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Way too big for killing destroyers, way too weak to kill anything bigger.
At least its a Freemium ship.

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  1. Today is my Birthday and I’ve literally never seen one of Yuros videos so early I get the 47th view, lmfao. But that aside, I love your content Yuro, thank you for your hard work.

  2. “If you can easily stab destroyers, then you deserve to be easily stabbed back”
    *Venezia laughing in the background*

  3. Fun factoid. These ships were at the time First Sealord (1939) Winston Churchill’s pet project to take on Japanese heavy cruisers in the far east.
    One of the series of designs required the recreation of the 9.2 inch (234 mm) gun that was last designed and built before WW1.
    When they did the math they realized that building 3 Gibraltars would cost as much as 2 Vanguards.
    The project was shelved.

    • The one project im wondering that did not get shelved immediately was the “Large light cruiser” project, where they put 380mm guns on the hulls of the Courageous class light cruisers. Two of the Courageous class ships were equipped with 2×2 380mm gun turrets, while HMS Furious before she was a full converted Aircraft Carrier received one single 457mm gun in one turret on her stern as the second bow turret was never installed, instead having a partial flight deck mounted in front. I’m not sure how the British thought the hull of any light cruiser was going to handle the blast and the recoil of such massive guns. most of the damage the ships ever done in their original configuration was to themselves with hull plates coming apart most of the time when the weapons were used, although I am not sure if the 457mm on Furious was ever test fired when attached to the ship correct me if im wrong.

    • @Seth Miller The reason why the Courageous class was possible is because of First Sea Lord Jackie Fisher. He has the ability to sell 10 freezers to an eskimo in winter. That’s his power of persuasion. In 1914 when WW2 broke out there was a mandate by the treasury to halt any new construction of capital ships. Only light cruisers, destroyers and smaller auxiliary vessels were allowed construction during wartime because those were deemed fast to construct and thus in time to participate for war. Back in 1914 nobody knew WW1 would last to 1918. Jackie hoodwinked the British parliament and the Treasury that he would build “LIGHT CRUISERS” for his special “Baltic project” (invasion of German coast north of Berlin). He never told them what guns they would be armed with and that they would be as large as capital ships. So parliament funded the “Light Cruisers”. The reason why he managed to keep the cost low and construction quick is that the guns and turrets for HMS Courageous and HMS Glorious were already constructed. (those guns were built for the 6th, 7th and 8th Revenge class battleships that were cancelled beginning of WW1). Much of the steel meant for the 3 cancelled Revenges were also used to shorten construction time of the hulls. Fisher also took already built engines from destroyers and doubled them per ship. So yeah these bizarre light cruisers weren’t shelved because what Jackie Fisher wants he often gets. The Courageous class ships were very expensive Frankenstein Shore Bombardment Monitors posing as light cruisers just to get money from the treasury. This still keeps on happening of under valuating a ship to get funding like the Japanese Izumo that’s classed as a Helicopter “DESTROYER” the size of the WW2 Kaga and that has the ability to launch F35 fighters.

    • @Legiran That’s quite astonishing yet frightening at the same time…

    • @Clay White usn probably would have retired the old Portland/new orleans class ships and transferred the crews to the new Des Moines class

    • @ImpendingJoker historically though, the Vanguard was one of the most powerful battleships ever built.
      Completely useless due to her obsolescence, but still very powerful.

  4. aQuestionableQuestion

    I’m now expecting to see at least an increase in Gibraltar’s in the MM rotation in the coming months lul

    • Piazzolla Luca Gordon

      Quite the same as the increase in SAP ships, I think 😀

    • @MrPuschel Oof insult to injury

    • I have 46k RP , and with next x2 I allready have Ohio , Vampire II, Druid , Paolo Emilio , Slava , and I was acctually going for Gibraltar because is British and i love UK ships but after I saw Yuro video I knew it that 2 weeks from now there will be a loot of those boats in game = Gibraltar season is open = you will get targeted in Gibraltar first beause everybody will see it as easy prey :/ , and hunting DDs will be tought because most players will be wiser after this video .

    • Manik Samaraweera

      I hope so. Free citadels

    • Anubhav Das Sharma

      @MrPuschel it’s not worth the price, but you can make the most out of that ship. Way more fun than the cringe HE spammers we have today

  5. Rizqi Wisnu Mauludino

    British ships in this game have two personalities:

    Either they are pyromaniacs or professional stabbers.

  6. Tidehunter Zamora

    6:46 ahh yes the old German BB line where they are too huge that everytime they got spotted literally all the enemy will shoot you..

  7. I bought this ship literally three days ago solely because I knew it wasn’t that good. It’s actually pretty fun in my opinion!

  8. Yuro’s editting skills have rose several levels since i last watched his videos nice

  9. I feel like every time Yuro makes a new wows video he dies a little bit more inside each time.

  10. Another great feature of the ship that you didn’t mention in the video is how it’s practically guaranteed to get citadeled by any AP dive bomber coming towards you.

  11. As a fellow owner of this 59k RP rockpile, most everything in this video is true.

  12. Yuro, the recommended MBM2 (in the voiceover) is actually MBM3. And the last recommended skill, Consumable Specialist, has no effect on the ship’s consumables. Take IFA or LS with the 21st point.

  13. 5:07 it is funny how when you are playing a german bb the accuracy is like that of a mortar cannon but when you play against them they are lasers.

    • Yeah, I would never ever refer to German main guns as ‘laser guided precision’, their accuracy is woeful.
      It was a Gross Curry shooting at him though, and as we all know, it has Yamato gun sound, so it can do anything.

  14. I got mine when it first came out. Haven’t actually played it all that much but when you catch a DD out of position oh my god is it hilarious

  15. 5:00 I didn’t know Fritz-X was in the game

    Also, perfect comedic timing at 10:23

  16. Thank you, I am about to get this and this guide came right on time

  17. DEMONLORDOMEGA Ace pilot

    Love your video like always man. Makes me laugh everytime!!

  18. they still have submarines in this game? i actually thought they would drop that stupid gimmick.

    when they were introduced, a fairly large portion of the playerbase just left, me included.
    I would love to go back, but submarines are just the one thing i cant tolerate, and I was actually willing to accept invulnerable CVs back then

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