PTS 0.8.4 Ship Teases – World of Warships

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Checking out stats of Hill, Somers, Smolensk, and Colbert on the PTS. Sorry I can’t play them yet, but hopefully there is something interested for everyone. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time! – Warships Invite – Discord Server


  1. Minotaur: I’m the best quick firing cruiser in the town boi

    *Russian & French Atlanta on steroids: I’m about to end this man’s whole career*

  2. It’s not armor on the Hills front guns, it’s weather shield to keep the salt water spray off the guns.

  3. “what is the point of a DD that has to cover a KM to fire it’s Torps”

    *Laughs in low tier russian DDs*

  4. Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce the Flintgrad and Flintbert

  5. Like the rest of where this game is headed… unimpressed!

  6. The Somers is basically going to take over clan battles if it stays like this.

  7. Musanix - World of Warships

    Colbert C611 served between 1956 and 1991, she was scrapped in 2016 and the scrapping work finished last year…..
    But seing her coming back to life on WoWS is very heart warming 🙂

  8. If I recall, the Smolensk (Flintingrad) has a 6 second 180 degree turn.

  9. The USS Hill the word your looking for is “flushdeck”

  10. Geoff the Ironwolf

    OOOOOHHH!!! More Atlanta styled ships?! SIGN ME UP!! And the Somers?! Been waiting on the Somers, RIP grind and wallet.

  11. The Colbert is a real ship that served the French as an AA cruiser from 1959 to 1991.

  12. All I see are more reasons to play T7 😀

  13. Somer: *exist*

    Harugumo: *Laugh in Japanese* I still da best..

    Sommer: Are you sure about that? We both are good DDs

    Atlanta: I still can kill you both!

    Sommer&Haru: Nope, Both of us can kill you!

    Atlanta: Dammit!

    Haru: Sommer & I can dominate the game!

    Smolensk: Hold my Vodka

    Sommer & Harugumo: *NaNi!?*

    Atlanta:Who are you?

    Smolensk: I am you but Stronger also I have more Russian Bias than you *Speak in tree language*

    Atlanta: *Confused Screaming*

    Yamato(with Secondary build): Ara Ara everyone *Spoted at 7km*

    Everyone: *Run!!!!!!!!!*

    • +Trejgon I just said Yamato spoted at 7km range….

    • +DarkWiz888 I am not sure how to interpret that comment of yours ^-^

      if you mean you’ve “only” said Yamato spotted at 7km range – then in fact it’s not exacly correct because your next line quite literally was “everyone: RUUUN” implying whole assembly got scared of seeing yamato at that range. Problem with that is, that in such scenario between sommers harugumo and yamato – it’s yamato that should be scared because – torpedoes.

      if you mean pointing out close, nearly point blank range of yamato being spotted – again, well within range of torpedoes of both harugumo and sommers, and since Yamato is not secondary monster brawler akin to some other of it’s T10 peers, it should be yamato to be scared – because in such 1v1 situations as long as harugumo/sommers plays it right, Yamato sinks. even if it manages to take DD with her…. 😉

    • +Trejgon well is everyone reaction when You spoted Yamato at that range and you didnt expected to be there…..

    • +DarkWiz888 call me freak then because my first reaction when I suddenly run itno yamato at such range is “shiiiiiiit where are my torpedoes” 😛

    • DarkWiz888 *smolensk get citadeled by HE*

  14. CallicoJackracham

    Oh for the love of god let the Smolensk be a coal ship, we already have more than enough steel vessels around and not everyone plays clan battles.

  15. It will be interesting to see where these end up. Both the preliminary reveals of the Azuma and upcoming Yoshino looked very strong, but the Azuma got some serious nerfs before release and it looks the same for the Yoshino. That being said they could end up very fun ships to play, although your play style will be much different than say an Alaska or Hindy. Which isn’t a bad thing mind you, variety keeps it engaging.

  16. Omer of Maribor

    would like to get smolensk buuut Im sure its gonna be one of those 21k steel ships

  17. Michael Gimenez

    And i was complaning about HE spam… Seriously WG is just trolling with those ships at this point….

  18. Quick glance at the model kinda makes it look like there might be some odd angles with the Colbert where you might be able to get 14 guns firing… if the opposite side back gun can clear the closer one and you can get the 3 front turrets also on target

  19. Apparently Notser’s forgotten how bad the torps are on low-tier American DDs. Clemson and Nicholas are stuck with YOLO-torps just like Hill will be.
    I think you’re overestimating Somers. If you do everything you can to buff the gun reload (the Tier 9 gun upgrade plus BFT), you can fire up to 120 rounds per minute with all 4 turrets combined. Do the same thing on Gearing and you can fire 152 round per minute with all 3 turrets combined. Somers is a better torpboat than Gearing (thanks to quad tubes reloading significantly faster than quints, and having 12 torps total rather than 10). But when it comes to DD vs DD combat, Gearing seems decisively better.

  20. So, making gameplay miserable with CVs was in order to sell the premium AA cruisers? Great business plan, WG.

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