Prinz Eugen – the german aLL-rOUNDER || World of Warships

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Player: Thunder_Guts
Map: North

User Description:

Just an intense battle that didnt stop once for hole 20min, 100% Over kill on concentration was needed!

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  1. nice cruiser

  2. Why the Austrian flag?

  3. I do not understand people put red thumbs

  4. Why spend all the extra gold on that camo, it’s not that much better than
    stock? What is it 3k gold?

  5. dunno what he was thinking at the end there. getting shot by AP? let me
    keep showing broad side!

  6. Dark Prelate Mohandar

    Come on, that’s not that great. 126k damage and 2.7k base XP is good, but
    not worthy of being submitted to YouTube.

  7. Highest cost of tier 8 CAs and yet no extra skill like all other tier 8

  8. wäre cool wenn du kommentieren würdest ;)

  9. it hurts seing the ammo choosen but pretty good match

  10. What a lucky noob, all the time full broadside to BB and nobody shoots at
    him. …..

  11. Иван Орешин

    Please forgive me for my english. This question is about your camouflage,
    namely an eagle. This is your personal modification or he is in the game?

  12. Hi, why don’t you do commentaries? I think the one you did with the
    Kamikaze/Minekaze (?) was great.

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