Radar Destroyer 8 Kills || World of Warships

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  1. This boi is Admiral Kill-secure the all-seeing. Good game though. ^^

  2. His choice of radar really played a very small part in this game.

    • No but the use of his guns with appropriate ammunition choice is good, considering he has no smoke to hide in.

    • Wild Weasel he absolutely played well, just the misplay on initial contract everything was solid. He gained nothing from radar. In the first cap he should have run down and killed the first dd. Instead he started kiting and popped radar which did nothing for him. If he had smoke he could have smoked on the atago and possibly traded with him.

    • Makes sense to turn out, considering how close he was to the enemy fire support. He still kept him radared and hit a good amount of shots. Pushing into IJN DDs will often get you torpedoed, and in this case could have gotten him some BB AP.

  3. Wow, I thought they were actually going to manage to lose there for a minute… Great DD Capt here folks, good gun accuracy, smart positioning, clever torps. A bit too aggressive at the end, but that can be excused, it’s called DDitis…

  4. mehr als 2 minuten intro….

  5. most of the kills, were kill steals bad form

    • aye while I m sure positioning and tactical awareness were top notch these kills left a bad taste in my mouth

  6. All luck no skill 🙁

  7. A non-smoke DD should position smartly and (besides torping and capping) should use its guns to damage DDs and finish wounded enemies. You can call it killstealing/luck or you can call it awareness. Good players are observing the minimap and “somehow” happen to be in the right place all the time.

  8. ArmchairWarrior

    kraken with 46k damage. wow, that’s a new low. i mean achievement

  9. 我就放心了看到祖国这么流氓

    world of tank music?

  10. Chawanwit Meeseang

    What is rank of radar’s Yueyang?

  11. SchwarzesLycoris Kurfürst

    “岳陽” is currently

  12. Someone that does not play any more the game want give me their account? its to boring to get tier 10 ships or even like 8

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