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Discussing a game in rank where a couple friendlies fall quickly, but good team play helps to win day. Hope you have a wonderful and I’ll catch you next time!

Tier X American Cruiser Des Moines Replay

https://playtogether..com/invite/OwzqAkj – Warships Invite

https://discord.gg/33xzEjR – Discord Server


  1. I love your vids
    Get well soon

  2. Hmmm….. but atack planes have an aim reticle like the one used by Div BB so you should take more dmg if you stay nose in…….. :/

  3. Notser I play few games with and against you. Defiantly ur a lucky charm! After 10 rank season this is the worse of all. The level of game play , no comments .

  4. 3:58 Go home aircraft you’re drunk

  5. Am I the only one that misses the tier 6-8 ranked tiers with t10 being rank one? Imo it gave everyone a chance or hope to earn enough steel to get the special ships, now its reserved for unicums, wallet warriors, or people like me who failed their way to t10 from open beta.

    • i want the have the low tiers back in ranked too. would be enough if the fist levels would be low tier. rank 5 to 1 in tier 10 is fine as a motivator to play the game( longer).

      I don’t under stand why wargaming does not use the low tiers to lure poeple into the ranked mode.

      ranked which very low tier would be a fun change too. Like tier 3 till rank 10 & tier 5-8 till rank 5.
      this way every player could play rank but the need to play longer & waybe even better to finish a ranked season.

    • I’m with you on that. I enjoyed it a lot when they did T7s for one ranked season. be gobs of fun with ships like Scharnhorst. ^^
      at T8 tho, all I’d be sending out is Enterprise. lol

  6. switch your sector AA earlier. You have full effect during switching, so theres no reason to wait till the planes are above you. Just switch earlier

  7. there are too many noobs in this world >D

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      Yeah , loner ships … I have just 7 T10 , but I work my ass off to get them , last year I got my first T 10 Republique I used 120k free xp (not bought , earned) that I saved to get musashi , to get republique quicker, to chave chance to compete in ranked … and now some asshole who just start game , bought T8 premium , have access to ranked …

    • everyone starts out as a noob…..

    • Adam Marcinkowski

      ​@Mike s I have over 4600 battles in random , 1000 battles take to lern , game , 2000 to understand game , 3000 to be good in game , have 46% win rate in random at 1000 , at 2000 48% , now I have 50% , closing on 51% , last ranked I was 4th , 2 last ranked sprints 1st , I got my record is 286k dmg done , I have done kraken on every tier , I got solo warrior at T8 or richelieu , I have shit load high callibers and other achivements I do not brag , I know that there are players better that me , and I enjoy challange , when I win battle against Flambass , 2nd with 3 sinken ships including Flambass team mate from CR33D Trenlass (I have pictures on my mobile) , I love it ! , but ranked with loan T10 ships … dude who plays less that 100 battles tiers 1 to 5 ,grinding to tiers try every thing little bit , some Japanise dd , US battleships got idea , I buy T8 premium ! , I am good enough to play in random ! , so he play one game on T8 get loaner BB … or worse DD , 100% are in you team (if you lucky only one … but we all know that you are not lucky…) , and he have T10 , that he dont know how to play … naked T10 of course , no camo , no signals , standard consumables … so I ask where is fairplay !!? , there should be , game limit on T10 before you can play on it in Clan battles or Ranked , 100 battles in random .

  8. MaxHD2490 Avenger

    Most of my loses are weighted down by incompetent players and usually the players in rentals (Normally I don’t use rentals but used a Shima)

  9. Red team might have done better if they didn’t spend most of the battle bickering like 3rd graders in chat while they were playing.

    • This. I learned this when I played League of Legends Ranked more often in some past seasons, if you have time to type useless stuff in chat, then you should use that time to perform actions that are beneficial and can lead your team to a victory. The single moment your are still alive and you start typing in chat you have to realize you are wasting time by not performing useful actions for your team, and as a consequence, you are not helping your team win.

  10. Man, notser, seriously, either your game has salty af teamates or chillin guys

  11. Des Montes in a T10 ranked match….. I’m shocked

  12. “don’t give up, we can still win this”

  13. David Chrysostom

    Other team died of salt intoxication

  14. saw you in game yesterday i was the republique 4 kills 230k damage you were in the kremlin i would have killed you had my team not collapsed around me

  15. Clearly the enemy aircraft ran out of fuel. :p

  16. I have become a great player of late and I owe much of it to your work here. Most important is your emphasis on situational awareness and making smart strategic choices. I blew my stats badly early on but they are healing well. Thanks a bunch for that and for keeping it real.

  17. Hey Notser, we were on the same team in ranked a few days ago and you were in a CV. You really did a great job of providing us with spotting info. I appreciate the effort and the vids!

  18. How do i recover from WoWS. Stop playing and get a fluffy boy that takes all of my free time.

  19. I’m on my phone so I can’t see it very well but is your FPS 120+? I thought wows had a cap at 75fps?

  20. Meme Merchant Freddy

    Lol the toxicity in ranked chat is next level~ …..get the tea.

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