RANKED ALASKA 259k 19 citadel – suprised MUSASHI || World of Warships

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  1. Gotta love players who charge off, get killed, and blame everyone on the team except themselves. A day in the life of ranked.

    • 50Sfumature DiNiente

      @Matthew Tencza It happend to me. I sent a ticket with replay and the answer I got was “we cant do anything about it”…you’re the fucking devs, you’re supposed to ban people that dont respect WoWs chat “rules”

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @50Sfumature DiNiente they get chat banned idk what you people want perma ban isnt going to happen

    • @CynicallyObnoxious a temp ban is all they should do. Like a few days or a week. Though I think you should only report to them if it’s like an extreme case, like completely fills the chat box, or it’s racially insensitive.

    • CynicallyObnoxious

      @Matthew Tencza hell those old boomer moment assholes if you even question or ask if they could do something other then their 40% little brains can muster will mass spam a chat report on you

    • Bruh

  2. Brokages_over_Hokages

    That Mish4 guy was the definition of a toxic player

  3. Teammate calling him a noob at like 5:40 into the match. Some noob. 😀

  4. nice

  5. That’s a Paddlin. 🙂

  6. CynicallyObnoxious

    Why cant I get Alaskas like this on my team =(

  7. That shot straight through the stern into the citadel was impressive. Didn’t realise you could do that – thought it had to be through the rear “cheek” like in the bow.

    • stefanos perivolaris

      Ofc u can find citadels at the stern like bow but its hard to calculate the shot

    • stefanos perivolaris isn’t her stern 30mm and thus can’t be overmatched by Alaska guns?

    • stefanos perivolaris

      @T K yes but u must consider the angles and the distance
      the american shells are very heavy so they eat some of the armor and from that distance they can explode in the citadel part of the ship

      even with a des moines u can citadel a musasi or yamato from 5km if u shoot below the turret not at the good protected belt

  8. The butt-hurt commentary in chat made this video highly enjoyable… more Mish4 please!

  9. Every consumable premium but dcp. Doesn’t every experienced player say that dcp II is prio 1? I wonder what Mr Alaska here thought while picking the consumables

  10. He played quite well, but he did a lot of mistakes, and he had luck too. When brawling the Musa, he sould have slowed down and not try to ram.
    And at the end, instead of pushing to kill a 400hp BB, he could have used the island to protect himself from Musa, let the JB kill her, and focus his fire on Kronshtadt and Dm Donskoi (especially Donskoi, wich seemed to be a real potato showing so much side to a battle cruiser)
    If his team had less ships alive, this kind of mistake can cost you a game.

  11. 195th like. Panzerknacker is so O.P.

  12. where do ya get games in ranked like this ? I always get constant DDs in matches of ranked never a 5 cruiser and 1 BB game wow lucky mofo

  13. 11:05 that extremely salty noob player saying it’s all ‘luck’
    Actually, if someone gets Confederate in a 6v6, that’s not really luck

  14. @4:51 there is always that bad player who insists on being out in the open and gets erased early or first. Every. Damn. Map.

  15. stefanos perivolaris

    Hey bro dying 1st like that means u are a really a potato which shouldnt play ranked battles in the first place and u dont deserve the star of your teams victory doing nothin and getting below 1000bexp

  16. Five cruisers per side? Where do I find this mythical beast?

  17. Only lucky

  18. Mish4k has 7k games! need I say more

  19. I was impressed the Alaska player kept their composure. He not only fought the enemy team but had to deal with a teammate who over committed and then blamed him the rest of the battle. Salute Alaska player! Good video on how to play the Alaska in a tight spot!

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