Ranked Battles Will Never Be The Same In World of Warships.

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Ranked Battles Will Never Be The Same In World of Warships.


  1. WG thinks forcing Submarines and CV’s on players makes them successful.

  2. “Where is waldo” XD

  3. WG: “We have every rights to brake and ruin our game, what are you gonna say about that?!”
    Me: “Reeeeee!”

  4. I agree with you about submarines. I generally play ranked, coop, and some random battles. When I completed WG’s recent survey on ranked battles, I let them know they were driving players away from the game. I will definitely play less, if not at all. Maybe my opinion doesn’t mean much. Sure hope they don’t mind losing a player that has almost every ship in the game in their port, and has played the game almost daily for the last three years.

  5. I have really enjoyed the brawl mode, but I disagree with the idea that ranked will be sparse. If their are 2 subs and 1 cv will that mean that all surface ships get spotted for the majority of the time. It could end up being very tactical on how each ship supports its teammates. I could be wrong at it be a massive pile of shit. Like brawl though it got surprisingly complex if I wanted to be any good at it.

  6. Well, the player base has become so inept, what does it matter what ship/sub they are in.

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