Pushing that Shikishima even harder – World of Warships

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Being one of the worst performing ships, ofc I needed to play more than few games so you get ANOTHER Shikihima match. Yes it is on Two Brothers and no I will not go through the middle because that would not result in the kind of results I need here.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. “Ain’t nobody as peaceful as a dead troublemaker.”

  2. Always wanted this ship but never got around to it

  3. ” this is what you call a target rich environment”

  4. Flam and Tren on two brothers… NOT going middle?? am I in hell?

  5. What strategy game was he talking about?

  6. Trenlass sneaking around, for the team. Big strategic sub player.

  7. I dont know – shiki is one of my biggest bad-buys of all time, i cant get this thing to work for me

  8. I really wish this ship could work with a secondary build, sadly the secondaries have no accuracy compared to the Iwami so it is useless to build for them.

  9. WARSHIPS WORLD - World of Warships - Wows

    pushing with battlesip. I miss that.

  10. Shiki feels painful just to watch, I can’t imagine playing.

  11. Watching Flam play the Shiki makes me remember the Colorado grind. I hated that ship. It played exactly like this except the damage. Over pens, misses, ricochets..

    Until the day I got the XP to finally move on. I didn’t care anymore. It was over. Just a bit more cash and off to NC, forget the damn turtle.

    And it magically changed tune. It was unbelievable. For weeks I struggled, and now it was mocking me. Game after game, good hits, good kills, good base xp…

    This game do be like that. Cursed rng.

  12. There’s something about this that isn’t right…. no middle push? Am I in an alliterative universe?

  13. RE: the Davy Crockett
    It was designed for an era when it was assumed that if there was another war nukes were going to be dropped anyway (50s), so it was developed as a concept for an area denial weapon for the Fulda Gap in Europe or on the Korean Peninsula to prevent zurg rushes. It had about a mile range and was planned to be fired from a position where the crews could shelter from the blast wave in a trench or behind a ridge. Bat shit crazy idea, but there was rational to it

    • The launcher was a big recoilless rifle if I correctly recall. And I believe the crew could launch with a remote, so at least they could try to be under some cover

    • @28cucbn Yeah, Trenlass confused the RR with a bazooka. which is sort of understandable. Range depended on which model, with 2-4 miles being possible. Neither being exactly “comfortable” distance.

  14. Watching this is painful enough, I can’t imagine actually having to play this ship.

  15. Shitter needs to let us know if it was enough and show us the improvement god damnit flambass!

  16. Not sure what the daily # of players you have @ the start of the WOWS day on the EU server but the NA server is close to dead, down to under 1100 players in the early AM hours.

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