Ranked Split – World of Warships

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After quite a while I jumped into some WoWS ranked. And since it was at tier 8 at the start I thought why not take out Split for a spin again.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. Thanks brother

  2. Moist and split

  3. SPLIT was build by ROMANS in times of ROMAN EMPIRE – as you would instantly be told the second you put your foot there. 😉
    So it is probably a quinquereme or some other oar-boat. Whence the lack of acceleration. Cheers!

  4. Balti has 10 km radar and Cherbourg does have a hydro.

    Never change, Jingles.

  5. Yugoslavia then

  6. With that slow rudder, the Split is gonna allow Bosnia to take Croatia’s coastline.

  7. It’s named after the most beautiful city in the world, not just any city in Croatia.

  8. Split skip Split

  9. 3:56 – saying the heal was far more useful is funny, because without the HP boost you die to the torp and have zero contribution for the rest of the game.

  10. The Split is so hard to play in randoms…especially without survivability expert (which I don’t have yet)

  11. If I played Split, enemy MM be like.

  12. that entire tech tree line is MEH, then you get to the Gdonkey and omg its OP.

  13. Hi what trade is he talking about in the beginning? You can trade ships for another ship?

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