Ranked Plays So Good It Looks Like Cheats | World of Warships Ranked

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Sometimes you play so well you surprise yourself.

I’m PQ. Hopefully, on this channel, I can teach you a bit about how I play the game. Thanks for watching.

WoWs NA Invite: https://warships.us/Potato_Quality
WoWs RU Invite: https://flot.ru/Potato_Quality

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  1. Another great video PQ.Keep up the good work

  2. When you’ve played so much World of Warships you’ve unlocked Ultra Instinct in ranked which is more difficult to explain so you just say you hacked

    • Some people just having game sense that would detect shell, torps or even ship by just knowing their last spotting and time between that

  3. Yes! you absolutely are cheating, if you’re soo good at the game it means you’re using hax

  4. Playing mostly DDs this ranked season and subs bring so much stress. Getting spotted by them sucks, in most cases I’m stuck between rushing them or turn away and both have risks. Rushing means often eating full torps by subs. Even if you get of your depth charges you don’t actually kill them, at T6 my Gaede needs 2-3 charges to sink the subs and the depressing thing is, hydro doesn’t work on subs.

    Also they somehow can spot DDs in smoke while being safe from MB fire.

    • That annoys me the most. That things spot you from down under 24m deep and 4 km from you, no counterplay to that.

      Hydro works, only defence is sub reaching deep water levels where nothing sees it and vice versa

    • Agree, stealth is the main feature of a dd, but now that subs outspot you, you basically lost your main advantage

  5. In a way PQ is using a hack with the angle mod but in a way its fair as we can all down load the mod

  6. theres nothing that feels better than being so good at a game, that people call you a hacker

  7. I made two blind shots in one ranked match last week, both killed a DD. Talking about people complaining, I was in smoke, you could not see me to hit me.

  8. nice to see that someelse uses the planes for the same thing i do. that info on the aa firing gives a lot of intel to where you need to push, or not push

  9. Imho, most of the cheats are either supported by WG or directly implemented by themself. Pretty sure there are mods to tell you the exact angle of a ship (compared to a estimated angle with the basegame) or even a better/added hint on the speed of a ship (compared to guessing). The wierd System of aiming to hit waterline w/o rly aiming. The Aim-aid wich helps horizontal but not vertical is kinda wierd aswell. But its there. Thats the ones i know and i’m kinda sure there are some more.
    If you take a look at Esports it is mostly “everyone basegame or the same mods” cause otherwise there would be a unfair advantage. And to get a unfair advantage is? Yeah right^^
    Now i know, for some (looking at you Mr. PQ), stated “helps” are for comfort-reasons/the lolz. But, those are most-likely a minority. For the rest of us it simply ads better readable informations wich helps to be better.

  10. So much more fun when I don’t have to actually play that shit myself 😀

  11. @Tearnofear These ‘cheats’ are basically allowed because WG doesn’t have a way to prevent them and so would rather officially support them. It makes sense to me, better to spread them to a large audience as official mods rather than a back-channel ‘cheat’ that WG can’t/won’t stop.

    The REAL cheats are people who use warpack. Some of you may remember a year or two ago when the NA/Chinese clan PWP got banned for account sharing in comp? Well I can almost 100% guarantee you that wasn’t the only reason they got banned. PWP was infamous for using warpack cheats in comp, but WG couldn’t ban them for it because there wasn’t a way to distinctly prove it. I’m really glad WG found another way to ban the clan, it was really de-legitimizing high level comp and people were getting very pissed about WG’s inaction. Another season of PWP cheating without consequence and we could’ve seen a significant proportion of playing in high level clans quitting comp/wows.

  12. He a super unicom for a reason. Great on pQ

  13. Hi PQ, would you rate Fuso above Mutsu for ranked?

  14. The only thing left to do is to bring back dead eye and buff carriers and the game will be at its peak

  15. I just wanna say potato, your content is great and really helpful even though I play on console

  16. “There we go, we clicked on the ocean”
    You had no right to hit that hard there lmao

  17. In the last video from Flambass with Tren and Mr G they mentioned blind shots seemed to be hitting more, makes me think WG sneaked something in that makes if you shoot relatively close with a blind shot, it pulls the shots in.

  18. Another great vid, PQ. I enjoy them and learn a lot from them. My hit rate, WR, PR all have improved since I started watching your channel. I still don’t understand how you can play in a BB and certainly a CA without the firing-on-you commander skill (forgot the actual name of the skill). In fact, in a video you had recently (you were in a Vermont), I played against you in an Alaska and evaded your shot just bc I had this skill and changed direction. You even mentioned in the video that I probably had this commander skill. How come all the commander builds you have don’t include that skill?!?!?!

  19. I thought the funniest thing to see was your Clan Boss calling you a hacker (tongue in cheek of course), that was hilarious

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