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Discussing proposed changes to the Yueyang, they are crazy and definitely worth talking about. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

X Pan-Asian Destroyer Yueyang Replay – Friend Invite – Discord Server


  1. If they go through with this nerd then radar Yueyang will be worthless.

    • Most definitely not, It will still be the go to for competitive play. It is just going to be a bit more specialized at radar usage + deepwater torps. Right now it is both that AND the jack of all trades as well. Please go and look at the stats of the ship and you will see that is overperforming right now, a lot.

    • I’m not saying that it is not OP, I’m just saying that the nerds are mainly going to hurt the radar build yueyang

    • +Boobash 15 How are you motivating that? You have to use the radar for your team, not yourself so much (which is how it should be, you know teamplay), in random battles that is… is not going to make any difference what so ever in CW, it is still going to be the go to ship there.

    • The radar will still be a big team help but with weaker guns it is not as useful in situations where your team is not able to provide more firepower.

    • +Boobash 15 yes but that is a fair trade off since it has much much better torpedoes, it will become more specialized and more depending on the team support. It cant solo kill Gearings anymore as it should be. It will still be as effective against DD but it will be harder to get the max performance out of the ships which in my mind is a good thing since it gives good players a possibility separate themselves from bad players. The radar has always been the less effective choice for random battles but the better choice for competitive. You are aware that YY has 4-5 % better winrate than the gearing and does 20% more damage! It outperform the Khaba a lot. It needs a nerf.

  2. This is just as bad as the Nerf to the Alsace which was way too much

    • >Reload is going from 30s to 32s, and the Sigma is going from 1.7 to 1.6 —— IF it was just as bad they would have to nerf from 30 to 39 seconds!!! (yeah completely crazy) and sigma from 1.7 to 1.4

  3. So ur gonna nerf the reload on a dd that relies on its guns to fight dds ??


  5. Note that the so called “same level as other destroyers” targeted nerf is only applicable if the ship is not Russian

    • PanzerJäger Jagdtiger

      Ah… blyat

    • Haragumo says hi. The only Japanese ship to deny Russian Bias. x3

    • Davy Jones or Japanese apparently

    • yep, at least, in a BB, I have a chance to shoot back at a Khab. With an IJN DD in his smoke, I have no other option than run away and I’m slow so it will take a while for me to be out of range. Frankly, all the people who said Khab is still OP must not play the ship. Useless torps, incapable of capping having worse concealment than many cruisers, it is very easy to counteract with another DD. Just pop smoke, he will not be able to torp you with his 6 km range torps, then shoot him as he is certainly spotted by one of your team mate with his terrible concealment. With its terribad maneuverability, he can now only efficiently dodge shells at the extreme end of its gun range.

    • I was thinking along the same lines. What are its contemporaries? Japanese torpedo boats? Does wargaming have a thing against all of Asia?

  6. Do this and I’m selling it absolutely ridiculous long reload on the torpedoes

  7. i NEVER again NEVER as bb was like “oh no they have a yueyang” … NEVER …

    • I did when I saw asashio….

    • To me that was the only thing that was at all op about Yueyang: deepwater torpedoes have very little counterplay

    • Actually… The yeuyang has a reload that is too quick, now pls nerf harugumo and gearing in reload too and then it’s good

    • +Tiago Casquinho MB Reload is not too fast in any fashion. It has to be fast to counter not being able to torp other DDs.

    • +Timothy Beeler yes it has to be fast, I agree with you, but if they’d make the reload time of every gunboat longer, let’s say 0,5 seconds, and for the Worcester also 0,5 secs, it would be more pleasant for every other ship, plus the dds would have to play more with stealth and torps, since that’s what they are actually supposed to do

  8. Wow.. Yeah I thought Yueyang was a BIT OP compared to Gearing – it certainly made me far less excited to unlock the Gearing on my account. But a 0.3 to 0.5 second reload nerf would have been enough to distinguish the two in close up gun brawling, finally giving the much taller and fatter Gearing a bit of an advantage.
    And MAYBE – 5 to 15 seconds at most nerf for torps would have been adequate. But 1 second gun reload AND 26 second torpedo nerf?? Why does WG always OVER correct things??

    Well, if nothing else this finally makes the Gearing feel UNIQUE again, and makes me glad I can get mine whenever! But poor Yueyang… She was too stronk, but this is too much!

    • So… the gearing can torp the YY… and firing torps causes your opponent to adjust which means you gain the advantage on top of the fact that you have kill ability with torps.

    • Best smoke system in the game, high rate of fire, long range torpedoes that can kill other destroyers, ability to equip DefAA to prevent being nuked by a CV, ability to equip a legendary module for ridiculous concealment. Sorry I don’t think the yy has that much of an edge on the gearing. People just overlook what the gearing is good at.

    • Best Smoke in the Game?? Hahaha, that is the Yueyang. You have more charges, and in total the almost the SAME TIME UNDER SMOKE with less Time BETWEEN smokes! So how is USN smoke better than that?? And you have 2 mire charges, so When you DO smoke, and the toroedoes come and force yoy to leave – it’s no problem for YY! But Gearing will give up a LOT MORE in the same situation!
      *The time when you could argue that long lasting smoke was the best is long GONE! Now, having less long lasting smoke with more charges is DEFINITELY BETTER in this well trained Radar heavy Meta!*
      And apart from Hail Mary torping smokes, I almost NEVER hit enemy DDs in knife fighting, sure I can force them to turn, but that does not last long. Then Yueyang can go FULL Anti-DD with Radar! Healty Yueyang sees unhealthy Gearing – and salvo for salvo the Gearing will die. If you use Radar, and the Gearing smokes, it WILL die without being able to even fire back.
      And under random circumstances, like running into a Z-52 or just having a BB or Cruiser AP volley land on your ship, not only is Gearing more likely to be hit, but when it is hit it is FAR more likely to suffer penetration damage compared to Yueyang.

      And AA? Don’t make me laugh, on NA there are almost no CVs in Random, as such I usually use speed bost to be able to disengage more easily, and Smoke will prevent a CV from landing any significant hits, most of the time, if you move a bit in smoke. I have no doubt that Gearing AA is far superior, but AA on a DD is almost like tits on a fish. No matter what, if you do not have smoke and a tier 10 CV currently wants to hit you, they WILL, Gearing AA is not enough to kill T10 planes – DFAA can prevent them from hovering, but when it runs out EITHER DD will be crushed!

    • +TheDesertFox Gearing has the jack of all trades role, but it isnt best at anything. The problem is that YY is to close to the gearing in form of firepower and combine that with radar then YY is a far better DD hunter as well. The AA (but it isnt best at it, the USSR beats it on that as well) is good great but only if there is CWs in the game and we all know how few they are. Look at the stats of the YY compared to the gearing on every server and you will see how insanely YY outperforms the gearing, when they should be very close in performance.

  9. if yueyang need a nerf then why not nerf kitakaze and harugummo, what about buffing z 52?, weegee plz choose the right ship to tweak

    • I’m honestly not convinced they actually pay anyone to do balancing 😛

    • +ainumahtar me neither anymore..

    • I have been saying for months that the Z52 needs a det. range buff from 6.1 to 5.9, a torp range buff from10.5 to 12.0 and a buff in the torp alpha damage which is the lowest in the game. It should also have an option for defensive fire. I stopped playing my 52. It is just not competitive. Now they are taking away my Yueyang. What is going on with WG?

    • +Randy Maatta same here, z52 will always be counter by radar and gun boat dd with 5.sth detection range and people said z 52 is a capture zone king and dd knife fight specialist

    • Agree. +ainumahtar Radar is a crutch for noobs and poor players. It encourages CAs to camp behind islands undetected and not contribute to the gameplay. Most of these ships can arc fire over mountains making it more skewed and broken. Radar that can spot you by all enemy ships and through mountains is just wrong. Its broken. Only ships radaring in line of sight should be able to see the targets.

  10. I was grinding for this DD, but if these changes go through then I’m stopping…

  11. So now it feels like I’ve wasted 2-3 months of grinding for this ship. Yueyang never appeared to me to be completely overpowered like they’re making it out to be, but it seemed to be an interesting gameplay. Now there doesn’t seem to be a point in getting it anymore. I’m at the Chung Mu with a little over halfway to go to getting the Yueyang and I am sitting here questioning if it’s even worth it now.

    • The really sad part? I got a Dasha for this line, and she’s up to 15 points now. So not only have I slingshotted from tier 5 to tier 9, I’ve developed a decent captain for the ship. Just making me feel more and more like I’ve wasted months of hard work.

    • Ian Mitchell Well it says ‘proposed changes’ so hopefully they don’t go ahead with these nerfs

    • +DingoBling I hope you’re right. But I saw in one of the comments below that the changes are already on the PTS. Which means that in less than a month we’re probably going to see this nerf. Not sure if I should continue the grind for the Yueyang and hopefully get it before the nerf, or if i should cut my loses now and focus on grinding a different line. I don’t want to abandon the line after getting so far up it in so little time, but if the ship becomes unplayable, is it worth it? I’ve got my Pan-Asia captain set up with Survivability Expert as my third skill. If this change goes into effect, if I want this ship to feel anything like pre-nerf version, I’ll have to respec for BFT and Torpedo armament Expertise.

    • Yes this is sad because I’m in the same boat. Both of the new DDs that just came out are are very strong and with The nerf to the YY their new dds will be able to shine. The YY is already at adisadvantage with its torps against

  12. Just got the Hsienyang… This will be my last pan-asian DD and I will not grind higher, IF they nerf YY (that massively).

  13. WOW. I don’t recall seeing a yueyang more then a handful of times in any type of match. Glad I stopped my grinding up the tech tree for it though.

  14. OMG WG buffing IJN DDs? I am so freakin surprised and happy. I might download the game again after a very very long time. “Edit: I was kinda hyped in the begining of the Video, but that yueyang Change is a typical WG sledge hammer problem. I think it is still better for me to keep my fingers away from this game.”

  15. I just want my 5,000 doubloons back for the Yueyang premium camo I bought last week. 🙁

  16. it is not broken at all. wg is gonna push more ppl to stop playing this game

    • Well remember what Notser, Zoup, Flamu, and Mejash agree upon. “Battleships are too strong in this game, . . . and there’s little destroyers and cruisers can do about them”.

    • BBs should not wreck DDs nearly as hard as they do. Even getting an overpen or two costs a huge chunk of your health. Secondaries should eat them alive of course but especially AP damage on DDs is just silly.

    • +ainumahtar Spoken like a true Big Four sycophant that doe snot question them at all nor stop to think of the meta that has, and currently, exists.

    • +cobrazax its a better gunboat because it cant kill other dds with torpedos

    • +XHitsugaX
      its torps are way more deadly vs non DDs. thats the balance for not hitting DDs

  17. Radar counters DDs, the YY’s guns counter DDs, YY’s torps DON’T counter DDs. Why were the torps nerfed? DW torps have always been very effective against cruisers and BBs, WG might as well nerf all DW torps if they think the YY’s torps are too effective.
    A .5s reload nerf would have been plenty imo, 1 second is too much of a nerf.

    • YY does about 20% more damage then gearing in randoms on all servers and depending on how the damage is distributed between guns and torps the nerf probably is about 20% in damage output.

  18. This is way too much. The YY is getting nerf because of goddamn Clan Wars?! I don’t even play that. This is a stupid plan considering Daring and Harugumo are around. Are they intentionally trying to make the ship worthless?

    • Wtf why should I take a shima in CWs dat ship is tottaly useless, the YY was the way to go because the radar was so strong in CWs and smoke was all the time useless, becaue the enemy had all the time radar up, why should I play a shima that has ever worse trops then a garing in a CW, shima is bad as fuck, you can’t even fight dds in a shima and on top of that, normaly in CW you can torp 6/7 ships in CW with thr YY and the YY has the best trops when it comes to damage, range, speed and detection range

    • +Philip Bergmann use the shima to spot and area control. the 12k torps are decent but its the spread it can put out that makes it great for holding caps. ive seen skilled players use the 20k torps to perfection. ok easy to dodge but forcing enemy teams to maneuver away leaving them broadside to team mates. but yes if the shima comes across a gearing or YY and now daring it dies. but it will always see the enemy DD first. except for radar YY.

    • You can easily prove it. Just link 3-5 videos with real CWs playing shimas (not some [SHIT] clans). Because i never saw or heard about CW with Shima.

    • For real shima with 12km trops can be used in CW but for real you need super hard teamsupport or you die in the mealefights vs other dds. So shima isn’t that good in CW because just useing torps is a problem for a dd

    • Shima was not the go to for CWs. Why not? I lacks the versatility you want in CW. It can work, im not saying that but all the other DDs do much better than Shima in Clan wars. It is very few situations very shima does things better than the other DDs. It isnt going to make any difference in CW, really it will still be the go to in CW. (if you are firing your guns as a DD during clan wars something has gone horribly wrong…..). What this is addressing is the 4-5% higher winrate and 20% higher damage YY has over the gearing in random, they really should be very similar in stats!

  19. They worked Yueyang’s face over with a shovel. If this change goes through Yueyang is dead in randoms, because the radar isn’t really viable there to begin with unless you are in a coordinated division. The ultimate irony is that in clan wars Yueyang will still be exceptionally powerful because the radar, the actual problem, is being left untouched.

  20. Yueyang’s good where it is.

    On the other hand, Z-52 could use a buff or two, considering it’s stuck in a very weird spot with all the radar running around.

    • Z52 does not need a buff. I play that ship a lot and it is perfectly adequate

    • Z-52 is so strong… I ahve around 60-65 % winrate in it. And I´m a BB main…

    • +first last Change your build to ruddershift build then. Flamu has a video which explains why the rudder shift nerf doesnt make any difference what so ever for the ship, assuming you have decent skill for it. It doesnt need any buffs, it still has very good stats, only beaten by……you guessed it, YY…….

    • I agree. I like my Z52, but at T 10 it has a high det. at 6.1, is bulky and easy to hit. the torps have the lowest alpha in the DD line, and the torp range is the lowest at 10.5 except for Russian DDs which you cannot take on 1 v 1 in a knife fight and live.

    • +Randy Maatta but you have smoke and 6.0 hydro. and the torps have a 60 sec cd with a torpedo boat build. You don´t have high alpha dmg, but you have a lot of torps to start floddings and follow up with fires

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