Ranked Struggle Is Real This Season – World of Warships

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My first 3 matches of the day were all 3 defeats with the most hilariously bad teammates. I topped the score board all 3 times and saved my star. All of these matches were done in essentially 3mins.

Absolute yolos from either side, and it seems like this what ranked has become.

This was the very next match, and the first proper one as well.

Enjoy and have fun watching 😉

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  1. opposingcritter

    I would rather have bots on my team then players half the time since they at least go for the objective plus shoot unlike the players.

  2. 3:30 “what you say? DDs are the most important class of the game? okay, how about the both of us just sit here behind this island and chill, 1 DD can camp better than 2 right?”
    ok now im at 4:15 and it got even worse.. *facepalm*

  3. Boris Radulovic

    Groningen has 5 km hydro – stays in 3 km hydro range of enemy DD. Oster, who has no reason to also be there and should be on some other flank spoting and torping – decides to do the same. Yeah, these kind of DDs are usually on my team.

  4. You should get 2 stars in gold if you are first on winning team.

  5. Played out like a weekend Random battle. The only difference is the suicide spuds are usually all on my team.

  6. While I generally enjoy seeing you play ships, I think you should take another break from it. Seriously. If you are not enjoying it your viewers are neither.

  7. I love this ranked season

  8. seeing you take something like two days to get out of qualifiers really hit home, though in my case it was 4 since I couldn’t win a single match in 2 days in qualifiers

  9. oh god
    i wish we still had RTS CV, so atleast CV player could carry this kind of team XD

  10. The Osty coming in offscreen with the ram when Flambass was capping really made me crack up.

    • Obviously, you cap faster the closer you are to the center of the circle. They were just trying to help.

  11. The oster on your team was so bizarre, he went off behind the islands at the start doing nothing. The enemy Haarlem drove off the map, the z-44 didn’t take part, the Chung mu torped the island next to you… The thinking man’s game

    • I was wondering about those torps from the Chung Mu. Could someone get thru ranked by sheer attrition by running a bot over and over again. I wouldn’t think so but a bot would never get frustrated and quit. It could play an entire active session and maybe through luck get some stars or it could lose every match and the player is out nothing since they weren’t there wasting their time. But those torps made no sense unless someone just launched them because that was where the indicator was showing the CC would be. And the player can’t be a complete moron because they already made it thru bronze and silver at this point.

    • This was silver qualifying, right?
      This is what happens when you allow 2 players on a losing team to save their stars.

      And then in Silver, they’ll squeak thru into Gold… where they will stay until the next reset…. like 8 months later.

  12. Ranked is ridiculous this season. I played five games yesterday and went from 6 with the star to ten. It’s not even worth it, one cannot control a team, especially in a pug.

  13. Jussi Raitoniemi

    Having Jingles as the captain might be fun 😊

  14. Well played man, I am suffering the same with the losses, I love playing the Z46, the hydro is strong and with special captain I get heals every 3 spots.

  15. The look on Flam’s face when his “team-mate”, and I use that term VERY loosely, in the DD drove into him whilst Flambass was Capping summed the whole Ranked situation up perfectly.

  16. The start of the video is Exactly how I feel Every Single Multiplayer game I play

    Funnily enough, the consistently best players I ever see in a mmo game is wizard101. Love how children get the concept of “hit lowest health guy first” better than 80% of the brain dead teens & adults that play games, they also understand the concept of surviving better than most players too

  17. I feel you! I have however been carrying teams (win or lose) in bronze with Le Terrible.. just need to make it to silver now lmao

  18. Flambass I can see that you are burnt out on ships. But just remember you could be worse, I have followed you for many years. I do heating and air. You could be working 12hrs a day crawling in 140degree attic or in nasty crawl space. I love your content and I know the game is broken, but you doing what you do and having fun is awesome.

  19. weird, my friend told me I should shoot almost only AP in a British destroyer but Flambass didn’t shoot a single AP round.

  20. I like watching brother Flambass git gud, so I can learn how to git gud also.

    It’s such an adventure.

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