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Testing a version of the Conqueror with a raised citadel and a faster recharge heal as compensation. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X British Battleship Conqueror Replay

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  1. I may play Conqueror more when this hits live. I feel disgusted playing it now because of her mistake-proof features.

    • I think the current weakness is sustained fire on her poor armor before she can heal twice, but that still isn’t that weak….

    • +Alex Majors Except any desire to push requires you to tank damage for a sustained period and… the Conq is terrible at that.

  2. simple way to fix conqueror make the only available gun option the 457s then reduce the fire chance and increase the AP velocity and reduce the HE damage and keep the high citadel

    • The problem with everybody is they feel annoys with HE conq and no single one blame other HE ships like Des memes and Zaos. Even though those ship cause fire like mad with good manuverability and faster reload

    • +Tony H.a combine the heal and stealth of the conq and the playstyle of sitting back farming everybody with fires is whats irritating a BB should engage targets with AP mostly unless they’re angled conq no ill just burn everything down and getaway scott free

    • Isaiah Jennings true with the playstyle though. I think people mostly treat the conq like cruiser rather than bb. problem WG need to encourage pushing rather than camping, should have deal with the fire chance like penetration. The closer the target the higher the fire chance. Personally, I play the conq like other bb pushing most the time, just camp if needed

    • +Tony H.a i just want a BB line the focuses on BB penetration and would have strong torp protection decent secondaries very good main gun accuracy but have high citadels slow AP shells in short something like Georgia but a second US BB line after the italians though

    • +Isaiah Jennings you would end up with paper armor BB,lowest hp,with 8 guns,with worst acc. from all BB’s and on top of that u also ask for HE nerfs, why would anyone play that piece of shit ?

  3. they restore the faster recharge heal and now heal 50% citadel damage? then whats the point of raised citadel, now even more conqueror players just camping HE spamming from far away. oh my goodness wargaming

  4. i think a HE alpha nerf and maybe meet the buffed heal somewhere between the old and the new would make this okay.
    honestly, depends how raised and easyily punished the citidel is to what counterbalance buffs are needed.

  5. Yay for max range conquerors you can´t kill, since you can´t consistently citadel them but they heal any hit´s very quickly.

  6. So basically if you know how to angle it’s not even a nerf lol

  7. The Scourge of God

    202k damage taken with 1 heal still left ?. Man, I wish I had this test version.

  8. I wanna see something like increase the HE pen of the 457’s(so if you spec IFHE you can citadel cruisers with HE) or make them laser accurate(similar to either Yamato/Warspite/NC) and maybe nerf the 419 fire chance while were at it. That way the 457’s feel like a side grade instead of an inferior spec. 419’s are just murderously effective with just alpha damage alone. They dont need the superior fire chance as well

  9. Raised the citadel but buff the heal? This make the ship more stupid and powerful. ?

  10. So without the Detonation we’re looking at a possible 3 million HP potential damage capability on a regular basis? Absolutely crazy.

  11. Current Conkek – Overpowered unkillable ship
    Future Conkek – Overpowered unkillable ship with ridiculous overpowered heal

  12. and when this thing is live watch the av.potato rushing down the middle getting blapped and go to the forums cry for buffs lul

  13. Raul Alexandru Bota

    LUL that GK taking 2x 15k dmg + fire without giving broadside and he wasn’t able to do anything about it. WG really did a good job with the Conqueror. ? Now the Conqueror is like “best brawler my ass”

  14. THIS is ridiculous, but the russian Battleships pre-nerf were just “rewarding”?

  15. This essentially is a buff if you have the slitest idea of how to play BBs

  16. stop using 419mm guns, we all know they work well. Let’s hear the pain in your voice after trying to get decent footage of 457mms in action.

  17. OMG you’re playing the Conqueror wrong you have to be at extream range and spam HE you have to be the last guy on the team with full HP and then just die you’re not meant to win the game. ?

  18. I think what NOTSER is suggesting is that the WIP Conqueror is the same as the CV’s after the rework? Broken and still OP and untouchable? ?

  19. Meanwhile the Germans have been largely ignored for 3 years now. Nice job with the Conqueror, WG. 10/10 ??

    • TeensierPython -

      DaManBearPig – such a mistake when I went up the German BB line. Slowly been power crept past by everyone else.

    • Just a random Horse.

      +TeensierPython – I made the mistake of rebuying the GK, only to have my blood boil every single match I played it. Bismarck is just nope, no point what so ever in playing that ship. It’s a historic , beautiful ship for the port. FDG ? Why would you when there’s the Alsace, Jean Bart, even the izumo with the buffs. It’s quite sad and frustrating to see that entire line just be completely left alone. (Well I suppose they buffed the FDG, as if that helps…)

  20. I read the title, and I was like FINALLY WHAT I WANTED, then he mentions the heal Buff and I am like, fuck that, that’s a Buff to good players, I think it should’ve been just the raise of the citadel

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