PTS 0.8.5: Testing new AA mechanics – World of Warships PTS

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PTS 0.8.5: Im testing new AA mechanics with République.
Passive AA aura always damages one plane at a time. Flak puffs still damage all aircraft that fly through the puff .


  1. Philly Cheesesteak

    They destroyed CVS again. Honestly I can’t tell if WG knows how to balance CVs…. One patch they overbuff, next patch they underbuff

  2. They should’ve just remove CVs if they were going to do this…

    • Well those island hugging cruiser mains are pissed after how many years of never being touched and never being nerfed something could spot them and damage them

    • Mugas Sudiyantoro

      @ArrrToo Deetoo and they think even noobs can get over 100k damage every match with CV or the UnLiMiTeD AiRcRaFt that actually you can runs out of them

    • @Mugas Sudiyantoro CVs dont even half much alpha anymore fact avg CV dmg DECLINED after the rework hell Haku has the only thing resembling alpha strike now but no deh mean ole cv touched me with a 4k torpedo while I was shooting at someone who couldnt hit me back waaaaaaaaah

    • Mugas Sudiyantoro

      @ArrrToo Deetoo lol,my midway torpedoes hit yammy belt and dealt only 1800 damage xD

    • CVs are dot based like Midway HE bombers if you hit the deck on the bow or ass of the Yamato will do good dmg and well Haku AP bombs. WG gamers are some of the most entitled whiney asses I hope they nerf radar and HE into the fucking ground now. The bullshit of umm well I cant count play the CV well cock sucker what about the DD that cant counter you stealthed behind a island with radar and 5 second reload that takes 15% of my health every shot and constantly knocks out my torp tubes.

  3. Ur Graphic looks different. Do u use a Filter or something like that?

    And Jesus, WHEN finally we got cooler AA Sounds?

  4. i mean as long as CV exist, this problem will never go away, I’m not a huge IJN CV player, but judging from these clips, I’m not expecting my planes to survive more than 5 seconds within any ship’s AA range since jap planes are already so squishy

    i’m playing again because user CVS at ytube, but after see thiss…. ??

  6. Why was your AA in the first half of the video much better than in the second half, especially because in the second half your AA was at 100% and in the first not?

    • Because it was a tier 8 Lexington in the first half and a tour 10 Audacious in the second. Soas usual fucking over lower tier CVs more than top tier. Tier 6 must be absolutely painful lol

  7. Oh my God,, they make AA dmg more insane than before, now all can I do as CV is sitting on my hull and go for close quarter combat

  8. This is WAY too much AA power. This is against a fullly specced Audacious CV with planes with most HP. US and IJN CV must be shredded. This amount of abuse of AA guns is not healthy for the balance of the game. WG should stop listening to those entitled people that thinks aircraft should not be able to touch their ships. Ships can’t be a no-fly zone.

  9. Hi , from where did you get the info that they use new AA mechanics in 0.8.5 , don’t see anything about AA buff/nerf on the “0.8.5 dev bulletin”.

    • there is no information about this because Wargaming testing most stupid idea ever or this could be a message to CV players after patch 0.8.4.
      – hey cv players this could be even worst. be happy with 0.8.4…
      they are screwed up all premium CVs with this patch.

    • Honestly,
      I don’t even get why everyone is complaining about AA … AA is at its most powerful state. … even a DD can wreck planes + weak AA ships like Henri or Yamato have very high DPS now … + 1/2 when you strike a ships the planes that just performed a strike (the planes that are returning to the carrier , where you got zero control over ) die.

      + let’s not even talk about how low the damage of Torpedo bombers is compared to pre rework.

  10. Imagine with DFAA, even tankiest planes like dive bombers will be shredded into pieces.

  11. Maybe bring back the old CV system and we ar fine? duno :S

  12. This game is taking arcade to a whole new level of absurd! This has got to be the lamest developer to exist today!

  13. Beppe VecchiaCanaglia

    Does not look very promising for CV. It Is a pity because i likes play them in coop.

  14. So the TB heal is pretty useless if you don’t go through a flak cloud huh

  15. Yup, now it takes it too far if that’s not even Def AA. Even audacious planes are getting shredded

  16. Hopefully they tune down that AA a tad. but what is weird is its the same AA only now it focuses fire correct? maybe have it focus like half a squadron at a time or an attack flight. Either that or maybe AA was so bad when it didnt focus that the numbers where changed a while ago and now that they focus it seems absurd.

    • The RNG targeting of AA on Live indirectly contributed to CV plane survivability by spreading the damage out. With a bad RNG roll, even the best AA could fail to shoot down a plane. The system they’re running on PTS takes targeting RNG out of it, which will guarantee losing planes against all but the worst AA. Ships with “tier-average” AA will be able to do some damage now to equal-tier CV planes, especially with Sectoring (as it’s currently implemented), and this was really needed, and in retrospect should have probably been the way when the Rework dropped. Unfortunately, people who are already specced for AA because they REALLY hate CVs will more than likely continue, especially when they realize how big of a buff it really is for AA/nerf against CVs. Just so they can properly deliver to CV’s “a proper paddalin'”.

      Until the average number of “dedicated AA ships+dedicated AA Cap’n Skills” declines, it’ll kind of be like it was prior to re-work: CV population will drop as the average and less-than-average players grow frustrated over not being able to do damage and go off to play something else, and those that persevere or have a masochistic streak that continue with CV will git gud. I don’t see CV pop dropping to pre-rework levels, but the count will go down (probably fast) until this new AA meta stabilizes (if brought to Live as is). In my opinion.

    • @goreignak I come from a DotA background so the talk about meta shifts is interesting to me. Wows doesn’t seem to fit the usual meta shifts especially in random battle. I say this because even with people crying about CVS u still see cruisers wildly under represented despite the fact that they are the go-to CV counter. Although maybe it’s the chain reaction of strong CVS =less dd ->more bbs->less cruisers. I do agree that CV numbers will fall after the Nerf and hopefully the stronger players can get through it and thrive.

  17. I miss the old cv system 🙁

  18. I am fan of cvs but why you all time decreasing the cvs all time AA putin in higher level… What is purpose of CV if you cant attack ships… Better delete cvs then….

  19. 不錯 不錯!!

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