Pushing yourself over the limits – World of Warships

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Sometimes you need to push yourself WAY over the limits to even stand a chance of winning. Sometimes it will make a difference and sometimes it won’t but at least you’ll know you did your best.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Lmao ” if you had one “

  2. Mandatory youtube engagement comment.

  3. “If only this team was a little bit better” – Everyone in WOWS

    • Shawn Christensen

      @Operation 7500 Team I can accept that. But when I lose because it’s very clear that my team played poorly while I did not, that’s irritating.

    • Operation 7500 Team

      @Shawn Christensen You have a point there

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      It’s quite common for people to overestimate their own abilities and overlook their own shortcomings. There is only one absolute standard that transends our biases: Stats. Look at your stats. If your wr is below i would say 53% and your personal rating below 1300 then you are part of the problem. When you realise that then you either stop complaining and compromise with the fact that you are one of those people that causes battles to be lost or you try to get better. Simple as that. And i might also add that i will scoff at comments of the “stats meaning nothing” kind.

    • Seems to be some people here take the game, and my comment, far too seriously.

    • Σφυροδρεπανος Καρχαριας

      @Jeffrey Parr You are right. Your comment doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously. As for the game you are right again. Who needs to try to have fun by wining when it’s much easier to “have fun” being humiliated over and over again while dragging others down with you?

  4. The Ina Circle Of The Ancient Puns

    That DD on the enemy team was decently good

  5. That was an awesome insult from the enemy at the begin of the match 😀 The best insult i ever got was “you have a great c*ck!!!”. It was a bit confusing… i thanked him or her and asked myself: How got he (or she) know? 😀 It was funny, nearly took a torp because i had laugh so hard about this “insult” 😀

    • i think the ‘insult’ at the beginning is a weeb thing? vampire being cartoonized as a loli character

  6. 4:20 Flambass: “dont shoot” while smoking GK up
    GK: “Only if you are flambass”
    Proceed to shoot when enemy GK starts showing broadside
    Flambass: “okay”

    • Павел Коровкин

      if he didnt shoot they would lost Moskva way sooner. Those 20k salvo helped. The fucked up moment was when he ate 2 torps from shima.

    • @Павел Коровкин Not saying the GK was in the wrong since the GK wasn’t in danger of dying from getting spotting in smoke and that’s a big damage opportunity.
      It’s just funny that the GK said what was said most likely due to Flambass’s username so the GK either thought it’s Flambass himself so they said that, or it’s another viewer of Flambass using Flambass related words as their username thus dismissing recommendation to stop firing .

  7. 11:54 erm didn’t someone do a video on not chasing another dd around an island….

    • The problem was that if Flambass didn’t kill the Marceau, it would’ve been a guaranteed loss. Going around the other side was suicide cause the Petro was there. He was forced to push in at a bad angle but you can see him turn away instead of turn in which lets him disengage.

    • @Snowykaze geez talk about no sense of humour. Actually the Marceau didn’t have the angle to torp him anyway…

  8. The last DD leading you into that Petro trap was very smart.

  9. ToughAncientSpark

    “When was the last time that Wargamming introduced something in this game that made sense”.
    I thought Flamu was the supposed to be the toxic one.

  10. I always thought concealment should be a direct result of health pool. The bigger your health pool, the bigger your ship, the worse your concealment.

    • That doesnt make sense really. Something does not have to be bigger to gain in durability. Also, concealment is a balancing value to begin with and first of all has to fit the playstile before fiting the ship Dimensions. In the exampel Vampire 2 the consealment differs from Daring to change the playstile even though the ship Dimension are similar. And i think putting gameplay above physics is the right approach for, well, a game.

    • @Fire Of course it makes sense, it is a matter of physics. Health pool is a measure of the vessel’s ability to absorb damage. That is 100% based on its volume, which is what health pool is.

      This is why Flambasss said nothing WG makes any sense. We have real life ships represented in the game that are half the size of a given ship but have 50% more health pool. That is stupid. But then so much of this stupid.

      Carriers have unlimited planes. Destroyers have unlimited torpedoes. Ships can burn to death. None of that is real. Not even close.

    • @Caden Grace Maybe because its not a ww2 naval Simulator, its an acarde game. In wows consealment is determiniert by ships heights +- game Design adjustments, and i dont see whats wrong with that, or what does not make sense. As i said, wg puts gameplay above physics and rightly so. If you want a simulation, make your own game.

    • @Fire I am aware of that, as most of the units in use are pure fiction. But even an arcade game is based on consistent principles for balance. This is why Flambass states that WG does not do anything like that. Perhaps you are missing the point.

  11. I love how surprised the announcer sounds when he says “you destroyed an enemy cruiser”. It’s like he can’t believe a petro is just a cruiser

  12. 7:47

    We’ve had one, yes, but what about second Petro?

  13. Holy Hell thats an insanely long creeping smoke!!!!

  14. Outbound Flight Gaming

    That GK was a great torpedo belt

  15. masterclass of skils

  16. David Carpenter

    “When was the last time Wargaming added anything that made sense…..” Yep. I can definitely agree with that one.

  17. +1 youtube engagement 😉

  18. 3:17 just an Epic view how that GK comes outta the smoke…👍🏻

  19. That smoke that you used to help gk fall back was such a triple digit IQ move considering the quick dispersion time of the smoke but long duration. Well played

  20. Christian Clemens

    “Push it to the limit!”
    Bckground: “Limiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit”!

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