Rambling About The Passive HE Meta For 18 Minutes – Ushakov

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I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

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  1. Playing german and italian bbs are already stressing but also getting lit on fire constantly-what feel like a 100 times per game and immediately after dcp goes off plus subs,cvs, HE spammers,… great design from WG.

    • And i thought that was impossible to find a game as poorly balanced as league of legends

    • I dont know if there is a known reason for this but especially the part where the first HE shell lights you on fire right after dcp goes on cd … that happens EVERY single time and cannot be pure coincidence anymore

    • ​@Hans FransOk so it’s not just me then. Also the random shell that isn’t even close to the volley cluster that almost appears to curve in midair to hit you for a fire..

    • @jSnow All factors considered, League of Legends is extremely well balanced despite what you might think. There’s an insane amount of skill variation and an insane amount of champions, so most champions being somewhat viable is incredible.

  2. I WISH I would have had those on my team yesterday. I played 7 game with 6 losses (my worst day ever). I had a Montana decide to push hard into a cap controlled by a Shima, and died 😳. This was about the norm.

  3. I’ve stopped playing above t8 because of the meta. It’s extremely frustrating, and boring, to hide at the back of the map the entire game. I now play t5-t8 where people push and brawl – it’s fun. Carriers and subs are always an issue but mid tier they’re not as strong and a good div can usually handle them.

    • Well said and agree

    • I agree completely. It has been said in many games – “Low Tier, Fun Tier”. And generally it is true.

      If you have a lower player count (Ranked, Brawls or the rare game at 4am in the morning) then T9/10 is ok. Otherwise, not so much.

    • i usually play Ops, having the Germán BBs and BCs it’s pretty fun, making almost 300 or almost half millón damage pushing on almost 7 ships, it’s pretty fun… Always T6 to 8…

    • Snow Man 420 asddsa

      @M T actually true if i want to have fun game i go play early in the morning when the animals havent woken up. middle of the day kinda okay-ish have some animals but not allot and at night you just have the animals back from work pissed af from work they sit on PC to play some WoWs and to make the game a living hell for the rest of the players who came to chill 🙂

    • That’s mostly down to players being significantly worse outside of tier 9, 10 and 11 due to good players gravitating towards top tiers which means you’re less punished for brawling below that. If top tier players all went down to tier 5 for example, it would suddenly become impossible to brawl despite no in-game changes.

  4. The first thing is to get WG to admit that there is an issue. Then clearly define it and work towards a solution. I know that I used to play a lot more battleships and now I primarily play cruisers and destroyers.

  5. People are so risk averse that, despite not getting any bonuses for living through a match, try to stay alive to the point of griefing their team. It also doesn’t help that a combo of plane spotting and the amount of overmatching just makes it not fun to push and have almost no room for error unless you are in a ship specifically designed for brawling (Soviet, German bbs).

  6. My damage record is with Ushakov but secondaries Ushakov( 276k ) . İf you know how to push with him, it is really tanky ship.

  7. Honestly, one of the best videos. Being super honest, asking for change to make this game more enjoyable.

  8. I think that even though they weren’t in these games, a lot of the issue may be CVS, and, to a lesser extent, subs.

    I feel these classes are extremely effective at punishing players for being alone. Doesn’t matter if they are spotted, or behind cover, how how good their AA is, it is simply death to have the audacity to go try to flank or push or create crossfire for your team, or even try to cap.

    I think this has led to a fear of pushing and conditioned players to never be the first in. You’ll notice there’s still Random Battles matches where one side will lemming push into the enemy spawn with 8 ships on one side… that’s because the strength in numbers is enough to deal with some planes or a sub.

    Even when not present, I think the constant punishment from these classes has trained players through negative reinforcement to never position aggressively unless they have a huge numbers advantage. And the fact that this only promotes a long range farming playstyle means its now even more dangerous to push, like a feedback loop.

    That’s my theory anyway.

    • As for the CV comment I can agree to this to an extent. Coming from a CV main, i recognize that fact that members do tend to sit farther back or push out alone. However, during random battles each side is also evenly spread it it in terms of numbers (most of the time) for the best chances of survival. However you cannot always control how your teammates will play; some will/ if not always will leave their flank/position and travel alone to the side they deem fit for best chances of survival therefore over inflating a certain side and possibly causing a side to sit far back. I find this to be an error on the users part to travel alone as this is punishing when they are targeted.

      When players are bunched up, I can tell you I will not go towards that side as you mentioned “strength in numbers” and the sheer numbers of AA is detrimental to the number of aircraft you can pump out. I would be losing more planes than I can upkeep through the entirety of the match.

      I strongly believe it’s a monkey see/money do. When players recognize and see their teammates camping back and it being effective they will do the same. Even without CVS/Subs, Players will typically do the same regardless. It’s the ship designs and the ships that work at range are what most players are attracted too. There is less pressure when you are able to sit back at +18KM and are given the opportunity to go dark/dodge any kind of shells that come your way. Not that there is anything wrong with it., but it’s the selfish nature of each player; I mean who wants to be the first to die in a match, we all want to survive and enjoy the game.

      This is merely my observation.

    • ​​@SeraphicalityI can agree with you. Balling up against planes is effective. But that would mean you would need to push as a team so you can cover each other which is simply a level of coordination not generally present in random battles. So, you stick with your allies in spawn, otherwise you get farmed by the nakhimov.

      Do understand, I play CVs as well. I’m not a main but i do enjoy the gameplay from a selfish perspective… the controlling of the plane squadrons and general feedback and feel is really good. I even spent precious coal on the Malta and feel dirty for it… but carpet bombers are cool, and I’ve always been more of a plane guy that a boat guy in terms of IRL and historical interest.

      I also acknowledge that they are a generally bad thing for game balance and the way they push the meta.

      Thanks for the constructive response!

    • I’m not a fan of cv’s or subs, but the passive meta existed long before they came into the game, they have only made it worse.

    • Even without Subs and CVs, the game has pushed hard on power creep. Bigger guns, faster reloads, longer ranges, and super gimmicks. The bottom line is that cruisers cant push up to counter destroyers or subs because battleship guns have become so punishing. Battleships dont have to push up because they’re effective at range as it is.

  9. -SLY- Sealteamsloth

    Great points. Now I believe the only fix I can see just now, would be having constant Brawl battles and choose what teir you want. We also need Ranked battles with divisions.

  10. i picked up the game after a 6-8 month break where I played only a handful of games. I’ve noticed that I have experienced many random battles ending in a team getting to 0 points, which I feel like I never saw, maybe once, in my 5000 battles prior to my break.

  11. thoughts: either cap maximum range period or increase dispersion based on flight time.

  12. do you think an across the board nerf to gun/torp/secondary ranges, and maybe reduced fire chance would be a good solution for this situation? cv spotting is probably also something that needs to change

    • If schlieffen was any indicator I dont think it’ll help.
      For those who don’t remember when Schlieffen was first in early access, she was very powerful… because all of your armaments were invincible because of a bug. Your torps, main guns, and secondaries, would never break. So a schlieffen could push in a cap and very reliably torp anything too close, melt anything too weak and wear down anything too tough.
      But she has one big advantage that made her very difficult to deal with. The fast dcp. I’ve seen a schlieffen melt and I’ve been melted, but short of anything more than 3v1 that fast dcp gives you plenty of time to deal with your targets
      DCP needs a rework. At least for BBs. Even something simple, like shorter duration for dumb superheal British ships and longer duration for pushing Italian ships
      At least, that’s all I can think about without fundamental game changes

  13. I think you can write off the good old days of close engagements in Ransoms and that they are not going to improve in any way. I think that because of them adding the convoy to randoms. It’s their answer to the people wanting closer engagements and for them the problem is sorted.

  14. The reality is that overmatch powercreep and DPM powercreep are what have killed the closer range engagements of the old days. As a German CA main I used to love finding those spots where I was too close to take out quickly, commit to the knife-fight brawl, and drag down a couple of battleships, maybe even a cruiser while I’m at it, and come out the other side alive because I was damned good at using my armour to its fullest. But the only reason I was able to do that in the past was because the biggest BB guns in the game aside from Yamato’s 460s, were American 406s, Japanese 410s and Kurfurst’s 420s. The highest HE DPM in the game was DM with it’s 5 second-ish 203mm gun reload. But you could work around that. You could push to the side of the island that would force the DM to push out to keep shooting you, then clap it in the cheek with AP. As long as you kept zig zagging and angling, BBs would always end up hitting your belt rather than your nose, and most of their shells would bounce. The fact I could only go 32 knots wasn’t a big deal because I had the tankiness to compensate. These days? With the average BB gun caliber being 457mm? With DDs that outgun me in a Hindenburg? With BBs like Incomparable, Thunderer, St. Vincent, Devastation and such, with enormous guns and alpha strike capability that are stealthier than my heavy cruiser? With so many spotting threats that trying to sneak into a strong position is virtually impossible? With submarines that can literally sail right under me, with hydro on, without me knowing?

    I’m dead if I get closer than 19km unless the flank is already won. I can’t even risk starting an engagement nose in because I may never get the chance to disengage. I have to start any fight stern-in, so I’m ready to run.

    Nothing makes me happier than a game where the enemy BBs on my flank are Montanas or Kurfursts, because at least then I can do something more interesting than sit at max range and lob HE. I get to actually get close. Brawl, work my way into a position where I can put my AP to work and show them how scary Hindenburg can be.

    That’s a 1-in-20-match occurrence on a good day ,these days.

  15. One problem is that players who started playing since the cv reworks or god help them subs intro into randoms, learn early on that pushing in tends to get you farmed down fast. Pushing successfully is a higher skill cap than sitting back and trading long range fire. Good vid as usual

  16. I think its a combination of a number of things. HE is probably a little too effective right now, especially given its prevalence. Damage is rewarded SO much more than playing objectives; its really the best way to earn XP and coin. Concealment is also meaningless now with subs and CVs; its really difficult to disengage. Map design is a factor as well, as you mentioned. Maybe ships have become too accurate at range too? I dunno. Honestly I think the game has jumped the shark and we are all watching the beginning of the end, but that’s just my opinion.

  17. PQ please take some time, design a map you think would help fix this issue. Even if it’s literally just ms paint and some brown dots for islands. I’m so curious to see what your ideal map would be!

    • It’s an impossible task.

      If the map has open water, ships can permanently farm you before you get anywhere.
      If the map has islands, ships can bunker down to farm you before you get anywhere.

      While some maps have garbage design, none would actually make brawling viable.
      The act of trading lots of health for slightly more damage is bad in World of Warships.

      Though since island usage is a skill, open water maps are generally worse quality.

  18. Thanks!! I think you are articulating and showing the exact issue. T9-10 matches become almost schematic. The first one who moves dies. In addition citadelling has become unpredictable – even if a ship is exposed with broadside damage is pure rng.

    Through the recent T8 ranked season, I’ve regained some of the former brawling and active game experience back.

  19. Storm, Earth, and Fire

    I also found myself enjoying ranked a lot more, especially when it’s a tier 10 season, than randoms and you’ve probably explained why. Do you think random battles are just too large? I think a lot of my enjoyment of ranked comes from the 6-on-6 format giving me more room to breathe. Randoms don’t need to go that small but Concealed Maneuvers is 9v9 and that feels just right to me.

  20. I’ve said it HUNDREDS of time now, the players need a REALTIME system giving them their XP as they play.. Going closer to objectives +xp, taking shells while around other players – +xp, being targed by more then one ship +xp as you pplay, the game needs to tell you you’re doing good and good for the team.. this is the only way the player base that doesn’t read or learn anything, can learn.

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