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  1. Defeat but that was a good game!

  2. Gareth Fairclough

    Oh shit, that’s my friend Crystal on your team!


    And she came 2nd bottom. RIP. 🙁

    • Thats good, now ask her/him why.

    • Gareth Fairclough

      @Maikel710 I already did, and she got focused by a submarine the whole time. Spent the entire run just trying to stay alive.

      Got to love your attitude, btw. /s

    • @Gareth Fairclough Ah i checked the video to, being front ship on a collapsing flank isnt that nice but i think the biggest mistakes was that she/he turnt into the collapsing flank again. Hunting down a sub with a BB ends never good. ^^

    • @Maikel710 BB is one of the best ships to blow those pesky dubs up.

  3. Intense fight, dayum

  4. Can’t kill those subs……they need a buff.

    • yeah they looking to weak! I think they should give them the ability to fly. Ah wait we already have flying Torpedos my bad. ^^

  5. sleep well dd prince, you were te bravest of all of them

  6. Bro!! You are so slippery. LOL

  7. “How to switch view between torps? Z” You sir just tolled a lot of people if they dont have a german layout keyboard 😀

  8. Its Z to look at your torps, and then C to change between which torp you want to focus

  9. Become A Freediver

    Good job mate

  10. Good luck! I hope we meet!

  11. Thank you for showing your great play and thank you for being a nice person. I enjoy watching your games without spamming of the F-word and profanities as is in the streams by the two F’s.

  12. If only you had had a CV on the team.

  13. Why didnt you use your ASW on the sub? You never once used it.

    • Probably because Minotaur doesn’t have a plane drop, it has to drop charges directly from the ship over the sub. However I do agree that at one point he was close enough to try dropping the charges on the sub. Probably figured trying to get over him while close to a Des Moines and a Yamato was suicide.

    • I dont have plane ASW on mino which means he needs to be directly below me 😀

    • Pity they don’t have hedgehogs in the game – fire them forward about 200 – 250m

    • @Ramon Lewis interesting you should mention that. I’m pretty sure the upcoming Edgar British super cruiser has a hedgehog launcher. I think there may be 1 other ship with launchers like that.

      Also I don’t know if you’ve seen them. But the Halland has forward firing ASW rockets.

  14. i haven’t been one to complain about the subs & i don’t care if this is an arcade game or not, but a sub getting multiple hull hits – Iiteral holes in it’s hull, then diving & not flooding to death immediately is some serious Grade A Bullshit.

  15. never heard the word “chad” before

  16. Great carry attempt… GG

  17. How fast can that sub fire those bloody torpedos – how toxic!

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