Ranked Season 23 in World of Warships Legends

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1v1 Ranked is finally here! Join me as I attempt to rank out every weekend with a flawless record


  1. GG Dude! All victories and no lose is very impressive!

  2. So much content the last 2 weeks yesssss
    Great job

  3. Hey, great video, enjoy the commentary very much.

  4. this man is a real legend.

  5. Yeah, the 1vs1 Rank Seasons have been nothing but a snooze-fest, not that I’m complaining, getting to 1vs1 scrubs makes ranking up super easy instead of struggling to carry an entire team of idiots just to rank up to the top, with the added bonus of not being punished for having trash teammates or bad sports who already quit in just 2-3 minutes.

    As I’ve said, these 1vs1 seasons have been really telling just how bad Legend’s playerbase really is, proving that 90% of players are absolute potatoes who can’t think and breathe at the same time. Snoozed my way to the top without a single loss in my Nürnberg.

    • Yeah, as long as you pick a ship you’re comfortable in and you have a basic understanding of game mechanics these ranked seasons are a breeze

      Hopefully T6 and 7 ranked will be a bit more competitive 😄

    • @pgrapidz Same, those are the tiers I suspect the newer players won’t be able to participate in for not having T6-7 ships yet, so I’m expecting it’ll be a lot more competitive and fun (hopefully anyway) as there will be more older accounts playing.

    • Went 16-1 with nurnberg barely lost my match that I did lose

  6. Great video man. Took out Warspite as my ship of choice because I love it and boy did it work wonders. I did lose 3 but they were pretty close. Can’t wait for next one. Going to take out Cheshire and see how it goes.

  7. Honestly really like the brake down for every match. I’m looking forward to tier 6 ranked can’t decide to take out hood for that sweet hydro or just take out one of the scharnhorst sisters. Anyway great vid

  8. I used the Warspite and mostly of the time I’ve been shooting the bow with AP and she’s accurate even with Madden and yes Brawler is a must with DiRevel and Kedrov as inspirations and also I’ve used Bayern with Hide with a full secondary build but i ended up preferring the Warspite more. I’m thinking of using Caracciolo with DiRevel full secondary build to just troll around with the SAP secondaries but i also have a Scharnhorst that reloads in 16 seconds with AL Scharny at the helm and been thinking of doing some permafires at a range.

  9. Make more videos like this! It’s interesting how you explain everything and, by the way, it’s also extremely funny how you say everything so neutrally.

  10. I would definitely like to see you show the last two seasons of ranked I had a difficult time with their Roy their five i used warspite because spartan said it was op but I have no clue what to use in the next two seasons because of so many options and cruisers having great bows and battleships with torps.

    • Since it is close quarters I’m gonna use gneisenau for the and iowa for t7 cus I don’t yet have bizmark but tbh tirpitz, odin or the new ship are better just cus off the torps… gonna be a lot of Germans. Although I can also see vanguard being a good choice as it has good he and heal, so it can kill dds ez, and can take a lot of fire, against bbs it can just kite and set ablaze. Out of cruisers the Germans again I think especially the münchen I think it’s called🤷‍♂️at t6. In terms of dds akizuki is king but it a pain in the ass to grind so most are gonna use fletcher or lightning at t7 and Benson or kidd at t6

  11. Man I love the Queen, probably my favorite t5 bb she’s such a scary ship to fight, and she’s really tanky

  12. I went with the PE Friedrich, I found good secondaries was key when fighting mostly BBs

    • well good mate, i agree cuz i did the same. shot from rank 6 to 1straight after losing with graf spee. P.E secondaries also great against dds specially with the booster. shreds them apart if spotted. Against bbs i let my secondaries set fire while i angle and use ap and burn down the ships. and cruiser let’s just say i dev strike them the moment i see them lol. i burned down a Q E aswell with P.E

  13. Good video, would be cool if the next video comes at the start of the season. When you think about it, it makes sense to take this ship. Would have saved me time and nerves 😂

  14. I’m still pretty mad about this season. I played Warspite in the exact same way you played QE, and yet my only loss came against a guy who was running a ram build on his dunkerque (he just charged and went for the ram off the rip. I won every other game tho)

  15. it took me 24 battles with 80% win rate but reason is i tried graf spee till rank 6 and i wasn’t that comfortable with the ship so kept losing after rank 5. Switched to P.E Friedrich and murdered every single bb, dd, and cruiser from rank 5 to 1 all battles straight. Great secondaries to counter dds, pretty hard hitting guns and good accuracy and the ship tanky as hell. very underrated ship. Love it!!!

  16. How good would the KGV be for 1v1s cos I love her, she’s my favourite battleship that I’ve got so far (I’m using Madden as well)
    She is pretty tanky and I smashed a Roma with her earlier in a 1v1 with both of us at full health in the crack between the islands on Two Brothers
    Love the vids!

  17. I like this. More insight into the knowledge you need to fight. Memes are fun but I’m interested in why you’re so good. Thanks for sharing how you handled each opponent

  18. Came for the memes, stayed for the awesome content. Would be nice to see this type of vid once in a while.

  19. Enjoyed the play by play breakdown.

  20. Great video 👍 I ran a similar build except I used Arthas the cold for an Inspiration with Capt fighter. With Nelson big 7 and running with scissors, the buff proc stacks, you’ll do almost 18k alpha AP lol

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