine I was shooting AP at the Tirpitz. Then I wouldnt have had HE loaded when the CV showed up the first time and I wouldnt have set him on fire. If that didnt happen, his DCP would have been active when he fled towards behind the island (means our CV wouldnt have been able to get a chance to sink the DD).

      Dont call me a HORRIBLE team player if you dont have valid arguments. Just write: “I guess he did good, but I dont like him.”

      Best wishes,

  7. This shows that Eugen is too weak and needs more buff.

  8. Avto shooting?

  9. this loss could have been avoided by him

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