Radar Minotaur 6 Kills, Destroyer Nightmare || World of Warships

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Minotaur 6 , Nightmare || of

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  1. Hey panzer you should make a long compilation of your most popular replays. 🙂

  2. Why is there almost no comment now LOL

  3. These replays are so cool… you just got a new subscriber.

  4. 7:46 – ez -19.3 kts

  5. isnt that eye cancer when its all the time zoomin in and out?

  6. That was pretty epic to watch, thx panzer

  7. Minotaur super gayme!!!!Yamato come back to the home.

  8. Coolest Minotaur commandeered by the coolest captain jamming the coolest battle, what could be cooler than this?

  9. I wonder if the player in this battle is in the wows global fanbase on Facebook, very familiar name…

  10. This game is probably my 2nd favourite minotaur replay after the top damage global game (also radar minotaur)

  11. +1 dislike for zoom in and out

  12. what’s the difference between radar and hydro ?

  13. I love the British voice: “We sunk an enemy destroyer”

  14. Danm… each freaking salvo Zoom out, zoom in… Headache… The only reason for a Dislike.

  15. Confused Blue Dragon

    7:50 well… that’s an interesting way to hit the brakes and go full reverse in a second…

  16. running premium camo and standard dcp. well…

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