Radar Minotaur 7 Kills / 3656 Base-EXP || World of Warships

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  1. love this ship

  2. **MinoTARD??

  3. Wow he didn’t even lose a single hp until he was citadeled by a random dude, amazing.. Lol

  4. Damn that aiming from the minotaur player sucks hard….

    • True, but on the move and mostly in the open, so understandable.

    • Budo Bašović yes, I mean no ones aiming is perfect, but to think that this player reached tier 10 means he had a long way from when he started playing so he should have gathered some experience along the way.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a hater but that aiming was really far off

    • his aim was maybe not the best (but okay, if you let out the Tashkent, but hey, russian superfast DDs), but his positioning was glorious, still a very good player

    • Kuhluh yes the positioning was good but all in all in my opinion the whole game was mediocre, I’m not saying that I’m a better player than him but I’m sure that the aiming from my part could have been better than that.

  5. position like a boss

  6. Yet another reason German CH’s need a maneuverability buff.

  7. the only enemy dd which survived the slaughter was on the other flank 😀 – all dd kills on this captain.

    hilarious torp soup for the pushing bb ….
    someone already said it: positioning like a boss …. yep, true … 😀

  8. Absolutely great gameplay … admirable

  9. I love rain shot in Mino so beautiful ?

  10. Nanchisan Nanchisan

    Its a MANLYTAUR GG amazing game!!

  11. enemy helps a lot. but hey a victory is a victory

  12. Wer nicht gut zielen kann spielt halt ne mino. Nach dem Motto hau ne Menge Garanten raus, eine wird schon treffen.

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