Putting my Des Moines in the absolute meat grinder – World of Warships

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This was one hell of a match. An absolute meat grinder and a true test of situational awareness.

I could feel my senses stretched to their limits and going full tryhard.

Awesome and fun match, enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. What a game 😀 (Tirpitz had a good game aswell)

  2. Tirpitz done good too,great support from him.

  3. The reason for the deapth charges not exploding in the same order is that if they did, that would mean they went to the same deapth, but as it is now, the first one goes deepest….

  4. I love how stupidly broken the game is yet @wargaming pretends it is fine.

  5. Your team was unsalvageable. They gave up the East and center without any fight at all. There are too many games with these teams that just don’t want to fight at all.

  6. the oil spoting don’t really work for me, it seem they got only oil leak from where the hit was but the leak don’t “follow” the subs

  7. It is amazing to see how super unicums mitigate damage, survive and keep shooting.

    • I watched flambass for a year before i started playing. It was like starting in kindergarten after graduating high school. I was seal clubbing while being a seal myself! Watching him taught me all the basics

    • @Matthew10950 I love to watch Flambass, Flamu and Potato Quality. John the Ruthless and bfk_ferlyfe are great too.

  8. that’s what happens when the good players on your team go to one side and the scrubs get wiped out on the other.

  9. Flambass that was an epic struggle. Good job. It’s rare to see someone who knows Des Moines so well.

  10. BBs without overmatch require a person to anticipate enemy positions, maneuver accordingly, and have map awareness; therefore, they are fun for players at high skill levels, like Flamubass. Ships with overmatch, played by average skill players, can often get stuck playing bow in and get burned down = no fun.

    • 38 knot Missouri is more effective than 34 knot Missouri for that very reason, the extra bit of speed when you build for it lets you compensate for the nerfed gunpower, it can actually be effective when it has the speed and stealth to get better angles

  11. I mentioned this on a Trenlass video recently: it is crazy how many DM/Salem with Halsey games there are on YT. This ship and captain’s build are so strong and fun to watch. I love these games. They are always exciting and high dmg. Watching a DM take down a nearly full health broadside BB is awesome.

    • It’s a really fun ship, takes a little to get used to the shell flight times but it’s so much fun.

      Few things are as satisfying as melting a broadside bb with dm.

  12. Legendary Des Moines is my favorite cruiser.

  13. I believe that Jingles calls that a “target rich environment”.

  14. Imagine not being blocked by the Tirpitz in the first place …

  15. I love your mixed metaphors, flip the key should’ve been turn the key, or flip the switch 🙂

  16. The Des Moines, like the Petro and the Riga, would be immeasurably improved by the addition of decent torpedoes.

  17. I’ve had a lot of games in the DM exactly like this. Defeat yes, but I only do 60k damage, no citadels, and maybe two fires but still manage to hit over half the ships on the enemy team. And the 406 in my Iowa don’t work for me either. Me and flambass are like brothers.

  18. May have been a loss but one hell of a game!

  19. Same applies to All 406mm guns, when they nerfed AP fuse timings, they made 380mms more effective, which is sad….add to this that they added these stupidly bugged “Spaced” armor ships where 406mm shells simply disappear and pen with 0 damage, while heavier shells dmg and smaller shells still do dmg, and 406mm guns are in a terrible spot.

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